5 insider tips for wallpapering and 8 common mistakes to avoid

Hey guys! Wallpapering can be a really cool project to give your home a new look. But there are a few tricks that can help you get the most out of your wallpapering project and avoid mistakes along the way. Here are five insider tips and eight common mistakes to watch out for:

5 insider tips for wallpapering:

  • Keep an eye on the production number:
    Look at the production number on the wallpaper roll to ensure that all rolls have the same pattern and color.
  • Determine your requirements:
    Measure your walls accurately and buy enough wallpaper. It's better to buy a little more to be on the safe side!
  • Use fresh cutter blades:
    Change your cutter blades regularly to make clean cuts and avoid tears.
  • Keep the inserts:
    Keep the inserts from the wallpaper rolls. They often contain important information, such as pattern repetitions.
  • Use up leftover wallpaper:
    You can use leftover wallpaper for small repairs or creative projects. So don't throw it away!

8 common mistakes to avoid

  • Order enough wallpaper:
    Order a little more wallpaper to make sure you have enough and there are no color differences.
  • Note the production number:
    All rolls should have the same production number, otherwise colors may be different.
  • Avoid creasing:
    Make sure that you apply the wallpaper to the wall without creases. Wrinkles don't look nice!
  • Imprecise work:
    Be precise when wallpapering. The patterns should match up well and the edges should be clean.
  • Using too little paste:
    If you use too little paste, the wallpaper may come loose. So it's better to use a little more!
  • Avoid gaps:
    The wallpaper panels should fit together well so that there are no gaps.
  • Mix the paste correctly:
    Mix the paste exactly as instructed so that there are no lumps and it sticks well.
  • Work cleanly:
    Remove excess paste and clean everything so that the end result looks nice.
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