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Designer wallpapers for stylish interiors

In the fashion world, not only does the name Hechter stand for elegant design, with timeless style and a high-quality look, but the label's designs cut a fine figure on the wall too.

As is the case with the fashion ranges for men and women from this designer house, the home accessories also bear the clear and timelessly modern signature of Daniel Hechter. Classic décor, harmonious colours and striking, detailed patterns create a foundation for a living space with an inviting atmosphere and an elegant concept.

Daniel Hechter stylishly combines the French way of life with creative designs and a sporty elegance that is not only timelessly sophisticated but also authentic and cosmopolitan. Hechter’s designs feature fresh colour combinations and interpret graphic and natural patterns in a brand new way, playing with textile structures and finishes.

Plain non-woven wallpaper Daniel Hechter design AS952622

Daniel Hechter Paris wallpapers are created in collaboration with the wallpaper manufacturer A.S. Création. Six successful wallpaper collections have already been created since 2010. The high-quality non-woven wallpapers are manufactured in Germany and sold all over the world. In addition to classic wallpapers, photo wallpapers in wall-filling formats are now also being created using the modern design of the brand.

The popular non-woven wallpapers and designer-style photo wallpapers are highly appreciated in modern interior design and now are also used outside private homes too. The timelessly elegant design, the variety-rich models and their special colours make the wallpapers a popular choice of room design in buildings such as hotels, law firms, offices or boutiques.

Daniel Hechter Paris – an overview of the wallpapers

Daniel Hechter 6
Exclusive wallpaper design

The design principles of the French fashion brand Daniel Hechter Paris are based around sporty elegance and harmonious colour design. The sixth wallpaper collection featuring new patterns, modern colours and sophisticated surface textures showcases these principles and demonstrates the timelessly classic nature of this fashion and accessories label.

Together with A.S. Création, the wallpaper manufacturer from Germany, the fashion label has created an exciting wallpaper collection with graphic and natural designs involving special structures and finishes with visual and tactile appeal. The collection features warm colours and combines light natural tones such as beige and cream with dark shades of green and blue as well as solid brown and intensive black. In addition to the easily non-woven wallpapers, which are easy to mix and match, the brand also offers digital prints with graphic décor for a modern look.

Daniel Hechter 5 - Living Harmony

In this 2017 wallpaper collection, the wallpaper manufacturer is showcasing the new designs from Daniel Hechter Paris. The designer signature, which is already familiar from the world of fashion, is once again used in interior design, combining elegance with a modern lifestyle. Graphic designs, distinctive patterns and soft structures come together here. Wood and linen looks, abstract leaf tendrils and detailed designs create a fresh and hygge-like atmosphere.

Subtle pastel colours and natural shades of brown and beige offer a warm and harmonious atmosphere for your living space.

Daniel Hechter 4 – Special interior design

The wallpapers created by this French fashion brand stand for sporty elegance and confidently stylish design, bringing the fashion brand's urbane style into the living environment. In cooperation with A.S. Création, the fourth wallpaper collection for modern interior design was launched in 2016. The collection focuses on 3D looks and structures. Special attention is paid to detailed surface structures with a deceptively real plaster, concrete or stone look. Marble designs and textured, plain coloured wallpapers in natural colours such as beige, brown and grey complete the design. The exclusive wallpapers offer a pared-back wall design and youthful living ambience in an everlasting style.

Daniel Hechter Nr. 4 wallpapers

Living room with simple decor and texture wallpaper with lined pattern AS306862
Detail view marbled non-woven wallpaper in black and grey AS305822
Light grey kitchen with wallpapered dining area AS952592
Living room detail with mint green wallpaper by A.S. Creation AS305802
Living room with brown-red pattern wallpaper with 3D effect AS306493
Kitchen wallpaper in detail, tile look rustic AS939921
Detail view living room wall with concrete look wallpaper AS306694
Rustic hallway design with plaster optic wallpaper beige AS306681
Daniel Hechter collection cover No.3

Daniel Hechter 3 – Timeless Elegance

In 2014, Daniel Hechter Paris and A.S. Création published the third wallpaper collection in the style of the fashion label. The style of the fashion label is reflected on the walls and ensures a modern interior décor look with a minimalist concept and a harmonious and varied design.

Natural trendy colours meet gold leaf motifs, slanted effects and floral patterns. A unique look with a modern style is created by distilling the elegance of French city buildings and using it in a fresh way.

Detailed view of wall shelf in front of cream white wallpaper AS952584
Daniel Hechter non-woven wallpaper plain grey AS952633
Daniel Hechter collection cover No.2

Daniel Hechter 2 - Special wall design

In 2012, the successful cooperation between Daniel Hechter Paris and the wallpaper manufacturer A.S. Création was re-established and continued. The wallpapers in the designer’s style once again bring the look of the fashion label to the design of the living space.
Current colour trends and textured designs are at the forefront here, stone and plaster effects and a natural look can be seamlessly combined.

Daniel Hechter collection cover No.1

Daniel Hechter – Designer wallpapers

Fashion for interiors: the designer label Daniel Hechter Paris offers new designs for your living space with its first wallpaper collection. These modern wallpapers featuring an elegant design are produced for the global market in collaboration with the German manufacturer A.S. Création.
A wide range of décors makes for versatile combinations on your living room, bedroom or kitchen walls.

Daniel Hechter, designer

Daniel Hechter was born in Paris in 1938 and already made a lasting impression on the fashion world at the age of 19 years old, when the French film icon Brigitte Bardot wore a dress he designed in the film “Une Parisienne”.

After a few years of creative work for other fashion labels, in 1962, Daniel Hechter founded the fashion label “Daniel Hechter Paris” together with a friend. Hechter thereby created a platform for presenting his elegant designer fashion to a broad tranche of society. Still today, the aim of the designer brand is to make designer fashion accessible to a wider segment of buyers, not just high society. Sophisticated designs, high-quality products and a clear signature characterise the fashion and lifestyle products offered by “Daniel Hechter Paris”.
The established label also pursues its design principles and aesthetic tenets in the field of jewellery and eyewear, as well as in interior design using wallpaper.

Daniel Hechter wallpaper in bedroom AS913050

Fashionable wallpapers of the future

The ongoing changes in interior design and the desire for elegant design will continue to call for new wallpapers from the pen of Daniel Hechter Paris in future, too. The continued success of the trendy wallpapers with sporty elegance and refined details will also ensure that the creative collaboration continues in the coming years between the designer brand Hechter and the wallpaper manufacturer A.S. Création.

Designer wallpapers

Anyone who is inspired by the elegant and pared-back design of HECHTER is sure to find what they are looking for in the collections of other designer brands. That’s because, in addition to the French fashion designer’s label, other greats of the design world also express their creativity in wallpaper.
In our online shop, you will find wallpapers designed by Versace, Lagerfeld and by the German designers Jette Joop and Michael Michalsky.

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