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Our interior design expresses who we are. Our home is a place where we can be ourselves without worrying about anyone else. It’s all about us, and making four walls into OUR home. As soon as a room is given a personal touch, it makes us feel nice and welcome there.

With our paintable wallpapers, we would like to give you the opportunity to express yourself personally through your walls. Have the confidence to let your creativity run free, and you will certainly be surprised by the result.

With the help of our wallpapers from the collection ‘Meistervlies 2020’ (professional paintable non-woven wallpapers)this is easier than ever before. These special non-woven wallpapers have different textures, are all individual and can be painted on several times.

Fascinating effects, varied textures and different surface quality mean a great many exciting design options. No more boring, white walls and ingrain wallpapers. Now it’s time to go for colour!

The different textures range from discreet striped, plaster and fabric looks to floral decors or stylish ornamental designs. A unique wall design is created thanks to fascinating special effects or motif textures.

Meistervlies 3D – the special granular finish of the wallpaper ensures a spectacular multi-coloured effect after just one coat of paint. With minimal effort, you can therefore create a unique, exciting wallpaper effect. The combination of the textures and varying colour rendering creates a unique wall image.

Meistervlies Pro – The three-dimensional effect of the wallpaper is particularly evident with an opaque coat of paint, transforming simple walls into an eye-catching feature for your interior. This dimensionally stable wallpaper is quick, easy and safe to hang.

Meistervlies Protect – This dimensionally stable wallpaper has a solid look and works optimally with opaque colours. Due to its special scratch resistance and durability, it is suitable for use on walls subject to wear and tear, such as in kids’ rooms or public or high traffic rooms such as staircases, the entrance area and the hallway.

Meistervlies ECO – Free from PVC, plasticisers, solvents, formaldehyde, heavy metals, phthalates and glass fibres, this eco wallpaper ensures optimal indoor air and a pleasant feeling in the home, thus making a contribution to combating the climate crisis.

Meistervlies Creativ - This paintable non-woven wallpaper is characterised by its fascinating surface textures. Just one coat of paint emphasises the variety of textures and brings the monochrome colour to life. This dimensionally stable wallpaper is free from glass fibres.

The excellent quality of the backing material and the surface textures make these wallpapers stand out; they are dimensionally stable, scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and easy to use. They are easy, quick and clean to hang using the paste-the-wall technique and can be painted over several times. The wallpapers can also be completely removed again dry when it’s time to renovate again.

You can find inspiration and helpful tips for working with paintable wallpapers on our product video or on our wallpaper advice pages.

If you need tips and tricks for wallpapering, here you will find plenty of information to make sure you do everything properly and don’t forget anything to do with your wallpapering project. Whether it’s about wallpaper symbols, wallpapering around the doors or the paste-the-wall technique for non-woven wallpapers – you will find all of the info you need here .

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