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Nature Photo wallpapers bring a breath of fresh air to your home!

Do you like to let your gaze wander into the distance, or do you have an indescribable love of nature? Then the landscape and nature photo wallpapers are made for you, as thanks to the detailed natural motifs, you will no longer need to look at bare walls; instead, you will be met with faraway horizons.

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How about a colourful image of nature? Or are you looking for something simpler, for a more restrained interior design?

A rose wall – for any occasion!

You’re sure to have heard of these fantastic floral or rose walls from parties. They are often used as a photo location at weddings, birthday parties or similar events. But have you ever thought about bringing these wonderful rose walls into your home? In your bedroom or office, these ‘always fresh bouquets’ look great!

Mountain, beach and jungle vibes

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Natural diversity, animals and more

Nature lovers will have to agonise over their choice, as it’s so difficult to choose between our photo wallpapers, which all feature such wonderfully beautiful views. The animal motifs are as diverse as the animal kingdom itself!

Nature photo wallpapers, pure and simple!

Enchanting nature, offering beautiful views whenever you’re craving something nicer to look at or when you want to forget the stress of everyday life. With our nature photo wallpapers from new-walls, your walls will be adorned with much more than just wallpaper. The natural digital prints look realistic with precise details, and they bring the wildness of nature to your home. Flora and fauna on a large landscape picture or a detailed animal portrait with botanical patterns – your living environment will be as diverse and beautiful as nature itself with the photo wallpaper in a natural look.

Lovers of nature will certainly get their money’s worth here. It doesn’t matter if you’re inspired by the views of hills or mountain ranges or you like expanses of ocean and South Pacific palm trees; we have plenty of spectacular XXL-format landscape images for you. Forests bathed in sunlight, deep ravines, waterfalls, snow-capped peaks, South Pacific islands and turquoise blue seas – all this awaits your discovery.

Natural landscape photo wallpapers are classic photo wallpapers. The photorealistic images of nearby and far-flung places around the world are brought into your home and will ensure that your holiday memories remain alive or the desire to travel is awakened. With so many panoramic photo wallpapers, the only difficult thing will be making your choice.

These classic photo wallpaper motifs are not only perennial favourites for the home

We often see nature-related motifs in shops. Misty forests often make an appearance in outdoor stores, Mediterranean landscapes adorn the walls of your favourite Italian restaurant, and South Pacific photo wallpapers have featured in travel agencies since time immemorial. Alongside the realistic photographic images of our beautiful environment, stylised motifs, animal portraits, and natural patterns are gaining ground.

Do you need sunshine during the winter, or does spring bring feelings of yearning for a colourful autumnal holiday? With nature photo wallpapers, there’s nothing to stop you from conjuring up your favourite season onto your walls and enjoying it all year round.

The lasting nature shots allow you to see views that you already know well or that you’ve been yearning for. From the treetops at the top of the world to underwater landscapes, north or south, ice or desert landscapes, you decide what suits you and what should feature on your wall.

Do you love the little details that nature brings? Then look at the natural photo wallpapers with countless floral designs and animal shots. Instead of an expansive view, these nature wallpapers will bring smaller-scale wonders of nature to your walls.

Floral photo wallpapers are the latest bestsellers amongst nature photo wallpapers, which is why we present the floral designs, with all of their diversity and splendour, in their very own category. There you will find the most popular floral photo wallpapers with roses, tulips, lilies, orchids, gerbera, anthuriums, hortensia, hibiscus and many more. The selection of flowering and green plants shows the whole spectrum of flora, from native plants to tropical exotics, small spring bloomers to evergreens. Photo wallpapers with floral details show off the natural beauty of the blossoms and leaves in close-up and with 3D effect.

Abstract nature photo wallpapers

As well as the natural diversity of floral photo wallpapers, modern and abstract designs with floral patterns and natural inspiration are also popular wall decorations. The selection ranges from photo wallpapers with flower arrangements in historical art style as brightly-coloured still life images to modern flower collages in colourful pop art style.

The nature photo wallpapers with designs and images from the world of fauna are also terribly good. Animal lovers will find the most popular quadrupeds, sea creatures and birds of the animal kingdom in the animal photo wallpaper category. For example, there are expressive close-ups of the elegant beasts that roam the savanna, such as lions, elephants and giraffes, or comic drawings with cute designs of pets and farm animals for kids’ rooms.

Nature and animal motif wallpapers are as diverse and colourful as their plant counterparts. Fish, whales, squid and corals represent the favourites of the underwater world, displaying the natural diversity found under the water. Designs with cranes, flamingos, titmice, swallows, puffins, toucans and parrots with colourful plumage make for heavenly views. Photo wallpapers with butterflies and insects depict the small animal kingdom in XXL format.

The photo wallpapers featuring 3D nature motifs look true to life and tangible, too. The captivating motifs that turn a wall into a new space to create a very special feeling within your home. Landscape photo wallpapers draw the eye into the impression of distance and turn the wall into a vista, thanks to the depth of the images and the sharpness of detail. Life-sized animal motifs against a black background give the impression that wild cats and unicorns are parading around the room. 3D photo wallpapers in the natural style are hyper-realistic and play with perspective effects for special picture moments on the wall.

Black and white photo wallpapers with nature motifs are equally expressive. The high contrasts and the interplay between the shades of grey create a special intensity that will catch observers’ eyes. Textures and surfaces are emphasised and allow nature to be admired and enjoyed in a new way. Even without any colour, the natural beauty of the animal and plant world comes to the fore in the photo wallpaper format.

Not only that, but with our motif configurator, it is very simple to create a black and white version from every customisable photo wallpaper. And on our page, which is especially devoted to black and white photo wallpapers you will find the most popular motifs with nature-inspired designs, graphic decor or urban styles.

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Photo wallpapers featuring nature designs offer even more diversity when it comes to motifs based on plants and animals. This is achieved in the form of surfaces and patterns, which become a style element on the wall. The spectrum of design wallpapers inspired by nature ranges from the classic grained wood look to a detailed section of a birch bark through to animal prints.

As well as the realistic photos and children’s motifs, there are a great many photo wallpapers that convey the feeling that nature brings with abstract patterns, colour play or collage effects. The more abstract photo wallpapers depict elements from nature or take up shapes and shades of natural elements and reinterpret them.

Thematically, natural photo wallpapers also include motifs that inspire our wanderlust and imagination. Colourful maps of the world for kids, vintage-look nautical charts and botanical prints show nature as we describe it. Photo wallpapers featuring dragons, unicorns and mythical creatures will lure young and old to strange and fantastical places and planets, all from the comfort of home.

Take off on a tour of discovery through our shop and find the most diverse places and inhabitants of the planet, choose your favourites and design the photo wallpapers individually in the right dimensions.

Finally, you will decide which are the best views for your walls and which nature-inspired photo wallpapers will take their place in your home.
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