Scandinavian Wallpaper

Scandinavian ♥

Do you like all things bright, friendly and simple? And is it all about the little things in life for you? Then a minimalist, Scandinavian interior design style is right for you.

Dining room with light beige wallpaper in Scandinavian style AS361232

Lovely and hygge(lig) ♥

The word ‘hygge’ (pronounced ‘hoo-guh’) comes from the Danish language, and it’s one of those words that can’t always be precisely translated. The best way to describe it is ‘cosiness’

Detail view Scandinavian design wallpaper in Hygge style AS363832

Simple and uncomplicated

As the Scandinavian interior design style is pared-back and simple, highlights are emphasised using colour, for example, in fabrics. Furniture and walls are uncomplicated in their design, with clean lines.
Even more Scandinavian style wallpapers

Hyggelige Comfort Zone ♥

If you like things cosy, and, of course, also natural, the Scandinavian style is essential for you. In addition to Scandinavian-inspired wallpapers, you can now also find decorative cushions and canvas pictures with our most popular designs at new-walls - Check it out.

Scandi style vinyl wallpapers

Vinyl creates a special atmosphere, not just in the form of a record, but on the wall too. The wallpapers with a vinyl surface have a refined surface with textured patterns, shine effects or metallic colours. This hard-wearing material makes the wallpaper into a robust wall design. Vinyl wallpapers in the Scandinavian style are varied, modern and durable.

Classic non-woven wallpapers for Scandinavian living

The undisputed favourite for wallpapering – non-woven wallpaper. Not only will this popular material be good for your mood thanks to the simple processing, the wide selection of patterns, motifs and colours offers the perfect decor for every space and every room.
Non-woven wallpapers in the Scandinavian look have a modern, minimalist and natural look with surprising details.