Football wallpaper

The national sport in Germany is undisputedly football. Millions of people cheer on their club at the weekend when it's Bundesliga match day again. When a major international tournament such as the European or World Cup takes place, even more spectators sit in front of the television or at public viewings and cheer on their national team. Football is a passion and an important part of many people's lives. So why not wallpaper your walls with football wallpaper? Bring the exhilarating stadium atmosphere into your home!

Stadium wallpaper mural for your home

Stadium atmosphere with photo wallpaper

If you are a true fan of a football team, your club's stadium is a place you associate with many emotions. The loud fan chants, waving flags and the smell of stadium sausages in the air. The ball rolls around the pitch and everyone in the stands cheers on their team. You can bring this special atmosphere into your home with football wallpaper. In addition to the emotional effect on your home, photo wallpaper with stadiums make your rooms appear larger due to the expansive, three-dimensional motifs and bring a fresh look to your rooms. Photo wallpaper are a great way to completely change the mood of a room quickly and with little effort and create a highlight that is guaranteed to attract the attention of your guests.

Wallpaper football in a stadium

How to wallpaper football stadium wallpaper

Football is a sport that inspires enthusiasm in every generation. Accordingly, photomurals with football motifs are versatile. Bring your children's dream of one day becoming a professional footballer and playing in huge stadiums to life in their rooms by installing wallpaper mural in a teenager's room. A football wall mural also looks great in a clubhouse or hobby room and can create that beloved stadium feeling.

In order for your favourite photo wallpaper to really stand out and create a real highlight, it is important that it is combined correctly. There are no limits to your creativity here either. With wall paint, you can create monochrome walls that are ideal for showcasing photo wallpaper. And the choice of colours here is literally endless. In addition to the wide range of emulsion paints we offer, you also have the option of having your desired colour mixed for you. This is very quick and costs just as much as the existing colour range. In addition to walls, you can also paint furniture such as tables, bars and chairs or heaters with the paint.
But plain plain wallpaper can also be a simple combination option to put the football wallpaper in the foreground. However, rustic patterned wallpaper such as wood, stone or concrete-look wallpaper can also emphasise the flair of the motif wallpaper.
In addition to wall decorations, we also offer other home accessories that will enhance your interior. For example, discover our selection of canvas pictures, borders and cushions that will add a personal touch to your home.


Photo wallpaper of your favourite club

Our football wallpaper category doesn't just have football motifs. You'll find wall murals of your favourite club's stadium. Get the world's largest fan curve, the yellow wall of the Westfalenstadion in your home to emphasise your "real love" for BVB and be reminded of the unique atmosphere of the stadium every day.

If you fancy the German record champions FC Bayern Munich, the fan choreography "Pack ma's" from the 2010 Champions League semi-final is guaranteed to inspire you. Whether you're an older fan who witnessed this game and reminisce about the old days or a young fan who calls FCB their club, this photo wallpaper will trigger something in everyone.

Your club is not included?

No problem! Simply send us your personal favourite image in high-resolution quality to and we will print it in the format of your choice. If you have any further questions, our service team will be happy to help.

Fototapete BVB Photo wallpaper FC Bayern Munich

Mural wallpaper: everything you need to know

Wallpapering photo wallpaper

Many people have big prejudices against wallpapering photo wallpaper. However, it is very easy if you follow the manufacturer's instructions. In most cases, the photo wallpaper arrives in strips cut to 1 metre wide and has an overhang at the top and bottom, on which the numbering of the strips is written. The strips can then be stuck to the wall from left to right according to this numbering. Ordinary wallpaper paste can be used for this. Another advantage of our photo wallpaper is that there is no need to repeat the pattern and the strips can be applied without any waste, which saves material. You can find more information on wallpapering photo wallpaper in our magazine article.



A large part of our photo wallpaper range can be customised. You can recognise these items by the price per square metre. In addition to your wall dimensions, you can also apply various effects to the wallpaper in our photo wallpaper configurator. For example, you can mirror the motif horizontally and vertically or colour it black and white. You can also choose between four materials. These differ in terms of surface texture, material thickness, textured pattern or gloss effects. If you would like to learn more about the materials, you can find more information on our consultancy page.

If no price per square metre is displayed for an item, this means that this motif has a fixed size. Unfortunately, customisation is not possible here, but you can save money when choosing these photo wallpaper.

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