Tropical & Jungle Wallpaper

Jungle photo wallpapers

We recommend digital prints to create a realistic jungle feeling. Using the astonishing 3D look and realistic photo motifs, a simple wall can be transformed into an ancient forest in a flash.

Tropical feeling and the Caribbean look

The good news first: you don’t need to travel far to get that tropical holiday feeling! Simply bring the jungle feeling into your home. Black and white jungle photo wallpapers or various jungle animals on your photo wallpaper bring the forest into your four walls.

Influencer x
Jungle Fever

Do you fancy some exciting designs from Laura Noltemeyer’s Designdschungel collections, or do you prefer the luxury palm leaf motif by Versace as portrayed by Farina, aka Novalanalove? Then take note, we have everything that your (styling) heart desires.

Designdschungel (‘Design Jungle’) – the name says it all. With her two wallpaper collections in partnership with A.S. Création, influencer Laura Noltemeyer has set new standards for interior design and also offers inspiration with playful palm inspirations which fit in perfectly with our jungle trend.

Novalanalove is one of the most significant influencers in Germany, with more than one million followers. She is known for her modern interior design style with plenty of golden details and boho elements. Our wallpaper with a golden palm leaf motif from the Versace 2 collection fits in perfectly with this, complementing her interior style wonderfully and creating a brand new feeling of well-being thanks to the influences of the boho elements.

Jungle decor

You don’t have to travel far to get a tropical holiday feeling. It’s easy to bring the jungle feeling into your own four walls. And in addition to our jungle wallpapers, you can also discover canvas pictures and decorative cushions featuring our jungle designs:

Jungle wallpapers for your walls

‘All good things are wild and free’. Our jungle wallpaper trend category lives by this motto. We have embraced this trend and added it to our trend themes! Jungle wallpapers will ensure that you get that holiday feeling without leaving your home. A safari in the living room, an expedition in the kids’ room or a tropical idyll in the bedroom and in a flash, all boring interiors will vanish! Do you want to get started straight away with papering your walls with big jungle motifs? Then take a look at our jungle photo wallpaper category.

Jungle wallpapers featuring animals bring a good mood feeling into your home.

Our jungle wallpapers will complement a home featuring plenty of plants and wood. The colour tones of the interior are perfectly picked up in the wall design. This fits in with the ‘Urban Jungle’ trend, which brings a bit of nature into your own four walls in city apartments. Particularly for people living in the urban jungle, an interior design with a focus on green is a welcome change from day-to-day life. This jungle wallpaper trend has also grown out of a yearning for nature and for a decelerated pace of life.

White walls are, therefore, an absolute no-go. With our trendy nature-inspired wallpapers, the jungle will move into your home: the best part is that you don’t need to travel any distance for a tropical feeling. The fresh and exotic colours and tropical leaf and floral patterns of our jungle wallpapers will give your home a Caribbean look. Animals and flowers are the perfect complements for our leaf wallpapers or palm wallpapers. The wallpapers can be superbly combined with furnishings with a wood or linen look.

Where can I use jungle wallpaper?

Jungle wallpapers work well in all rooms. There are no rules. But be careful in the bathroom: the material of the wallpaper plays an important role. We warn against using paper wallpapers in bathrooms with no windows! It is very important to air the room sufficiently to avoid water collecting. The wallpapers should also be made of non-woven material and should be washable and breathable.

Jungle wallpapers in the bathroom

Non-woven wallpapers are well-suited for use in bathrooms, as you’ll be able to enjoy a glass of wine in the bathtub surrounded by golden decorative items or wooden furniture. The palm motifs and bamboo leaves will make you relax and give you that holiday feeling in ten minutes. If you need more information on water-resistant wallpapers, take a look here.

Jungle wallpaper for kids

Jungle-look wallpapers are not only perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, they are more and more frequently used in nurseries and kids’ rooms. Jungle wallpapers featuring parrots, for example, are stylish AND fun. It doesn’t matter if the child is a boy or a girl, anyone who is looking for interior design ideas for kids’ rooms on Pinterest or Instagram will often come across unisex kids’ rooms.

Jungle wallpapers in black and white, forest wallpapers or leaf wallpapers are perfect for this! If you are looking for gender-neutral wallpapers for children’s rooms, take a look at our trend page.

What needs to be taken into account when wallpapering?

All the important information about wallpapering correctly can be found on the insert for our wallpapers. It is very important to pay attention to the repeat and pattern offset. You must also ensure that you use the correct pasting technique. You will find more information on this here. This way, nothing can go wrong.

When you register, we can send you wallpaper sample sections free of charge. Let us send you 10 free wallpaper sample sections so that you can look at the individual wallpapers at home in peace with your partner or family to find the perfect design, the right colour or the ideal combination.

Jungle wallpapers and luxury design

Forest wallpapers or rather jungle wallpapers with parrots? Whatever you like – if luxury and glamour are important to you, you will also find what you are looking for here at new-walls. You will find everything that your love for glamour desires in our Versace collection. In addition to striking wallpaper designs, you won’t fail to notice the excellent quality! Be inspired by branded wallpapers from our onlineshop.

Four walls, all in harmony

If you have found the right jungle wallpaper for your bedroom or discovered the perfect jungle wallpaper with animals for the kids, you can think about other ways to combine them as a next step. If you have chosen the perfect leaf wallpaper for your hall, or you can’t get that peel and stick jungle wallpaper out of your mind, you’re one step closer to your objective of a complete room.

Single-colour wallpapers in plain shades or in the same colours as the jungle wallpaper can go straight into your cart. You will also find small, unobtrusive patterns or large motifs that won’t clash with your favourite jungle wallpaper in our shop. If you also need cushions or canvas pictures to complete your room atmosphere, you need to take a look at our decoration section!

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Our wallpapers are made in Germany. Our jungle wallpapers are also manufactured in Germany. High quality and durability are of the utmost importance for our products. You will find non-woven wallpapers, paper wallpapers or wallpapers with a vinyl coating. If you need more information on this, take a look here.

Are you interested in forests with exotic flair in the form of wallpaper?

Then switch from the jungle wallpaper trend page and go straight to the forest photo wallpapers and flower photo wallpapers. Discover beautiful photographs of nature or floral wallpapers and give your home that certain something special that nobody else has. Let’s go!

3D wallpaper structures are also appealing, as family and friends have to look twice to ascertain whether it is a 3D wallpaper. Take a look! Have fun shopping safely and practically from home.
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