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magnetic.simple.peel and stick – room design with a strong attraction

Not only do the peel and stick wallpaper panels possess a magnetic appeal, they are the elegant alternative to a classic pinboard. With their magnetic function, they replace ordinary magnetic boards and cork boards and are also an attractive and neutral feature for your wall with their decorative design. The peel and stick magnetic wallpaper panels will therefore add beauty to living spaces and workspaces and will turn your bare walls into an adaptable presentation surface.

Magnetic wallpaper, how does that work?

These panels containing iron pigment will hold onto the wall thanks to suitably strong magnets (neodymium magnets). The dimensional vinyl paint in the wallpaper contains tiny iron pigments which special magnets can hold on to. These little powerhouses do not weaken as a result of their strong, attractive effect and, therefore, hold paper, photos and cardboard securely in place on the special wallpaper panels.

The wallpaper itself isn’t magnetic and does not have its own magnetic field, the only thing that it attracts is the eye, thanks to the gleaming effect and the special look of the surface. The low concentration of iron in the layer of colour isn’t visible to the naked eye; the metallic effect of the wallpaper is created by colour pigments and the special surface treatment.

Decorative and functional

Subtle designs in warm colours and a textile structure create a homely decor for your walls. The iron pigment in the wallpaper, along with the right magnet type, turns it into a presentation surface.


The vinyl surface of the design panel is abrasion resistant and light resistant, preventing pilling and fading. Light soiling can be carefully removed with a damp cloth.


The magnetic pop-up designs can be put up in vertical or horizontal format, as an individual panel or on joint for large areas. It is also possible to cut this product to individual dimensions.

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Presentation and design with style

The functionality of pinboards is not disputed, but they don’t look decorative or modern up on the wall. The samey look of cork pinboards, glaring whiteboards and magnetic boards or chalkboards doesn’t have much to offer when it comes to making the room look homely and decorative. Things are different with our peel and stick magnetic wallpaper panels! The single-colour design panels in metallic colours such as champagne, silver, gold and copper or classic black are an elegant wall decoration whose function only becomes clear when you use them.

Images, plans and notes are presented, arranged and simply replaced on this single-colour wallpaper background. The wall looks subtle, modern and homely with no pins or posts. Like all wallpapers, the peel and stick panels also enhance how the living space feels and create an atmosphere of well-being.

Magnetic powerhouses

These inconspicuous magnets are powerful; you don’t see the power in these neodymium magnets, but you can feel it: One small magnet will hold several documents in place on the wallpaper at a time. Photographs, cardboard and textiles can be positioned with no problem at all and remain in place. The particularly strong magnetic effect cannot be underestimated, and children should not be allowed to handle them, nor should they be kept near to sensitive devices or magnetic cards.

Decor for your study and office

Magnetic wallpapers are part of a creative workplace as a decorative alternative to a magnetic board. Their refined design and hidden function will also fit perfectly into other living spaces. The peel and stick magnetic panels could be used for a photo gallery in your living room, as a discreet keyboard in the building’s hall or as a memo board in the modern living kitchen.

These wallpaper panels can be used either individually or together and can be individually cut to size for small areas. Not only do they stick to the wall, the peel and stick film on the wallpaper backing also sticks to smooth doors or cupboards.

Hanging the peel and stick magnetic wallpapers

It’s quick and easy to hang this stylish wallpaper on your walls, with no need for paste. No need to drill, hammer or paint like with other magnetic wall solutions. In just a few steps, you will have the peel and stick wallpaper up on the wall:

the protective film on the adhesive backing is peeled off, the panel is positioned in the desired space and then pressed on. A spirit level is helpful to align the wallpaper correctly; to press it on, you only need a flat hand or a lint-free cloth, with no need for any other tools.

The wallpapers achieve an ideal hold on smooth, clean and dry substrates. Unevenness and soiling can impair the hold of the adhesive film.

Special wallpapers, magnetic and beautiful

These magnetic wallpaper panels, with their design panel format, only reveal their greatest talent when used as a pinboard and for decorating a room using the strong magnets they come with. The peel and stick magnetic panels also look impressive as a piece of decorative wall art with metallic colours and a timeless plain colour design, shiny surface and strong embossed structure in the textile style.

This versatile material will look great in your home, living room or home office and will be a stylish and eye-catching feature in your conference room or office.
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