Wallpaper Tools

Wallpapering tools

Are you unsure which tools are available for hanging wallpaper and which implements you require?

We’ve put together a brief overview for you:

Wallpapering set

This 10-part wallpapering set includes the most important tools to achieve perfect wallpapering results. It consists of a rectangular 8-litre plastic paint bucket, a paste roller for non-woven wallpapers, a seam roller, a pressure roller, wallpaper scissors, a narrow spatula and a slightly wider spatula, a plastic pressure spatula with flexible pressure edge, a 4x5 m tarpaulin, a wooden folding ruler and a cutter knife. Our information on the topic of ‘Wallpapering’.

Pressure spatula

A pressure spatula is suitable for wall coverings with a hard-wearing surface such as smooth non-woven wallpaper and is made of high-quality, unbreakable rigid PVC, with safely rounded corners. The slot in the spatula serves as a safe guide for the blade when trimming the wallpaper strips on baseboards.

Pressure roller

The most common tool for applying pressure to the wallpaper is the pressure roller. This is a high-quality paint roller with a cylinder made from PU foam including a roller bracket with hollow plastic handles. It is suitable for non-woven, metallic, textile and textured profile wallpapers.

Cutter knives

For optimal cutting results, we recommend a convenient cutter knife made from high-quality plastic with a lock and blade guide made of metal.

Ceiling brush/paste brush

A professional ceiling brush with pure china bristles and a high-quality wooden handle is particularly suitable for applying the wallpaper paste.

Paste roller/paint roller

For simple work on small areas, a high-quality decorator’s roller/paint roller should be used.



To avoid getting your hands dirty, we would recommend nylon woven gloves with a PU coating and a very good and flexible fit as well as good abrasion resistance.

Painter’s spatula

The high-quality painter's spatula with flexible ground steel blade and oval wooden handle is used for removing remaining wallpaper and paint residues and is riveted throughout.

Seam roller

For delicate wallpaper surfaces, a high-quality seam roller with cylindrical roller made of PU foam and a one-sided galvanised handle with wooden grip is used.

Wallpaper tear-off ruler

Wallpaper tear-off ruler

To prevent tearing the wallpaper untidily, the use of a wallpaper tear-off ruler with plastic backing and a high-quality stainless steel rail is required.

Wallpapering scissors

Wallpapering scissors are the symbolic tool of wallpapering, however, they are often replaced by tools such as the tear-off edge and cutter knives. Nevertheless, we recommend using rust-proof, high-quality wallpaper scissors with moulded-on plastic eyes, especially for heavy wall coverings (textile wallpapers, etc.).

Wallpaper wiper

For pressing on paper wallpaper, we recommend a vulcanised wallpaper wiper with a high-quality bristle mix and a lacquered wooden body with a grip hole.

Spirit level

You should also always have a high-quality aluminium spirit level with two levels to hand when wallpapering.

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