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Interior design for your walls

Wallpapers by Jette Joop offer elegant and timelessly beautiful decoration for your interiors, bringing the central aspects of Jette’s design philosophy to your walls: modern design, high-quality materials and functionality.

Attention to detail is just as important as the overall effect, making this top designer’s wallpapers into a true highlight for walls. Jette Joop combines natural décor with filigree prints, evocative colours and textured design in a cohesive overall concept, which not only transforms interiors into a place of well-being, but also into a sophisticatedly designed home.

Five successful wall design collections have already been created in collaboration with A.S. Création. Since 2011, the collaboration between the designer and the manufacturer has yielded trendy wallpaper designs for stylish living. When creating her wallpapers, not only does Jette Joop make use of harmonious concepts, but the focus on people and their needs is essential to her creative work. The awareness of the impact of wallpapers and their significance for the atmosphere in individual people’s living spaces shapes Jette Joop’s collections.

The designer's signature runs right through the popular wallpaper collections and shows the constant further development of the designs for interior styling. JETTE wallpapers are manufactured to a high standard, and they reflect the designer’s modern awareness of shapes and colours, distilled in the form of elegant designs, natural motifs and graphic patterns. Trendy colours combined with classic wall motifs and timeless designs is what makes JETTE wallpapers a popular way to decorate living spaces.
Beyond private interiors, Jette Joop’s wallpapers are also popular for interior design for public spaces.

JETTE - Overview of the collection of designer wallpapers


In the ‘Trendwalls’ wallpaper collection, the most successful motifs and designs of the JETTE brand are rearranged, and the scene is set for them in a fresh, youthful way. The combination collection shows the most successful designs from the brand in a new light. Graphic decorations with modern restraint, detail-rich patterns with floral designs and in trendy colours meet animal prints, gold and metallic accents, as well as pastel and natural colours with a tactile textured design. A colourful and naturally elegant combination of successful wallpaper designs for friends of feminine, elegant design.

Collection cover Jette4, by A.S.Création

Jette 4

The successful collaboration between designer Jette Joop and A.S. Création continues – the ‘Jette 4’ wallpaper series combines classic designs with fresh, modern colours. A delicate shimmer of gold and silver gives the patterns a luxurious glow. The designer reimagines classic wall motifs and transforms well-known patterns into exciting new designs with metallic accents and an elegant effect.

Detailed ornamental patterns and delicate textured designs complement each other to create a timeless and refined wall decor from Jette Joop’s creative pen. Homeliness, quality and luxury come together in the customary natural and lasting way in the wallpaper designs of the ‘JETTE’ brand.

Wallpaper from JETTE 4

Baroque wallpaper in the hallway, ornament pattern AS339241
Detail view wallpapered wall, plain non-woven wallpaper Jette AS339231
Baroque bedroom with metallic wallpaper AS339244
Collection cover Jette3, by A.S.Création

Jette 3

The designer finds inspiration for the third wallpaper collection of Jette Joop in the multi-faceted domains of her creative work. Trendy colouring and symbiotic design relationships combine to create a special décor for the living environment.
Floral motifs in the watercolour style adorn the walls and bring naturalness and elegance to your living environment, whilst sketch-like drawings transpose the signature of the designer into the motif.

These wallpapers create highlights which are powerfully combined and fashion conscious. Plain colour wallpapers, patterns and motifs in harmonious colours and matching borders for a complete modern living room look. Let the delicate details in the harmonious overall picture impress you and glow up your walls, in ‘JETTE’ style.

JETTE 3 wallpaper

Collection cover Jette 2 by A.S.Création

Jette 2

After the great success of the first ‘JETTE’ wallpaper collection, designer Jette Joop and A.S. Création are continuing their collaboration with a follow-up collection.
With the fresh wallpaper designs too, a young lifestyle and a modern, clear look is brought to the fore. The thematic designs convey themes such as ‘Natural Spirit’ and ‘Forever’ through coherent colour concepts, classic and innovative pattern combinations and a sophisticated finish with a flattering touch.

Asian minimalism, coupled with dimensional surface design, natural patterns and clear colour combinations – these are the elements that beautify your home.

Discover your selection of wallpaper

Collection cover Jette by A.S.Création


Youthful home design – the “JETTE” wallpaper collection creates a modern and versatile environment in your living space. A.S. Création and the German designer Jette Joop worked together for the first time in 2011 to put together a creative and trendy selection of wallpapers designed to bring the designer's unique style to the wall.

With a pared back colour palette and a coherent combination of delicate creamy-white with intensive colours such as marine blue and raspberry red, you can add highlights to your room. Naturally, inspired patterns with abstracted design provide a fresh ambience in elegant style. With their individual and trendy style, ‘JETTE’ wallpapers will transform your four walls into a stylish and timelessly beautiful place of well-being, with a special character.

Wallpapered screen Jette Joop wallpaper

That’s JETTE

“I want my creations to be fun for people, to beautify their day-to-day life while still being affordable. Nothing more, nothing less”

Designer Jette Joop

Jette Joop is the daughter of the well-known fashion designer Wolfgang Joop and the journalist Karin Joop-Metz. Jette Joop studied at the Art Center College of Design in California, laying the academic foundation for her career as a designer. After completing her Bachelor of Science degree, Jette worked for the designers Barry Kieselstein-Cord and Ralph Lauren. In 1995, she founded her own jewellery design company, and has been working as an internationally successful designer ever since. This creative, successful designer has been developing more and more new collections and design concepts since 2004 under the ‘JETTE’ brand. Her best-known cooperation partners include WMF, AIDA, Douglas, ALDI and many more international groups and brands.

People are always at the heart of her work as a designer. Jette Joop designs jewellery, fashion, fragrances and home décor with a sophisticated and modern concept combining value and functionality.

What next?

In the future, too, you can count on new wallpapers from designer Jette Joop, and the successful collaboration with A.S. Création will also mean new wall designs in the coming years, with inviting and elegant interior designs.

You can look forward to a design that focuses on fashion-conscious people and their expectations of functional and decorative design. JETTE wallpapers will always fulfil your desire for new décor, everlasting elegance and intimate familiarity. For walls that transform rooms into living space and which reflect the character and needs of the people that live there.

Designer – Wallpapers: more brands

Anyone who has discovered the elegant, feminine design of JETTE will also be able to enthuse over the designer wallpapers created by Daniel Hechter and Michael Michalsky Both fashion designers display their own personal style and their creative vision for wallpapers in their own collections, which you can discover on
In addition to great German designers, we also have collections from internationally renowned brands such as Versace and Lagerfeld in our range. The refined and stylish wallpapers from Versace and Lagerfeld are the epitome of luxurious wall hangings, and they create elegant, unique living in a sophisticated style.

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