Floral Photo Wallpaper

Flowers, blooms and bouquets!

Botanical photo wallpapers are a well-loved and attention-grabbing feature for your walls, and not only for garden lovers and botanists. Anyone who appreciates the natural beauty of blooms and plants will also love sketches and drawings featuring this diverse flora in an XXL format.

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Do it like @katrin_wohnt_colorful and wallpaper your bathroom! Why not have such a beautiful floral wall?

Jungle photo wallpapers

Digital print wallpapers featuring jungle motifs are a particularly popular wallpaper trend. As realistic as a photo for that feeling of being in the jungle or a trendy motif for a natural, summery environment in your own home.

Photo wallpapers – naturally beautiful!

Allow yourself to be won over by the charm of floral photo wallpapers and natural designs, and find your dream motif at new-walls.com.

Floral photo wallpapers

In the following post, we want to help you to find the perfect floral photo wallpaper for you and for your interior design style. Of course, we want to make searching easier for you, which is why you will find valuable tips and tricks, explanations and inspiration for everything to do with floral photo wallpapers. That’s why we have created a little guide for you in which we explain how to integrate floral photo wallpapers into your interior design in the best possible way. Of course, we also want to provide you with all of the other interesting and important facts so that you are guaranteed to find your favourite photo wallpaper within our large selection and of course that you also have all the important information about our floral wallpapers at your fingertips.

An everlasting boost of freshness: Floral photo wallpapers

They are probably the most popular decoration of all, and they make us happy all the time: of course, we’re talking about flowers. It has even been scientifically proven that flowers have a positive effect on the human brain. The effect of our favourite flower is particularly worth mentioning because it increases one’s own feeling of happiness by an incredible 200%.
That alone is a good reason to take a closer look at our floral favourites and their influence on interior design. The principle of incorporating these lucky charms into the home design is probably no longer a surprising idea, as flowers are a popular gift for every conceivable occasion and have served as incredibly popular decorations for generations. But when new ideas are integrated into designs with floral motifs, this can still attract some envious and surprised looks. It is actually very simple to achieve a much more impressive result with a wide variety of flowers than you might think at the outset. Here we would like to present you with our various different floral photo wallpapers, which are at least as individual and colourful as you and your interior design.

New Walls Guide: Tips and tricks for floral photo wallpapers

Whether we’re talking about bunches of fresh flowers, dried flowers such as Pampas grass, funky 70s floral prints or paintings featuring vintage flowers with soft, faded colours: flowers have been finding their way into our homes for quite some time now. But why not try something new? Photo wallpapers are an ideal way to stylishly incorporate various floral designs and their matching colour variations into your interior design. Particularly for photo wallpapers featuring flowers, there are no limits on your imagination, as the colour and design variations are almost endless. As floral motifs are absolutely timeless, they can be integrated into any individual interior design with no issues and are easy to combine from a colour perspective. There are many different ways to integrate the widest variety of flowers into your home, thus catering to any taste. Here are a few tricks for perfectly integrating floral photo wallpaper motifs into the room of your choice.

1. Photo wallpapers with 3D flowers for your bedroom

Floral motifs, preferably with a 3D effect, are a frequently selected design and therefore already a must-have item. And there is a very simple reason for this: as mentioned above, flowers make us happy and promote a good mood, but they can also be very calming. And what could be better than starting a new day feeling happy and rested? Photo wallpapers with floral motifs are perfect for bedrooms.
As floral motifs for photo wallpapers are often photorealistic and therefore create a unique 3D effect, they literally bring your walls to life and offer a much more realistic spatial effect, which is why they outshine colourless, drab walls every single time. And what could be better than looking forward to fresh variety after a hard day?
Another plus point for3D floral wallpapers in the bedroom is the wide range of design and colour variants. When considering bedroom decor, the sole consideration is that this should be a place to relax. For that reason, you shouldn’t use strongly polarising colours and patterns – if you don’t want to do without your own personal colour explosion, there is no problem at all, as we will explain to you how best to achieve this later on. For your bedroom, choose a 3D floral wallpaper with gentle, soft tones so that it isn’t too much of a distraction and gives the room a balanced look. Alternatively, discover our floral photo wallpapers with a black background and peaceful, dark shades. These will make it easier for you to fall asleep at night, but also in the daytime, as your bedroom is deliberately darkened thanks to these floral wallpapers.

You will notice that floral photo wallpapers in the bedroom create a particularly positive effect in the room. Our floral wallpapers for the bedroom are as diverse as our interior design styles themselves – you will find something for every style. That’s why there are no limits on the possibilities when using floral 3D photo wallpaper: It doesn’t matter if you prefer dark colours or light ones, 3D effects, opulent or discreet designs – there’s something for everybody.
Have we made you curious? Then click here to discover our nature-themed photo wallpapers with flowers, blooms and other floral designs which will set your heart racing in any bedroom – with or without a 3D effect. Within the new walls trends we have also devoted an entire category to our favourite flowers: Take a look and be inspired by more of our favourite motifs. In addition to floral photo wallpapers, you will also find a wide selection of floral non-woven wallpapers.

