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Woodchip Wallpaper

Woodchip wallpaper is still one of the most processed wall coverings. Very robust, a high fault tolerance and above all favorable prices are arguments that speak for the use of woodchip wallpaper. Although the woodchip wallpaper is still to be found in many households, it suffers from an ever worsening reputation. This is mainly because woodchip stands for white walls that do not allow modern and eye-catching patterns. In addition, woodchip is associated with the annoying removal of wallpaper and the eternal scraping of the remains from the wall. Are these prejudices justified and if so, what alternatives are there to woodchip wallpaper?

Woodchip properties


  • Creative colour freedom
  • Paintable with most paints
  • Cheap
  • Forgives unevenness on the wall


  • Woodchip tears quickly because the material is thin
  • paste must soak 10-15 min
  • Due to the processed wood chips woodchip molds faster
  • Easy removal with high time expenditure

Why the alternative is better

  • Compared to conventional woodchip wallpaper, our woodchip wallpaper is printed on a thick non-woven or paper backing and therefore has a strong dimensional stability and therefore tears less quickly
  • Woodchip optics wallpaper on non-woven can be removed completely dry. The annoying spatula of the woodchip residues is therefore omitted
  • Woodchip optics can be glued by the simple wall gluing technique directly, without soaking time on the wall. For this, simply paste the wall and press wallpaper and align
  • Creative colour freedom
  • Can be painted over with any colour
  • Inexpensive compared to other non-woven wallpaper
  • Forgives unevenness on the wall

Woodchip look

Our recommendations

The classic woodchip wallpaper has both positive and negative features. Thanks to new, modern non-woven wallpaper and paper wallpaper in woodchip look, the processing, as well as removal with almost identical design is much more comfortable and saves a lot of time! For example, with non-woven wallpaper in woodchip look, the elimination of the soaking time, as well as the residue-free and dry removal are a great relief for the user. Non-woven wallpapers in woodchip look combine the advantages of the different types of wallpaper: They can - just like woodchip wallpaper - be painted over with almost any colour, are inexpensive and forgive unevenness on the wall. In addition, there is no soaking time, they can be removed completely dry and are tear-resistant due to the thicker material.

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