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My name is Jellina and I am 37 years old. Together with my husband Jan (43) I live in Kollum, Friesland. We have two children, Déjan (8) and Melin (6), and a very cute dog Kali. Besides my love for interior design, DIY and styling, I am also a physiotherapist. My husband and I love to travel far away, enjoy nature and take photos together.

Since March 2017 we are the proud owners of a residential farm in the centre of Kollum.

We have completely renovated this farmhouse and decorated it to our taste, it was our dream! I share the passion for interior design with my husband Jan, our farm really has a Jan & Jellina atmosphere.

We love lots of plants, the 'urban jungle', and we combine this with an industrial look. We prefer earth tones, our interior consists of a lot of (oak) wood, black/white and brown tones. We like to combine these tones with the green of our plants.

I would describe our decorating style as industrial with sturdy and durable items. We also find it important to reuse furnishings, so you'll also find a lot of DIY items in our home that we give a second life. Think of an old workbench that we repurpose and use in our kitchen. These items have their own history and bring a lot of atmosphere to our home.

There are also many photos in our house that I took myself. We have photos of the kids on two doors in the house and I have had many photos printed on forex boards. Take a look at my Instagram account@jellinadetmar.

We have reflected our own style well in all rooms of our house. But most importantly, a house should be lived in. That's why we also have rings on the ceiling for gymnastics, a Gymbok in the house and a hammock where the kids can chill.

Greetings Jellina

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Santorini is one of the most famous and popular islands today. The small streets, the beautiful white buildings and houses with the blue roofs. The magical sunsets make this island a popular destination. Besides the beautiful calderas and the wonderful beaches, you can of course enjoy the Greek cuisine here.

Did you know that Santorini is also known for its wines? Santorini is a small, moon-shaped volcanic island north of Crete. After the eruption of the island's volcano around 1600 BC, the volcano slowly sank into the earth, leaving behind a bowl-shaped crater (a caldeira).

The bowl of the crater filled with water and white houses were later built on the edge of the caldeira. During the day, but also at night, you can fully enjoy the surroundings and the view, Santorini really enchants you, you will fall in love with this island and I will take you there!


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I am incredibly excited to be working with I love photography and interior design, so this collaboration is a great fit for me! I hope to inspire you guys with my favorite site! Would you also like to have such a beautiful photo on your wall? Then stop by my favorite wallpapers and style one of my 'favorite' images in your kitchen, living room or bedroom, I'm excited!

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