Pastel wallpapers

Delicate colours for your walls – choose candy colours and atmospheric designs.

Pastel wallpapers for spring

You can bring spring into your home all year round by using colourful, cheerful colours.

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Do you think pastels belong in kids’ rooms? That’s true – harmonious pastel colours can often be found in kids’ rooms, but pastel wallpapers can create a homely atmosphere in other rooms of the house too.


Boring? No way! Plain wallpapers in pastel shades are a bright, eye-catching feature for your walls. You will be able to make a statement with the bonbon colours, giving your room a special colour scheme.

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Modern design and pastel colours will grace your walls in tandem and in large formats too. There are no limits to your imagination, so choose a colourful motif, unusual patterns and fascinating effects.

Vinyl wallpapers in pastel colours

These wallpaper powerhouses are not only particularly light resistant and washable, they are also suitable for use in every room in the house. Here, pastel colours will show their soft side and make your walls gleam with metallic shine, glitter effects and special textures and finishes.

Pastel and paper

Paper wallpapers are the environmentally friendly alternative to non-woven and fibreglass wallpapers. The paper wallpapers also show their attractive side in light colours. Together with cute motifs and patterns such as clouds, animals, dots and stripes, they will be a striking feature in any kids’ room.

Pastel decor? Keep it coming!

If anything can bring a breath of fresh air to your walls, it’s decor in pastel tones. Create colourful highlights with our stretcher frame pictures and decorative cushions in pastel shades – good mood guaranteed!

Pastel wallpapers

Pastel wallpaper creates a harmonious colour scheme, giving your walls a fresh and springlike feel. Classic monochrome for splashes of colour or combined and patterned for especially colourful and playful wall designs. The choice of pastel wallpapers is extensive, and your dream wallpaper is also ready and waiting. Anyone who thinks that pastel colours belong in girls’ rooms and are more suitable for feminine design is not incorrect, but can’t have seen the full variety of pastel wallpapers. In addition to childish designs and natural patterns in candy colours, pastel tones are frequently found in wallpapers in the Scandinavian style or modern geometric photo wallpapers. It takes courage to use colour with pastel wallpapers, but if you dare, you will be rewarded with a wonderful homely atmosphere and ‘good mood’ design.

Pastel wallpapers work well in every room: in your own home, from the bedroom through to the kitchen or in public spaces, such as waiting rooms, kindergartens or shops. The bright and friendly colours will also make small rooms bigger and bring colour into dark rooms.

Of course, they are often found in nurseries and kids’ rooms, for example, as plain wallpapers in boys’ or girls’ rooms, or instead featuring colourful patterns as a feature wall or panel.

But what matches the pastel style? We think that pastel colours are perfect for classic wallpaper patterns such as stripes and flowers in the popular country style or for romantic home styles with patterns featuring roses, hearts or floral ornaments. The Scandinavian style looks elegant in pastel colours and is nonetheless playful, young and fresh. Pastel colours are often used in shabby chic style interior designs, both as a feature and as a plain colour. Plenty of pastel wallpapers can be found in the boho style, for example, as a feather pattern or mandala design.

Colours to enjoy – there’s a reason why pastel colours are also referred to as bonbon colours, as when we see these light colours, you can’t fail to think of summer ice creams, candy floss and macaroons. That’s why pastel wallpapers will put everyone in a good mood and give your walls a positive glow. Single-colour wallpapers make a colour statement; floral patterns or geometric designs in bright colours bring freshness and variety to your walls for a naturally beautiful or modern look.

If you aren’t thinking of confectionery, when you look at pastels, you must be thinking of the wonderful colours of the garden, from pale pink roses, lemon yellow tulips and light blue violets. These light wallpapers bring a naturally fresh and summery feeling to your walls. See for yourself and look into the variety of the pastel wallpaper at

In addition to the classic wallpapers made of non-woven material and paper, there are also more and more photo wallpapers in pastel colours. The patterns and motifs are often unusual: from modern graphic design through to XXL format rose blossoms and abstract collages.

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