Flower Wallpaper

Wallpapers featuring flowers and blooms

With large or small flowers, neutral colours or all the colours of the rainbow, these non-woven wallpapers will conjure up a pleasant sense of freshness in your rooms.

Fragrant air and popular highlights

For all lovers of flowers, blooms and nature, we also have these natural beauties for your own four walls, immortalised in the form of wallpaper!

Our Bestsellers

Discover our meadows of flowers

Have fun browsing our floral category and find your perfect floral wallpaper online at a reasonable price. Transform your rooms into a genuine wonder of nature!

Glorious blooms and natural variety captured in vinyl

Anyone who thinks that floral wallpapers are just for little girls and grandmothers has the wrong idea! That’s because these floral designs in the form of vinyl wallpapers are not only robust, they also look fantastic.

Floral photo wallpapers

Try something new! As well as standard patterned wallpapers, we also have photo wallpapers! Bring the beauty of the world of plants to your walls in large formats so that all of the beautiful details look even better. Choose between realistic photo motifs, artistic paintings or graphic design.

Combination tips

As with all patterned wallpapers, we would recommend that you don’t wallpaper all of the walls with the same wallpaper but instead that you combine a plain wallpaper or a striped pattern. For country style interior design, a striped look is definitely the right choice. To complement the country style charm, furniture in white or light wood is perfect.

The perfect combination: Flowers and decor

Floral motifs simply put you in a good mood and always go well. Here you will find canvas pictures and decorative cushions featuring your favourite floral designs. Browse through our selection and glow up your rooms!

Floral wallpapers are popular highlights

Are you looking for a foundation for youthful, modern living? Then you’re in the right place in the floral category of our Trends 2020 section. Whether you’re looking for small flowers or large ones in neutral tones or a festival of colour, these non-woven wallpapers will conjure up a pleasant freshness in your rooms. Our rose wallpapers are romantic and dainty and are, therefore, perfect for cute girls’ rooms or dressing rooms to make feminine hearts beat faster. To create a harmonious atmosphere in the bathroom, you will find green natural wonders or floral photo wallpapers that make a statement in our range. This trend category of floral wallpapers will give every soul a feeling of well-being. Do you like the colour petrol? On the floral wallpaper by designer Michael Michalsky you will find small titmice, flowers and buds on a petrol-coloured background.

You will see: there’s more to floral wallpapers than meets the eye! Our wallpapers have everything from romantic and sombre rose motifs to lovingly ornate flower tendrils and a colourful sea of blossoms.

Thanks to dainty, floral patterns with plenty of colourful shades, realistic wallpapers or ornate baroque influences, floral wallpapers can be individually designed for each room. These trendy wallpapers will spread a feeling evoking nature and equilibrium. Studies have shown that flowers and floral patterns have a positive influence on the human brain! Not only do all flowers have their own individual meaning – the size of the pattern can have a different effect on the room. Large patterns work better with big walls, whereas smaller patterns can have a positive impact on a small room! We have all the combinations you could desire in our floral wallpaper trends when it comes to colour choice and pattern size! That means that you can use floral wallpapers for any room size or interior design! Shop around the clock for your favourite floral non-woven wallpapers or photo wallpapers and freshen up your rooms with nature-inspired images. Here you are guaranteed to find new ideas for your individual and personal wall design.

Thanks to our multi-faceted printing process and our high-quality non-woven material, we can create a huge variety of looks and structures. For shabby chic or vintage look wallpapers, we can, for example, create a slightly washed-out textile structure; equally, it is possible for us to create razor-sharp prints for particularly detailed floral decors. What about a hint of glamour? Here you will also find wallpapers with glitter and metallic effects. Be brave and make your walls shine with our enchanting floral wallpapers and photo wallpapers.

If you need more inspiration, you can also take a look at the Japandi page. There you will find more wallpapers with floral motifs and plenty of plain wallpapers that you can combine with your floral wallpaper.

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