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Make your bathroom a real eye-catcher with the unique designs of different themed worlds. Bring nature into your bathroom with a huge selection of floral patterns! Whether it's floral or an exciting jungle style, bring a natural and vibrant feel to your bathroom. However, if you prefer something a little more tranquil, a photo wallpaper with a relaxing, maritime motif is recommended. Underwater worlds, rivers, beaches or waterfalls. A photo wallpaper offers you unlimited possibilities to embellish your four walls according to your taste. Find your favourite motif to match your quiet little place. And to complete your dream design, get the corresponding wall colours and turn your bathroom into an absolute highlight. For more inspiration, check out our bathroom wallpaper page and let your creativity run wild!

Living room

We spend a lot of time in the living room. We eat, relax or spend a nice evening with family and friends. It is, after all, a place to feel good. That's why the right room design is essential here! Create a special atmosphere in your living room with different designs. Do you prefer it quiet and cosy? Then try wallpapers in country house style or Scandinavian style. Natural designs in combination with warm colours turn every room into a relaxed environment with their timeless charm. Or would you like to amaze your guests with a highlight on your wall? Then get yourself a real eye-catcher with a photo wallpaper. The choice of exciting and inspiring motifs is limitless. Find the style you want and impress your friends with the design of your choice. To complete the ambience in your living room, choose the right wall colours from our huge selection and complete the design of your feel-good oasis. For more inspiration and decorating tips, check out our living room wallpaper page!

Living room wallpaper


The bedroom, a place of rest, relaxation and tranquillity. Cosy furnishings are a must here. The right wallpaper can give your bedroom a very special feeling and turn it into a true sleeping oasis. Do you like it quiet and cosy? Then try our wall paint in warm and subtle tones in combination with wood or stone wallpaper, because natural materials create a calming effect in the room. Or are you into glitz and glamour? Then feel like a star with luxurious and elegant wallpapers with ornaments, glitter effect or gold look. Alternatively, you can also opt for modern motifs. Graphic designs and concrete or marble looks bring a modern flair to your bedroom. Especially photo wallpapers with rustic motifs give every room a real industrial charm. And here again, in combination with the right wall colour, you make the dream design for your bedroom perfect! For even more ideas and inspiration, take a look at our bedroom wallpaper page.

Bedroom wallpaper

Kitchen & Dining room

The kitchen and dining room are a central hub in any home. That's why they should reflect your personal style and make you feel good. With the right look on your wall, you can personalise your kitchen. Again, you have many different options. How about a wallpaper with a classic tile look? Or do you want something more modern? In that case, graphic patterns with abstract or geometric motifs are an option that will give your kitchen an exciting and novel ambience. Or create a cheerful environment with our wall paint in pastel shades. And when it's finally time to eat with your friends in the dining room, don't let the good mood fade. Decorate your dining room with canvas prints, for example, to create an exciting and dynamic environment! There's something for everyone in our wide selection of pictures. Combine through and find your dream design for your kitchen and dining room with the help of our wallpapers, wall colours, canvas pictures, etc. For more inspiration, check out our kitchen wallpaper page!

Kitchen wallpapers

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Cooperations with Interior Influencers

Check out our collaborations with interior influencers whose creativity and attention to detail won't let a decorating trend out of their sight! The graphic retro patterns by Susanne from Sweet Living Interior will give your home a new and modern glow. Or are you longing for relaxation and real holiday flair? Then plunge into the Urban Jungle with Jellina Detmar. With her Santorini motifs on photo wallpaper, she brings the holiday directly to your home. Find all this and much more in our influencer collaborations. Take a look at our interior influencers' favourite wallpapers in our shop now and let yourself be inspired!

The Sweetliving Style

Graphic retro patterns

Pure relaxation


Jellina Detmar

and many more

More Influencer Cooperations

Inspirations for every style and taste

Current trends

Wallpaper Trends are very diverse and can be classified into different categories. Particularly in vogue are material looks, wallpapers in Wood or Stone look. They fit perfectly into any room, whether bedroom-, dining room or living room. With their natural materials, wood and stone wallpapers create a calming ambience and give your four walls a very special flair.

Floral motifs such as flower or jungle wallpapers are also very popular with many interior design fans. The relaxing and natural effect of floral wallpaper makes bedrooms and bathrooms in particular shine in new splendour. Especially jungle motifs with animals awaken the adventurer in you and thus become the perfect design for children's room wallpaper. But floral wallpapers also fit into any room and give you a unique feeling of freedom and serenity. Whether floral motifs or large leaf patterns, the choice of floral wallpapers for bedrooms and living rooms is limitless. You can see how versatile some wallpaper trends can be, so get inspired and bring the creative designs of our nature wallpapers into your home.

A rustic but trendy alternative is concrete or marble-look wallpaper. Then concrete wallpaper is just the thing for your living room or bedroom. Despite the rustic look, the industrial look of your concrete-look wallpaper will make a stunning impression on all your guests. While concrete wallpaper has a more industrial look, marble wallpaper gives your home a sophisticated and luxurious feel. So, if you want to create a unique effect in your kitchen, bathroom or living room, choose a marble wallpaper in light, dark or even bright colours! Browse our huge range of marble or concrete wallpapers.

Especially for children's rooms, striped wallpapers are a wonderful option to create an exciting and playful environment for your loved ones. Here too, there are many different variations, whether wide or narrow stripes, colourful or plain, calm or bright colours. The possibilities are endless. Therefore, let your creativity run free and combine yourself, with modern striped wallpaper in the children's room, bathroom or even in the kitchen. So design the room of your choice with the stripe-look wallpaper of your choice and give your home a cheerful and playful touch!

Complete your design with our wall paint

Whether as an alternative or combination option to wallpaper, our wall paint is here to inspire. Paint your walls with the unique colours of „The Color Kitchen“ or, if you want something more noble and high-class, the luxurious premium wall paint „Liquid Luxury“ by NewWalls.

And it doesn't just stay on the walls. Try painting your furniture with our colour! This is the easiest and best way to perfectly match your interior with the rest of your home. Transform old and boring cupboards, chairs or chests of drawers into new and modern furnishings in no time at all, which shine in new splendour thanks to the stunning colours. Or have you designed your home exactly the way you want, but the one radiator on the wall is still a thorn in your side? Then make it easy on yourself, grab a bucket of our paint and repaint the radiator in the colour of your choice! So, don't just limit yourself to your walls with our paint, get creative and go wild in your home.

Let your creativity run free: endless combination possibilities

Have you gathered enough inspiration? Then get started on your project and embellish your four walls. Combine wallpaper, photo wallpaper, wall paint, home accessories and much more for your perfect design. How about a large motif on photo wallpaper in your living room? And to make it stand out wonderfully, wallpaper the rest of the walls with impressive unit wallpaper or paint the living room with the wall colours of your choice. Round it all off with a few canvas pictures and cushions with a matching motif and your dream design is complete. Don't let us stop you and make your dream of a unique home come true with our wallpapers and colours.

Still unsure? Get even more impressions on social media!

You don't have an exact idea of your dream interior yet? No problem! Check out our social media channels for countless inspirations. On our Instagram channel @newwalls_official you can look forward to design examples from other satisfied customers and collaborations with influencers and interior design geeks! In addition, there are occasional competitions where, with a bit of luck, you can win wallpaper, accessories and much more for your renovation project. You can also find more decorating ideas, trends and important information about our offers on Pinterest and Facebook.


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