2. How 3D flowers on photo wallpaper bring your wall to life

You haven’t got a garden, or if you have one, then it’s only small, and you don’t want to miss out on the aura flowers bring, even in winter? You can recreate this atmosphere regardless of the season or weather: with our floral photo wallpapers, your plants will look irresistibly beautiful all year round. You need a little more than just a photorealistic motif to make your walls look as realistic as possible, even after wallpapering, so much so that you can barely tell that there is actually a wall concealed behind these floral photo wallpapers. You need a 3D effect. Most realistic floral motifs on photo wallpapers have a 3D effect, as this is what makes the subtle difference. It has been a classic for photo wallpapers for a long time as it adds the finishing touches to the motifs and rounds off the result with a new dimension. The 3D effect is, therefore, particularly good, especially for floral motifs. If you want your floral motif to look astonishingly realistic, and so you’re looking for a 3D photo wallpaper featuring flowers, you’ve struck gold with us. If you also can’t get enough of 3D photo wallpapers and wallpapers, you’ll find anything your heart could desire here at new walls.com.

3. An explosion of colour with floral wallpapers

Bright colours and floral wallpapers go hand in hand. But even lovers of photo wallpapers with black and white flowers and photo wallpapers with grey flowers will find what they are looking for, as we have a wide selection of these favourites too. Photo wallpapers featuring pink flowers and a delicate watercolour look are also very popular. Generally speaking, natural photo wallpapers featuring flowers allow you to make a discreet statement that fits in with any room. The colourful floral photo wallpapers, with their delicate, sometimes glowing colours, will spread joy around the entire room and create an atmosphere of genuine well-being. If you can’t get enough when it comes to floral wallpapers, you will find more fabulous flower motifs as non-woven wallpapers and photo wallpapers in our Flower trend category.

4. Floral photo wallpapers work wonders in your living room

Are you sick of looking out of the window at a grey urban jungle? We totally understand, but you don’t have to move house. Perhaps one of our floral photo wallpapers for the living room could help! We spend a lot of time in our living rooms. We settle down for a cosy evening there, we meet friends, celebrate birthdays, and sometimes we just get a little breathing space here. The living room is one of the main rooms in our home and therefore deserves to be done up in an extra special way. Your living room should also be fun, as we spend most of our time at home here. If you want to make a strong statement or a more subtle one that neither you nor your visitors will be able to resist looking at, again and again, our floral photo wallpapers for the living room are exactly what you’re looking for! In the living room, in particular, you can go a bit wild with photo wallpaper, but you can also go for a more understated look by not letting the photo wallpaper set the tone in the living room, but rather by letting it blend in with the furnishings and only playing a supporting role. Your living room walls need colour, and this can be as bold or as subtle as you wish! Large patterns, in particular, are perfect for making a statement between the cabinet and the TV! Try it out, and let us inspire you! We often load various room images to our social media platforms, so you can take a look for yourself to see what our wallpapers look like on your walls. Visit our Pinterest page too. If we’ve piqued your curiosity, please feel free to check out our Instagram feed, where you will find plenty of exciting room photos and customer images that we regularly repost, along with competitions, discount codes and cool partnerships – maybe we will soon post a picture of your favourite wallpaper for the perfect inspiration?

5. Why your furniture and floral photo wallpapers are a dream team

When using floral photo wallpapers in rooms like the living room, it’s essential to consider how they go with the rest of the furniture. Of course, colourful contrasts and eye-catching features are always a good idea as they enhance the overall effect and can also be found in our floral photo wallpaper patterns. But you should always make sure that the end result creates a coherent image and that the colour combinations do not detract from the effect of the room. Urban jungle designs with the main focus on plenty of plants are a good example of this. Here, it is always important to pay particular attention to natural colour tones and rich greens when choosing a floral photo wallpaper so that all the colours are reflected in the rest of the interior design. You’re guaranteed to have the most beautiful living room of all! Both photo wallpapers with flowers and photo wallpapers with jungle motifs have been given their very own category here. Let’s visit the jungle paradise.

6. How floral photo wallpapers can make your problem walls shine

We all know them: those small rooms and walls we just don’t know what to do with when it comes to design. Usually, they are storage rooms, guest bathrooms or hallways. The solution can be simple and fantastic: Floral photo wallpapers can completely transform a room in a flash.
Especially for narrow walls and confined spaces, 3D photo wallpapers with floral motifs can work wonders, as the special effect adds another dimension to the design and, therefore, optically enlarges the room. Your problem areas immediately look roomier and no longer so cramped. Photo wallpapers with discreet floral patterns also make the room look more open. If you still want an extravagant look, you can use the broad colour palette of floral wallpapers. Colour is an important aspect for rooms with no windows, and floral wallpapers can also be a saviour in spaces like this: the most important thing is to work with light colours and motifs here so that the floral motifs of the photo wallpapers don’t make the room look darker. Bright, inviting photo wallpapers automatically look fresher and livelier thanks to the colour choice and the inviting motif – even in dimmed and artificial light.

