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Versace Wallpaper

The creative universe of Versace has always encompassed a great many disciplines. From the outset, it wasn’t all about fashion, rather it was about design in the broadest possible sense. Versace Home was, therefore, a natural extension of this interest. It was founded in 1992 initially as a textile collection and then soon developed into a full Home collection, which allowed the full Versace lifestyle to find expression.

Today, Versace Home brings the glamour and the luxury of the fashion house into everyday life and presents its wallpaper collections. A new art of living, dressed for the occasion!

Versace Wallpaper

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld lived in Paris and was a fashion designer, photographer, costume designer and general designer. His special design abilities are clear to see in his wallpaper collection, as the fashion-conscious, striking designs are certainly an eye-catching feature for any home. Whether it's the fan pattern or the wallpaper with the fashion sketches, there is something for every taste in interiors. The Karl Lagerfeld wallpapers will bring an atmosphere of creativity to your home and are, therefore, streets ahead from a design perspective.

Karl Lagerfeld Wallpaper


Michael Michalsky is not only well-known thanks to the German model show, but also for his knowledge and skills in the areas of fashion and design. This is also reflected in his wallpaper collections. In his collections you will find some single-colour wallpapers in bright and colourful shades, but also unusual and subtle wallpapers – with this wide selection you can either stand out from the crowd or make changes to your already discreetly furnished home using the right wallpapers.

Michalsky Wallpaper

Walls by Patel

Walls by Patel offers you idyllic and natural wallpaper patterns which give you a very special jungle and tropical feeling.

Alongside the floral, very striking patterns there are also human patterns, however, which could definitely become a really eye-catching feature for your home.

Let yourself be inspired by the unique photo wallpapers at Walls by Patel and find your favourites for your own home.

Walls by Patel Photo Wallpaper


Jette Joop’s wallpaper designs are just as versatile as the designer herself.

Inspired by her multifaceted fields of activity, Jette Joop incorporates current design and colour trends into her modern and creative decors incorporated into her wallpaper collections.

The high-quality non-woven wallpapers combine classic designs with fresh, modern colours.

Jette Wallpaper

Daniel Hechter

Daniel Hechter is a well-known designer who was born in Paris. The brand conveys the French way of life in its most beautiful form: style, confidence and creativity. Daniel Hechter combines French manners with sporty elegance, giving an impression of authenticity and openness to the world. He shaped the style of an entire era and added striking and harmonious accents with his sporty and elegant fashion.

Here you will find three wallpaper collections, which offer restrained, fresh but modern tones.

Daniel Hechter Wallpaper

Architects Paper

The Architects Paper brand represents the consistent pursuit of the chosen path in the high-value segment and the contract business. Architects Paper stands for exclusive, individual wall solutions and hand-finished wallpapers for architects, designers, interior designers, building contractors and their demanding private clients.

Our product portfolio covers a broad spectrum from handmade, unique items in very small editions to client-specific digital printing solutions.

Architects Paper Wallpaper

A.S. Création

A.S. Création is the own brand of our company and is, therefore, at the heart of what we do. Click through the collections and find something suitable for yourself and your walls.

Whether it’s something subtle and discreet or bright and noticeable. It is important to the brand A.S. Création that a large and varied selection is available. The wide variety of wallpapers give you the opportunity to find inspiration for every interior style and motivate you to decorate with wallpaper and thus also to make a change to your four walls.

A.S. Création Wallpaper


The different wallpapers by livingwalls have always been very popular with our customers. The A.S. Création brand offers a variety of wallpapers in every style and to everyone’s taste.

Livingwalls is known for the perfect price-performance ratio meaning that it reaches every customer group. You too can make a start with a room make over and find your favourite wallpaper by livingwalls.

Livingwalls Wallpaper

AP Digital

Architects Paper, the premium and contract brand of A.S. Création Tapeten AG, not only produces exclusive wallpapers and hand-finished unique pieces to fulfil exacting requirements, but also high-quality digital prints for hotels, restaurants and shops.

Concrete, stone or grille textures are particularly popular with boutiques to form an attractive background for the presentation of goods. The formats can be selected individually; motifs from the clients’ repertoire can also be added on request.

AP Digital Photo Wallpaper


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