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Romantic & natural

No other colour is as versatile and flexible as dusky pink. Depending on the colour intensity, dusky pink creates a relaxed feel-good atmosphere or a refreshing, lively room effect. The colour dusky pink is therefore anything but old-fashioned ... it is a so-called all-rounder among colours and adapts wonderfully to many different furnishing styles. And no matter which shade of dusky pink you choose, you're always on the right side in terms of taste - because the colour is a pastel and therefore never overpowering. A dusky pink with a high proportion of white, for example, has a refreshing, youthful and at the same time subtle effect. The room effect can be expansive, bright and friendly and still create a warm atmosphere. A dusky pink with a higher proportion of black or grey, on the other hand, has a more romantic, playful and somewhat more reserved effect. The room looks smokily elegant and, depending on the lighting mood, very exclusive - the respective mood can be emphasised accordingly with matching furniture and accessories.

Your individual look with antique pink

Create a romantic country house look with white or natural-coloured wooden furniture and a chic floral wallpaper in combination with wall paint in dusky pink. Or paint old furniture with the wall colour antique pink to give it a modern character and make it shine like new. The Scandinavian, understated style with our Scandi wallpaper also goes wonderfully with antique pink. The colour emphasises straightforward, metallic accents in gold, black or silver. Perhaps it is precisely the contrast between the hardness of metals and the calming warmth of the antique pink colour that gives your home that certain touch. A hard black tone in combination with a warm, soft dusky pink also conjures up a unique interplay thanks to its colour contrast. See the dusky pink wall colour for yourself and create your very own, individual home look.

The application? Quick and easy!

So that you can achieve a perfect result quickly and easily, our paints are all in the best opacity class 1 with maximum colour intensity. This saves you a lot of time when painting, as you can achieve a perfect, uniform colour result more quickly. Our paints also score top marks when it comes to application: All paints are very easy to apply, absolutely low-splash, full-bodied and have intense colour intensity. At the same time, they are very robust and correspondingly abrasion-resistant in accordance with DIN EN 13300, class 2. Grab a paintbrush or paint roller and get painting! We have the right painting accessories for you and your project - so you get everything from a single source.

Living tips with the trend colour dusky pink

Pink has long been considered a feminine colour. Dusky pink, on the other hand, is a mixture of pink and grey - which suddenly opens up new worlds - for every gender! Have you ever thought about combining the current concrete wallpaper trend with antique pink wall paint? Because the colours grey and dusky pink harmonise perfectly with each other. Or are you more of a boho fan? Then combine your boho accessories and a chic boho wallpaper with antique pink, beige and brown tones to create a cosy atmosphere. Or do you have some old upcycled furniture and are a shabby chic fan? Here, too, you can perfectly emphasise your shabby look with a soft old pink on your wall - simply combine it with a chic wooden wallpaper in a shabby look, for example. More of a golden lover? Then combine your velvet chairs and golden or metallic decorative elements such as candles and picture frames with a wall in antique pink - take a look at our gold-coloured wallpaper for more possible combinations on the walls. Whether brass, silver, rose gold or yellow gold - the shiny, shimmering accents reflect the old rose colour of your wall and add a touch of elegance to your home!

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