Wallpaper Stick and Peel

Peel and stick wallpaper

Of course, you can hang wallpaper with no need for paste!

With the peel and stick wallpapers from A.S.Création, you can redesign your walls in a flash.

What is peel and stick wallpaper?

This is the modern alternative to classic wallpapers made from paper and non-woven material. Their special feature is given away by the name; you can hang them with no need for wallpaper paste in a similar way to a sticker. The backing on peel and stick wallpaper is coated with an adhesive so that it holds onto the walls. This wallpaper can be quickly & safely applied to all suitable surfaces. It is ideal for anyone who wants to design their walls in their own style but doesn’t want to wallpaper.

AS955701-PopUp3D bedroom self-adhesive wallpaper

The advantages at a glance:

  • sticks with no need for paste
  • simple to hang
  • light resistant
  • washable
  • flexible, durable and decorative
  • individual decor for all living spaces
  • bridges cracks
  • corrections are possible
  • removable

NEW in the assortment!

Check out our new self-adhesive highlights:

Wallpaper made quick and easy – hanging peel and stick wallpaper

Forget stirring up paste and drying times; with the peel and stick wallpaper, you will achieve your goal quickly, strip by strip. The narrow strips can be hung on the wall in just a few simple steps.

pull off

To hang the wallpaper, peel the film from the adhesive backing of the wallpaper. Remove approx. 10 cm of the protective film to give you enough adhesive space to securely align the wallpaper and press it on.


Place the wallpaper in the desired position and make sure the connecting edges are straight. Use a spirit level to help align them precisely.

press on

Using the flat of your hand or a microfibre cloth, press the wallpaper onto the substrate. If the peel and stick wallpaper sticks in line with the repeat, the protective film can be removed in sections and the peel and stick wallpaper can be hung.

Cut off any excess and press the strip of wallpaper firmly onto the substrate with a pressing spatula or roller and then apply the next strip.

When wallpapering, always ensure that the substrate is suitable for optimal hold and a great looking result. The wall surface used for sticking should be dry, even and free from dust and grease. (You will find more details on this topic further down).

Self-adhesive wallpaper for the kitchen-AS942671

Wallpapers for beginners and those that hate wallpapering

If you have never wallpapered or if you aren’t looking forward to all that hard work, peel and stick wallpaper is the ideal solution.

With minimal accessories and less time required, peel and stick wallpapers can create a new, inviting, beautiful feeling in the room in no time at all. All you will need is the wallpaper, a cutter knife and a spirit level so that you can hang the wallpaper straight. In three simple steps, the first strip is on the wall – peel, align, press on. Even single-handedly, you can wallpaper a wall or the entire room in record time, and you can then continue to decorate and design your room immediately afterwards.

Lightning-quick renovation, thanks to peel and stick wallpapers. If you want to give a room a new purpose, for example, to turn a children’s room into a guest room, peel and stick wallpaper is the most effective way to achieve this. A themed border with cute elephants, or a strip of wallpaper with baby motifs, is quick to hang and will make the room homely for its new occupant.

Peel and stick wallpaper for any living space

Depending on the motif and your personal style, the wide variety of motifs featured on peel and stick wallpaper can be used in almost any room.

Brick effect wallpapers are often used in living rooms and bedrooms, achieving a deceptively real-looking effect with their 3D patterns, giving the room a rustic style. Floral motifs are also very popular here. Leaf effects, tropical designs and flowers are all beautiful favourites that offer an eye-catching feature for your wall as a picture or design pattern. As a simple panel or as a feature, peel and stick wallpaper is an eye-catching highlight for the wall.

It doesn’t matter which design or measurements you choose; these striking motifs are guaranteed to draw attention from all sides. By using peel and stick borders or panels, you can design rooms based on a certain style or theme, and they can also influence the spatial perception. In this way, living spaces can be separated from one another visually, thereby highlighting their function.

Peel and stick wallpapers for kids’ rooms

Colourful designs for children’s rooms, with sweet animal motifs and imaginative patterns. Peel and stick wallpapers for children’s rooms include classic wallpaper as well as decorative borders. These are suitable to cover over wallpapers and painted walls and can give children’s rooms and nurseries a new design in a flash.

Peel and stick borders for children’s rooms

Get the wallpapered look in the blink of an eye! Wallpapering has never been so easy!

Popular motifs

Not only are peel and stick wallpapers designed to make your home more beautiful, they are designed to be striking and add that little something extra to your walls. For this reason, 3D motifs are the most popular design. Deceptively real stone wall or wood-effect wallpaper is top of the list of favourites. Tile-effect looks for the kitchen, and ornamental damask for the bedroom, are also featured amongst the best peel and stick wallpapers.

Coffee wallpaper self-adhesive-AS942541
Baroque wallpaper self-adhesive-AS955661
Student Kitchen Self Adhesive Wallpaper-AS955681

Style Guide – peel and stick wallpaper for your home

Transform your living room into a loft with stone-effect peel and stick wallpapers, which will turn your living room wall into a rustic design highlight. Turn your kitchen’s breakfast corner into a bistro or a coffee bar with a chalk board or an American diner motif.

Add a stylish accent to your hall and greet your guests with country style with rustic charm, and design the wardrobe with peel and stick wood wallpaper. If you add a peel and stick wallpaper border to a children’s room, you can create a themed, attention-grabbing feature for boys’ or girls’ styles. For a teenager’s room, a peel and stick panel offers a good value, individual upgrade.

Self-adhesive wallpaper-Vintage-942192

Substrates for peel and stick wallpaper and borders

Which properties do you need to pay attention to with regard to the substrate for peel and stick wallpaper? In a similar way to stickers, these wallpapers adhere best to smooth, dry and clean surfaces. Dust or grease will stop the glue from creating a strong hold; uneven surfaces are visible through the wallpaper when pressing down, and influence the effect of the wallpaper. For these reasons, you should check the wall before sticking on the wallpaper, and if possible, clean it or pre-treat it.

It is possible to stick the wallpaper on top of flat paper and non-woven wallpapers, just like painted walls. Peel and stick wallpapers on woodchip will show the texture underneath; when hanging the wallpaper, you should act with care, avoid problems and press the wallpaper on securely. On wood or concrete surfaces, glue will not achieve the optimal bond with the wallpaper, so it is only a good idea to hang peel and stick wallpaper once the wall has been adequately sealed.

Not only that, it’s not only walls that can be spruced up with wallpapers and borders – the adhesive substrate can also stick to varnished surfaces of furniture and doors, opening up new and creative ways to use it in living room design.

Wallpapering has never been so simple!

No more excuses, with peel and stick wallpapers, hanging wallpaper is child’s play! Hang wallpaper quickly and easily with no paste or waiting times, allowing you to achieve an outstandingly beautiful result with minimum effort. Discover the right motifs for your home and simply try them yourself.

AS942491- Childrens room self-adhesive wallpaper
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