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It’s simply an absolute must and essential for every home: the boho interior design style.
This trendy style can be found in more and more homes. Find the right boho wallpaper for your home here.

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The designation ‘boho’ – or more specifically ‘bohème’ – originates from an intellectual group in France, representing creative free spirits.

It’s a match: boho & decoration

The title is a giveaway – the boho style and decoration work perfectly together. Decoration is vital to the boho style, to be precise. That’s why, in addition to our boho wallpapers, you will now also find canvas pictures and decorative cushions in our ranges from this popular interior style. Have fun creating your design! ♥

Vinyl wallpapers with that extra something special

This hard-wearing, alterable material offers special shine and surface effects and turns wallpapers into really eye-catching features with a charm of their own. Vinyl wallpapers are amongst the most durable wallpapers and are, therefore, ideal for high traffic areas of the home, which are subject to a lot of strain.

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