All the wallpaper types at a glance

non-woven wallpaper in living room with pattern design AS370035

Non-woven wallpapers

Non-woven wallpapers are the most common wallpapers by a long way, as they are easiest to hang. The advantage is that they do not require any soaking time. This means that you do not need to let the paste work itself in before wallpapering; you can simply apply the paste to the wall directly and then apply the wallpaper.

Non-woven wallpapers are the newest form of wall covering, which are becoming increasingly popular as they are so easy to use. Long-fibre special pulps, textile fibres and binders, 80% of which are of natural origin, are mostly used in the production of non-woven materials. This production process, in conjunction with the raw materials used, achieves the unique dimensional stability of the non-woven material, which makes it possible to use the wallpapers without a soaking time. It is, therefore, possible to apply wallpaper paste to the wall, to embed the dry wallpaper strip into the layer of paste, press it on and then simply cut off the excess.

Paper wallpapers

Our paper wallpapers are manufactured on high-quality recycled paper. They are breathable, moisture-regulating and environmentally friendly.

With paper wallpapers you are required to apply the paste directly to the wallpaper and wait for 3-5 minutes. In addition, paper wallpapers are available in different weights, the differences being evident in the quality and wallpapering properties.

Paper wallpapers by A.S. Création Tapeten AG are manufactured on high-quality recycled paper. They are breathable, moisture-regulating and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, most paper wallpapers have good light-fastness and an embossed surface that was previously printed using rotogravure. Please note that a short soaking time of approx. 3-5 minutes is required for paper wallpapers, which should not be exceeded, otherwise, the embossed surface of the wallpaper will be lost.

The two-layer paper wallpapers known as duplex wallpapers, which are produced in a laminating process and consist of two paper layers of different thicknesses, are considered to be of particularly high quality. The quality, and, therefore, also the processing properties of paper wallpapers are assessed based on their roll weight:

  • light paper wallpapers < 110 g/sqm
  • medium paper wallpapers 110-140 g/sqm
  • heavy paper wallpapers > 140 g/sqm

Textured profile wallpapers

Textured profile wallpapers are paper wallpapers with special foam application which creates a stylish 3D effect. These wallpapers are washable and paintable. When wallpapering, you need to allow the paste to soak in as with standard paper wallpapers.

Textured profile wallpapers or also textured vinyl wallpapers form a foam PVC surface on a paper backing, creating a three-dimensional, very expressive effect. Textured vinyl wallpapers can be split away from the wall, are washable, and can later be painted over with both latex and emulsion paints. After a short soaking time of approx. 3-5 minutes, the wallpapers are glued together. Due to the relief-like surface, textured profiled wallpapers are still very stable even after the soaking time and are, therefore, very easy to use.

Satin wallpapers

Satin wallpapers are manufactured both using non-woven material and paper and they are characterised by a satin-like, shiny surface. These wallpapers are very high quality and have a very high light and rub resistance, as well as high durability.

Vinyl wallpapers, which are also called satin wallpapers, consist of either a multi-layer paper backing or a non-woven material as a backing material with a full-surface PVC coating, which is first printed using the gravure technique and then embossed with a hot forming process. This so-called gloss embossing gives the vinyl wallpaper a satin surface and a very high-quality sheen. This type of wallpaper is a very high-quality product that is very lightfast, abrasion-resistant and extremely hard-wearing and, depending on the backing material used, can either be completely peeled off dry leaving no residues or can be split away from the wall.

Paintable wallpapers

Our paintable wallpapers are also made of non-woven material and, therefore, have many advantages, such as quick and easy application.

They are characterised by their different structures, which are an exciting alternative to ingrain wallpaper. From barely visible structures through to detailed patterns or 3D effects, you will find everything.

Paintable wallpapers from ‘A.S. Création’ are non-woven wallpapers with different structures, which are all individual and which can be painted on several times. You will find paintable wallpapers, which are a great alternative to fibreglass or ingrain wallpaper in our ‘Meistervlies’ (professional paintable non-woven wallpaper) collection.

paintable wallpaper with structure design

Thanks to the simple, quick and clean wall adhesive technology for non-woven wallpapers, your walls will get a makeover in a flash. For subsequent renovation work, wallpapers can be removed dry and with no residues. Our professional paintable non-woven wallpapers Pro, Protect and Creativ will impress with their dimensional stability as well as their resistance against scratches and knocks. They, therefore, offer the ideal solution for creative and individual wall design.

The paintable wallpaper is available in two different sizes: the so-called ‘Euroroll’ in 10.00x0.53m and as a ‘large roll’ in 25.00x1.06m. Due to the double width of the large roll, wallpapers of this size can be hung quickly and easily with 50% less seam formation.

Our paintable wallpapers are marked with the sign on the insert.

Wallpaper borders

Borders are narrow strips of wallpaper that are applied horizontally to accentuate a wall or serve as a visual separation of two different wallpapers on one wall. Wallpaper borders are available in different lengths and breadths and are ideal for accentuating the design of wall surfaces, niches or even door surrounds. A distinction is made between borders that are applied to the wall with paste (in this case, the surface to be wallpapered should be left blank) and self-adhesive borders that are also stuck directly onto the background or wallpaper. The usual lengths are: 5 metre and 10 metre strips.

Design panels

Using decorative panels, you can highlight a wall using one single strip of wallpaper. It’s a very quick and effective way to pep up your wall design. Panels are available either with patterns or as photo wallpapers.

At newwalls we also have self-adhesive pop-up panels as an alternative to design panels, which need to be hung in the same way as normal non-woven wallpapers.

Door wallpapers

Yes, you heard us right. Wallpapers for doors! Our door wallpapers give boring doors a fun vibe with exciting 3D photo motifs. We print them on self-adhesive films, meaning that they are quick and easy to apply.

Here, you will find a wide selection of expressive motifs which are available in photo-realistic quality. The 3D effects make the whole thing look fascinating and true to life. Our door wallpapers are printed onto self-adhesive films with water-based and odour-free latex colours, which meet the highest international standards for interiors. The dimensions of the door motifs are based on standard doors of the standard format (0.91x2.11 m) according to DIN 18100 for both inner and outer sheets.

door wallpaper with 3D motif DD106648

Photo wallpapers

As the name suggests, these are wallpapers with photo motifs! Not just photos though – fascinating graphic designs and painted visual effects. Our photo wallpapers are all made of non-woven materials and for many of our motifs, you can choose from various material properties. Their weight, surface structure and colour effects all vary. HERE you will find an overview

Photo wallpapers are also known as digital print wallpapers, or to be precise, full-wall motifs with photographic images or paintings. Depending on the size of the motif, they may be made up of various different strips.

Our large photo wallpapers are printed on a high-quality, smooth backing paper or on structured non-woven material and they are available in various sizes. Customised measurements are also possible.

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