Black and white walls

At the moment, black and white walls are enjoying real popularity in people’s homes.
What about you? Have you already decorated your walls in black and white?

Marble wallpapers are on trend

You’ll find them more and more frequently on Instagram: our black and white marble photo wallpapers! In our shop, you can buy the original photo wallpapers in individual sizes and in different colours.

Simple, but still eye-catching

Anyone looking for a simple wallpaper that can nonetheless win you over with its pattern, beauty or elegance, will find what they are looking for with a black and white wallpaper.
Many decide against black and white wallpapers as they are worried that their rooms will look dark. But that’s not true, as black and white can look both strong and colourful. Right now, wallpapers with black features are one way to achieve a plain wall design.

It doesn’t matter which room you choose – ‘black and white’ will help you to create feature walls

Black wallpaper in the hallway

As you can see, this black wallpaper is more than elegant. You can’t go wrong with a bit of decoration and creativity.
A wallpaper of this kind will look very luxurious and elegant.
See for yourself and find the right wallpaper with a refined black design.

Black wallpaper with rose gold accents

Find inspiration

Here are a few photos to give you some inspiration.
Click through and take a look at which interior design style other fans are going for.

Kitchen picture

Black and white wallpaper in the kitchen

Of course, black and white wallpaper will also look good in your kitchen.
A patterned wallpaper will conjure up a smile on your face and automatically put you in a good mood.

The different types of living room

We spend most of our time in the living room, so it needs to be a cosy, beautifully decorated room. Here you can take a look at three different living room styles featuring the black and white look.
Which style is your favourite for your home? We love living rooms in these styles: Fashionable and playful with designer wallpapers with a detailed motif, minimalist with a design featuring clean lines and precise metallic accents, and graphic and extrovert with zig-zag stripes?
How would you design your living room in a black and white look?
Feel free to let us know and send us photos of your personal oasis of well-being on Social Media.

Black and white wallpapers:

As you see, black and white wallpapers are much more diverse than you think and can create a more beautiful overall image in your home than you initially dreamed of.
It doesn’t matter if you want a simpler wallpaper with a marble pattern or stripes or you’d prefer a more striking wallpaper, for example, with a floral pattern in a 3D look. It doesn’t matter which wallpaper you choose, as the restrained colours mean that you have much more freedom with your interior design. This means that your decor can be more colourful, and you can adapt it to the seasons. Isn’t that great?

Now it’s your turn! Take a look around in our shop and see which wallpaper would look best in your home.
Once you’ve chosen a wallpaper, you will still need to hang it; this is quick and easy with our wallpapering guide . Once the new wallpaper is up on the wall, please send us your before/after images or take a video and share it with us and the wallpaper community. Send us videos and photos, and play your part in inspiring other people. We will share your new room design and present the most successful room makeover on social channels.

Various types of black and white wallpapers:

Striped black and white wallpaper: Striped wallpaper is a diverse all-rounder and can be fully customised based on the style you want to achieve. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s extravagant or understated, specific or universal – striped wallpaper is the perfect fit for your wishes and occasions.

Black and white marble wallpaper: The unusual and striking effect of marble has long established itself as a bestseller for fashionable homes of all kinds and is an integral part of a stylish, original room.

Black and white floral wallpaper: Floral wallpaper isn’t simply floral wallpaper, as there are large motifs or small motifs. It doesn’t matter which motif you choose; your home is sure to take on an idyllic and homely look.

Black and white 3D wallpaper: 3D wallpapers are as diverse as their motifs and are perfect for any living space. 3D effect wallpapers are an absolute highlight for any wall and offer many different possibilities for integrating them into your home.

Black and white comic wallpaper: No, comic wallpapers aren’t just for children’s rooms. Discreet wall comics can also be the ideal choice for living rooms. Not everyone will have wallpaper like this in their home, so it will definitely grab your guests’ attention.

Stone wallpaper in black and white: The individual stone motifs create a completely unique feel in your home as it is barely possible to differentiate between genuine stone walls and stone wallpaper.

Good to know:

Are you interested in a certain photo wallpaper but it only comes in colour, and you’d prefer black and white?
No problem! You can transform your photo wallpaper into a black and white wallpaper, whichever motif you choose. This gives you an unlimited selection of motifs for your home, and your wallpaper will also be personalised and rare. You can also use the photo wallpaper configurator to adapt the dimensions of the digital print and select the image detail.

With all of this information, you are certain to find the right black and white look wallpaper for your home in our range.
You can select your method of payment and delivery address, and if you are still unsure, you can make use of our sample order service.

Enjoy browsing!

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