Your living room

For many people, their living room is the most important room in their home. It’s a place for relaxation, enjoying food or spending time with family and friends. It’s a communal room and, therefore, a key place to spend time at home.

A feel-good room

A cosy games evening with friends or just snuggling up to watch telly in the evening: your living room sets the stage for making countless memories.

That’s why it’s particularly important to feel good here! Wallpapers, in particular, will give your living room a special atmosphere. We will show you how easy it is here!

So remove the old wallpaper and put the new one on the walls. Here's some help.

Vinyl wallpaper for living room

Hard-wearing vinyl wallpapers have a versatile design, making them perfectly suited to fulfilling the visual, style-related and functional requirements of living spaces. Living room wallpapers need to do more than simply look good, which is why vinyl wallpapers offer robust & long-lasting decoration for your walls with their high light resistance, wash resistance and dimensionally-stable finish.

Non-woven wallpapers for the living room

Non-woven wallpapers are the all-rounder of decorative wallpapers and have their place on the walls of every living space. In the living room, they will really impress you thanks to their versatile styles and ease of use. Thanks to non-woven wallpapers, renovation and designs can become a simple DIY project, even for beginners.

Living room and decor? Oh yes!

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house, as most of our time is spent there during the daytime by far. It is therefore even more important to feel good in this room. That’s where we come into it: in addition to our wallpapers, you can now also discover decorative cushions and canvas pictures for your living room here at new-walls!

A variety of wallpapers for the living room

Discover even more wallpapers for the most important room in the house, and let us inspire you with our range. Discover the home design trends for your living room: cosy, modern, glamorous and Scandi.


Did you not find the right style for your living room? No worries – we have plenty more designs for you. Simply take a look at our collections.



Do you know your style – you know exactly what you like and what works well together? Great! Then take a look in the shop and find what you are looking for.



You will also find ideas involving living rooms and wallpapers on our Pinterest pinboard. Stop by and let us inspire you!

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Living room wallpapers

In our online wallpaper shop, we have a huge selection, and it is sometimes difficult to decide which wallpaper to go for. To ensure that you are certain that you have chosen the right wallpaper for your living room, you should ensure that you don’t just like the wallpapers when they are on the roll but that they also fit in well with your living room and your design.
If you are decorating a living room for the first time or if you are starting again from scratch, all possibilities are open to you. If you aren’t tied to the furniture and decorations that you already have, you are free to choose how the new living room should look when the wallpaper is hung; you can decide which trends, styles and concepts to use.

If you are certain of the style you want and have a fixed idea of your interior design style, you can buy the wallpaper or photo wallpaper directly from us here in the shop. But that’s no problem – even in this case, our selection is wide enough that you are guaranteed to find the right wallpaper for your living room. If you don’t have a specific idea or if you are still looking for your own individual interior style, a little inspiration can never hurt. That’s why you’re sure to find the most popular trends and inspiration you need for your living room design.

Especially when you are designing a living room, it’s all about finding a beautiful idea that will create the right atmosphere to express your individuality and promote an atmosphere of well-being and homeliness. What is also important is also the question: how should your living room feel?

Do you like it cosy and peaceful, or neutral and cheerful?

In that case, wallpapers in the country style with a natural design are right for you. Warm colours create a homely feeling, and the mix of plain and patterned wallpapers will create variety without battling to be the focal point. If your furniture is of the mix-and-match style (also lovingly referred to as flea market finds), then you should match it with wallpapers with timeless charm, such as striped wallpaper or textured plain wallpapers. Wooden furniture works well with natural colours and floral wallpapers, for example. And fabric-effect wallpapers will make your living room feel extra cosy.

Do you like the luxury feel and prefer classic patterns and motifs that match an elegant decor and an exclusive interior?

Then your ideal wall decor can probably be created with wallpapers with metallic effects. You can choose between patterned wallpaper in a baroque style or modern line designs. Baroque-style damask ornamental wallpapers are a perennial style favourite, but that doesn’t make them outdated. These days, the classic motif is combined with fascinating effects, for example, with the used look.

Glamorous wallpapers create an exclusive and luxurious feel to the living room atmosphere. Completely unlike simple wall hangings, glamorous-style wallpapers ensure that your favourite place adds to the exquisite style of your interior.

Do you want a little more?

Then shop for our borders online – you can use them to add an elegant feature and change the whole effect of the room.

You’re not keen on knick-knacks in your living room, and you’d prefer a futuristic design than something from the past? Then avoid patterns in your living room and go for wallpapers with material effects, such as stone-look wallpapers or realistic photo wallpapers with fascinating 3D effects. The concrete look is a modern home trend and goes with a rustic interior just as well as with designer furniture. For example, create an industrial-style design and bring the relaxed loft vibe to your living room.

Do you think less is more and prefer to keep things uncomplicated?

You will find the right styles for your living room in our online shop too.

Are you looking for a wallpaper that fits with your ‘keep it simple’ mentality?

Then the clean lines and homeliness of the Scandinavian style are designed for your living room. From ‘hygge’ through to ‘lagom’, this trend offers everything you need for a simple and stylish living room design. The Scandi style doesn’t only work with items from the Swedish furniture store, either. See for yourself how much variety there is.

As a minimalist, you like things extra simple, but that doesn’t mean that bare white walls are your style. For lovers of restrained decor, we would suggest single-colour textured wallpapers. This will give you an enthralling, timeless texture for your walls which is not obtrusive and will go really well with your selected decor.

Sometimes it’s not a question of finding the right style for your living room; rather, it’s the requirements of the room itself that will inform your choice. For large rooms with high ceilings, you will usually need to consider different wallpapers than you would for small, low-ceilinged living rooms. If you want to fill large surfaces, then it’s worth taking a look at our patterned wallpapers with large designs or using a photo wallpaper as an eye-catching feature and optical room divider.

If, on the other hand, you wish to wallpaper smaller rooms, then we would recommend either a more restrained pattern or plain wallpapers. Low rooms gain height visually when you use striped wallpapers. The number of doors and windows can also have an influence on a patterned wallpaper, as can the selection of wallpaper colours. For more information on the effect of the room and which different effects wallpapers can achieve, take a look at our blog.

Of course, there aren’t any hard-and-fast rules! After all, it’s for you to decide what you like and which wallpapers to use in your living room. Just because a type of wallpaper is suitable for the living room, you don’t only have to hang it there. After all, beautiful wallpapers belong in every room!

Want more inspiration?

Take a look at our trendy Japandi page. Here you will find some inspiration and matching wallpapers for your home.

OK, are you ready to start wallpapering?

We won’t throw you in at the deep end. If you’ve found your dream wallpaper and you’d like to hang it, then take a look at our wallpapering video and find out how quick and easy it is to hang paper, non-woven and photo wallpapers.

Is classic wallpapering not your thing – do you not have the time, the inclination, or do you not believe you can do it? How about trying peel-and-stick decorative panels or borders? They’re as quick to use as a sticker and can simply be applied to any suitable surface, creating a strong impact on your living room wall without a great deal of effort.

Now take a look at the wallpapers and buy your favourite which matches your style and your living room in the online shop.