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Wallpaper design in the style of the fashion icon KARL LAGERFELD – the new wallpaper collection showcases the unmistakable style of the fashion designer and uses the unique signature of the Karl Lagerfeld brand to achieve a modern ambience in the home.

Lagerfeld wallpapers

These wallpapers exude extravagant and stylish flair, celebrating the unique signature of Karl Lagerfeld. Refined, discreet designs with calm colour schemes and pattern combinations rediscover the imaginative visions of the designer, drawing an elegant parallel to his haute couture.

The elegant Parisian chic, combined with classic and modern elements, sets the stage for an inspiring and stylistically unique wallpaper collection. The fascinating simple elegance is characterised today and in the future by the man wearing black sunglasses, a suit and a white ponytail.


The designer wallpapers from the KARL LAGERFELD label have been manufactured in cooperation with the wallpaper manufacturer A.S. Création and are a homage to the unique style of this creative icon and aesthete, Karl Lagerfeld. The modern, high-quality wallpapers recall the key concepts and designs of this fashion designer whilst also expressing his personal style and the unique hallmark of the KARL LAGERFELD fashion label.

Off to Karl's world!.

Lagerfeld trend wallpapers

Wallpaper pattern and collection design

In addition to the fashion premises of elegant simplicity, exacting design and luxurious quality, the wallpaper motifs recall the iconic style elements of Karl Lagerfeld. The contrast-rich interplay of black and white, intensive colours and surface effects are used, creating depth of colour and drawing the eye. Fan, scarf and icon motifs are the designer's distinct identifying features and are integrated into the wallpaper design in diverse ways – abstract, graphic and modern. The stylistic diversity of Karl Lagerfeld wallpapers is expressed through nine theme worlds, which come together to create a harmonious collection and are as appealing and inspiring as the fashion creations of the designer legend Karl Lagerfeld.

All the theme worlds at a glance:


Illustrations were his passion; the sketch wallpapers are a homage to Karl Lagerfeld’s designs and notes, and they display the inexhaustible creativity of the fashion creator. Both the motif and the associated design reflect the limitless inspiration of an icon.


Stripes have a timelessly elegant charm and work in perfect harmony with the fusion style of Karl Lagerfeld. The stripe details, adorned with the iconic logo in a metallic look, combine the elements of Karl Lagerfeld’s inspiration perfectly: art and pop culture.


Fans – the trademark of a designer. Based on this signature look, the combination of the contrast of fresh colours and the unmistakable minimalist style is a union of all the attributes that bear the signature of Karl Lagerfeld.


Leopard print – as fashion is always a highlight, it’s all about breaking boundaries and creating inspiration with an unusual form of the latest look. Leopard print in combination with modern elements offers exactly this experience and is based on the legendary looks of the fashion designer.


Much more than just a play on words: a kaleidoscope multiplies the silhouette of its creator ad infinitum and thereby symbolises the unlimited diversity of a muse. A myth is left behind, and opulent clarity with iconic details reveal all of the various facets of the designer Karl Lagerfeld.


Elements in a classic industrial look, with contrast-rich, timeless elegance. Inspired by Karl Lagerfeld's fashion designs and bag designs, this theme world comes in various greys and an intense red tone with a 3D look and industrial charm.


‘I am unique. Everyone in the world knows my silhouette.’ In Karl Lagerfeld’s eyes, he himself was a brand. The theme world ‘cameo’ celebrates the iconic portrait of the fashion designer. It identifies the label of the same name and symbolically stands for much more than just a brand: Karl Lagerfeld represents a philosophy of life.


Ribbon means a minimalist, striped design, draped with the Karl Lagerfeld logo in two sporty, anthracite-grey shades, which are complemented by a contrasting red stripe. Here, timeless elegance meets sporty modernity and a calmly selected colour scheme which, when brought together, results in a coherent overall picture.


Iconic graphic prints are a statement created by Karl Lagerfeld, just like the classic silhouette logo. The colourful pop art icon of the designer represents the perfect playful counterpart to the classic Lagerfeld logo. Together with Karl’s logotype, this theme world is a charming testament to the humorous spirit of Karl Lagerfeld.

Lagerfeld Wallpaper Room Picture

„I don’t like standard beauty“

Karl Lagerfeld

Luxury & Quality

Not only will the high-quality Lagerfeld wallpapers win you over with their stylistic diversity, but also with their detail-rich structures, high-quality material and special effects thanks to modern wallpaper technology. Silk-matt and glossy textures, embossed patterns, and metallic effects turn these designer wallpapers into a visual and tactile highlight. The quality non-woven backing and the premium colour and surface design make the Lagerfeld wallpapers a long-lasting, hard-wearing wall decoration. Not only do luxury wallpapers look fantastic, they also combine excellent material quality and processing.

Individual and expressive

KARL LAGERFELD wallpapers are not only a fashionable statement for your walls, they also express the individuality of the room and personal style alongside the elementary style concept of the label.

The brands wallpaper collection forms a stylistic framework with nine new theme worlds, inspired by the fashion world of Karl Lagerfeld, and offers scope for individual combinations and expressions of personal aesthetics. Colourful icon patterns or a monochrome colour scheme with classic elegance, whether combined or as a solitary statement, guarantee the unique home design.

Lagerfeld Wallpaper Room Picture

Discover the wallpaper collection

Designer wallpapers for modern living and walls with a characteristic design in the style of the polarising fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. High-quality non-woven wallpapers will give your living environment a unique and luxurious ambience.

Black and white contrasts, iconic patterns, photo wallpapers featuring original sketches, as well as a multitude of elegant decors for living rooms, studios or workshops.

The special designer collection offers fans of eccentric icons and trendy design labels very varied, high-quality wall decorations. Timelessly beautiful, stylistically confident and everything else, as standard!

Discover the Lagerfeld wallpapers for yourself and bring iconic style and modern decor into your life.

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