Jungle photo wallpapers

We recommend digital prints to create a realistic jungle feeling. Using the astonishing 3D look and realistic photo motifs, a simple wall can be transformed into an ancient forest in a flash.

Tropical feeling and the Caribbean look

The good news first: you don’t need to travel far to get that tropical holiday feeling! Simply bring the jungle feeling into your home. Black and white jungle photo wallpapers or various jungle animals on your photo wallpaper bring the forest into your four walls.

Influencer x
Jungle Fever

Do you fancy some exciting designs from Laura Noltemeyer’s Designdschungel collections, or do you prefer the luxury palm leaf motif by Versace as portrayed by Farina, aka Novalanalove? Then take note, we have everything that your (styling) heart desires.

Designdschungel (‘Design Jungle’) – the name says it all. With her two wallpaper collections in partnership with A.S. Création, influencer Laura Noltemeyer has set new standards for interior design and also offers inspiration with playful palm inspirations which fit in perfectly with our jungle trend.

Novalanalove is one of the most significant influencers in Germany, with more than one million followers. She is known for her modern interior design style with plenty of golden details and boho elements. Our wallpaper with a golden palm leaf motif from the Versace 2 collection fits in perfectly with this, complementing her interior style wonderfully and creating a brand new feeling of well-being thanks to the influences of the boho elements.

Jungle decor

You don’t have to travel far to get a tropical holiday feeling. It’s easy to bring the jungle feeling into your own four walls. And in addition to our jungle wallpapers, you can also discover canvas pictures and decorative cushions featuring our jungle designs: