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Which wallpaper works well in the kitchen?

Are you wondering which wallpaper might look good in your kitchen, but you aren’t sure?
No worries, as here you will find a huge selection of various kitchen wallpapers.
See for yourself and browse the kitchen page in our shop!

Wallpaper can look really eye-catching in the kitchen!
No more white walls

Let us inspire you with our kitchen images and convince you that your kitchen will indeed become the most beautiful place in your home.

yellow grey wallpaper
Brick wallpaper
Stripes wallpaper with pictures
Kitchen wallpaper brown

There’s no such thing as kitchen wallpaper...

Oh yes, there is! Browse through our selection of washable, hard-wearing wallpapers.

The perfect wallpaper for your kitchen

Which wallpaper do you like best for your kitchen?
A simple one, or perhaps one featuring a design?
A grey one or a more colourful wallpaper?

It doesn’t matter, as there are no limits on your creativity!

Have fun browsing and find what you like and what works with your own personal style.

more kitchen wallpapers

What do you need to bear in mind when you are looking for wallpaper for your kitchen?

Before deciding on wallpaper for your kitchen, you should think about the following things:

  • take a look at the wallpaper symbols on your wallpaper of choice
  • pay attention to whether the wallpaper is washable or abrasion resistant
  • to be absolutely certain, take a look at the additional information here

Thanks to your wallpaper, your kitchen will be bang on trend!

Are you looking for modern wallpaper for your kitchen?
This marble photo wallpaper is perfect for your kitchen, as not only is it water repellent, it is totally in demand on Instagram!

A little tip: Choose ‘200g Non-woven’.

Marble photo wallpapers

Kitchen wallpapers at new-walls

Wallpaper in the kitchen? Is that really a good plan? These questions on our latest trend topic probably crossed your mind quite quickly. When designing your kitchen, your initial thoughts probably aren’t about wallpaper. Perhaps you’ve also got concerns about how durable a wallpaper will be in a room that tends to be subject to greater strain like the kitchen – after all, in the kitchen, we often work with water and high air humidity, as well as steam and hot food.

We now want to clear up some of the questions, doubts and prejudices concerning ‘kitchen wallpaper’ and also give you some tips and inspiration along the way, so that you to can gaze with astonishment at your new kitchen wallpaper.

Why kitchen wallpaper has a positive influence on your mood

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen on a wide variety of occasions and times of the day.
That’s why you need to make sure that your kitchen’s interior design is more than just pragmatic. This is where you start your day with a coffee in the morning and where you can draw breath for the first time after a long day at work.
As the room is at the heart of your home, you should reflect your interior style in it just as you do in your living room or bedroom and make yourself feel good.
Your interior design style will always influence your well-being and will make sure that you really feel at home.
Nonetheless, there is only limited space for decoration and design in a kitchen, as in addition to the essential components such as the wash basin, the cooker or the extraction hood, it can be a tight fit.
A kitchen wallpaper in your personal interior style is, therefore, a space-saving alternative to vases etc., and makes a statement, not only in a specific corner of the room, but throughout the whole space.
There are certain things to take into account before hanging the wallpaper of your choice in the kitchen.

Which type of wallpaper is most suitable for the kitchen?

As already mentioned above, there are certain key areas of the kitchen where it can become very wet and very hot.
These areas include next to the wash basin, above the hob and oven and the extraction hood. Steam and splashes of oil and grease also play their role and can easily land on the kitchen wall whilst you are cooking.
All of these factors can have a negative effect on the quality and the looks of a normal non-woven wallpaper.
That’s why there is a very special type of wallpaper which barely differs from other non-woven wallpapers at first glance.
But this first impression is incorrect, as these wallpapers have a special vinyl seal on their backing material, literally coating and protecting the wallpaper.
Vinyl wallpapers are therefore very well suited for use in the kitchen in particular, as this protection is not compromised, whether through indirect heat or steam or small amounts of water. It’s best to use the pasting technique for vinyl wallpapers, but the paste-the-wall technique can also be used to hang your wallpapers on your kitchen wall.

What do I need to pay attention to when wallpapering my kitchen walls?

Vinyl wallpapers are much more resistant than other non-woven wallpapers due to their coating. When choosing your wall, however, you should bear in mind that too direct contact with steam, heat or too much water can also damage the coating of the vinyl wallpaper. Therefore, never wallpaper directly near a cooker, extractor bonnet or sink.
Otherwise, it is advisable to wallpaper the work surface with vinyl wallpaper, as the surface is easy to clean even with larger stains and is also robust.
Kitchen walls that are far enough away from the worktop can also be embellished with another wallpaper, for example a photo wallpaper.
What is the difference between vinyl and non-woven wallpaper?
The difference between the two types of wallpaper is a frequently asked question. With non-woven wallpaper, both the backing material and the coating are made of non-woven.
Vinyl wallpapers also have a backing material made of fleece, but the coating here is made of vinyl.
Another difference is the better air permeability of non-woven wallpaper and the higher weight of vinyl wallpaper due to the coating.
If you would like to know more about the difference between vinyl and non-woven wallpapers, you can read our detailed blog post on this subject *here*.

How do I clean my kitchen wallpaper, and what do I need to take into account?

Kitchen wallpapers, i.e. both non-woven wallpapers and vinyl wallpapers, clean up very well. Using a damp microfibre cloth that you have wrung out several times, you can simply wipe smooth-surfaced kitchen wallpapers.
However, you must ensure that the water is not too hot as, otherwise, the surface structure can become damaged. Using cleaning products can also lead to discolourations in the kitchen wallpaper.
Smooth non-woven wallpapers also cover vinyl wallpapers, which are very popular for use in kitchens.
Not only do vinyl wallpapers look really good, they are also very easy to care for, which is a great advantage.

Which kitchen wallpapers are trendy and which colour should I choose?

Apart from the vinyl coating, you have free rein when selecting the motif of your favourite wallpaper.
You can see for yourself at new-walls by browsing through our diverse range of non-woven wallpapers and vinyl wallpapers.
If you are still undecided, you can look at our trend pages at new-walls. There you will be able to discover all of the current interior design trends and the wallpaper items to go with them.
It doesn’t matter if you prefer a rustic or modern look; you will find the right motif for every kitchen and every taste. From a colour perspective, there are also plenty of options for designing your kitchen wall. You can choose between pastel tones, floral jungle motifs, with colourful flowers or simple, graphic patterns.
But, in the end, you will have to agonise over your choice.
Of course, we are there for you on our social media channels and via WhatsApp for any questions concerning your kitchen wallpaper.

The agony of choice: vinyl wallpapers for the kitchen from new-walls

Kitchen wallpapers offer you a variety of options to express your style, even in a practical room like the kitchen.
Plenty of different interior design styles and options await your discovery in our shop.
What are you waiting for, shop for kitchen wallpaper here at new-walls now and make an interior design statement for your kitchen!
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