7. More modern than ever before: Vintage floral photo wallpapers

Fans of the retro style will get their money’s worth with floral wallpaper in a popular vintage style, as this style of interior design is more modern than ever before. Photo wallpapers with vintage flowers integrate particularly well into a modern, Scandinavian and boho interior design as a chic, harmonious highlight. These interior design styles work very well together as they offer a coherent contrast: photo wallpapers with vintage flowers may well have an old fashioned feel and, at first glance, seem to jar with modern interior styles, but these types of design are brought together with gentle colours and discreet designs, meaning that they are perfectly harmonious and represent a great mix of styles as an interior design highlight.

8. Take a deep breath: Dandelion clock wallpaper

Close your eyes and make a wish! Dandelion clocks primarily represent fun, dandelion flowers, childhood memories, meadows of flowers and the feeling of springtime. It’s no wonder that our photo wallpapers featuring dandelion clocks are absolute bestsellers and can boost your mood even when the weather is bad. There’s a reason why dandelion clocks are known to have a great many effects, which is confirmed by our photo wallpapers: as a photo wallpaper motif, they look calming, invigorating and restorative. For example, our photo wallpapers featuring dandelion clocks are particularly well-suited to bedrooms, living rooms and other rooms where you go to relax.

Floral wallpapers at new walls

In our guide, you will have found a few tips and tricks concerning how you can integrate these feel-good flowers into your room design with optimal effect. But it’s not only our motifs that will win you over with their multitude of designs. Like all of the other photo wallpapers, our floral photo wallpapers are printed on high-quality non-woven backing material in order to guarantee the highest quality standards for all of your living spaces. This means that nothing can go wrong with your wallpapering project! If you’re not sure which non-woven backing material you need to use for your floral photo wallpaper, you can order various samples from us here at new walls at any time to be certain.
We won’t leave you in the lurch when it comes to hanging your floral wallpaper either! Don’t be shy, because when it comes to wallpapering, we will always have your back with our wallpapering guide for photo wallpapers. Here we provide you with a detailed explanation of what you need for your wallpapering project and how you can achieve the perfect end result.

Can’t get enough of us: Decorating with new walls

New Walls can also do decoration. Yes, you heard us right, we don’t just sell wallpapers – we also stock brand new canvas pictures. Now you can finally turn your perfect combination of photo wallpapers and matching canvas pictures into reality or alternatively integrate your favourite photo motif into your interior design as a canvas picture. There are no limits on your creativity. Click here for our decoration paradise.

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So what are you waiting for? Let your walls blossom and come to life and bring a feel-good vibe into your home: Snap up your new favourite floral wallpaper from new walls.

Floral photo wallpapers

The natural beauty of the flowers enchants us all, so it’s no wonder that photo wallpapers featuring flowers and jungle motifs are so popular. For nature lovers, the colourful blooms, exotic flowers, and lush green leaves are exactly the right way to decorate your walls. Even homebodies will choose floral, fresh photo wallpapers and will bring splendid flowers, ferns and tropical forests into their homes to create better views.

Our floral photo wallpapers are as colourful and diverse as nature itself. From daisies to orchids, almost all flowering plants are represented, whether in a realistic way or styled for an even more varied and fascinating effect. Hibiscus flowers create a tropical feel and are one of the modern floral patterns along with ferns and monstera leaves. The decoration classic, the rose, offers a romantic atmosphere for your walls and either keeps its classic look in the historic-artistic style or takes on a modern look with brilliant colours and a stylised ornamental effect. Collages of blooms, geometric and abstract floral patterns or a sea of rosebuds will create naturally beautiful images on your walls. XXL floral bundles, guaranteed to be pollen-free and always fresh, will surprise and fascinate your visitors. That’s why floral photo wallpapers are not only popular for your own four walls, they are also a decorative piece for waiting rooms, hotel lobbies or any oasis of wellness.

Jungle photo wallpapers are very trendy right now, with thick foliage, ferns and palms creating a beautiful feeling in your room with a fresh, natural exotic atmosphere. In our wallpaper trends, you will find a whole page dedicated to the jungle theme with inspiration and design suggestions.

If you opt for floral jungle wallpaper, you not only get lush leafy greens but also an abundance of exotic blossoms and flowers in bright colours. Jungle photo wallpapers are available in a photorealistic XXL format but also as a comic design for jungles in children’s rooms. Palm tree motifs give a new lease of life to the classic South Pacific dream photo wallpaper. The combination of floral elements and surface structures such as brickwork or concrete creates a harmonious balance between industrial style and natural design and is a popular choice for modern design concepts. Living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms are given eye-catching flair with natural photo wallpapers, which fit in well with various interior design styles or create a fascinating contrast.

Wallpapers and photo wallpapers with natural motifs offer timeless, beautiful designs for your walls. They will put a smile on your face; even in the middle of winter, these unfading motifs will give you a lovely feeling of well-being. Get started with your search for the right floral photo wallpaper for your wallpapering project and discover unusual motifs, patterns and colour combinations at new-walls. Choose classic, elegant floral ornamental designs, modern designs inspired by blooms, or find the perfect wallpaper in your own style. Let’s get started: new-walls.

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