Bedroom wallpapers

Create an individual style for your bedroom

What do you want to see last thing at night and first thing in the morning when you wake up? A sea view and a South Pacific beach or a forest of firs covered in mist? We have the right view for your bedroom – our landscape photo wallpapers.

And even if you don't want to look into the distance for the time being, we have the right bedroom photo wallpaper for your style. Home trends and quirky designs make the best of your bedroom, too. Here, you can let your imagination run free and choose unusual designs.

Which photo wallpapers for the bedroom suit your style?

We have a few examples to show you how varied your bedroom design can be with photo wallpapers. Let us inspire you with our design ideas and find the perfect photo wallpaper for you.

Concrete look wallpaper DD101893

Industrial style photo wallpapers in the bedroom

Rough, used, worn out with texture effects or a 3D look. Industrial style photo wallpapers will give your bedroom a suitable loft character and ensure that it looks modern. With stone-effect photo wallpapers, you can bring the industrial charm of a brick wall into your living space. Concrete photo wallpapers will create an urban feeling and give your room a robust and masculine style. The rustic style looks great with furniture with a modern and clean look, powder-coated metal, unfussy elements and earthy colours. Match an old locker as a wardrobe and a sequin bed with it in proper style, or create exciting contrasts with a luxury bed and designer furniture. The industrial photo wallpaper with 3D effect is guaranteed to create an eye-catching feature in your bedroom and will give you the feeling of sleeping in a metropolitan loft.

Stone look wallpaper DD115693

Floral wallpapers for nature fans’ bedrooms

Are blossoms, blooms and floral patterns your thing? Then choose a natural design with photo wallpaper in your bedroom and wake up to floral views from now on.

Floral photo wallpapers fit in with almost all designs thanks to the variety of motifs and styles. Whether they are abstract blossoms in XXL format or tropical landscape photo wallpapers – the natural designs create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere and make your bedroom into a place where you love spending time.

Flowers Wallpaper DD118518

On-trend modern photo wallpapers for bedrooms

Abstract designs, unusual perspectives and special effects – modern photo wallpapers can offer all that. They will give your bedroom an individual character and express your style. Choose photo wallpapers that make your bedroom into your own individual place to relax – motifs that appeal to you and give your room a completely new atmosphere. Unlike classic photo wallpapers, modern designs offer a fresh look at the question of how a bedroom should be designed.

Forget colour trends or conventions and transform your bedroom into a luxury suite with special photo wallpaper.

Modern Wallpaper DD120005

Bedroom wallpapers with XXL patterns

If you want to make your bedroom design a little more peaceful, you should choose graphic designs and patterns with clear shapes. A large zig-zag design in combination with suitable plain wallpapers creates an eye-catching feature in the bedroom and sets the scene for your double bed with a striking headboard. A minimalist look can also mean doing without colour; a highlight wall with black and white photo wallpaper matches the monochrome decor and offers strong contrasts without losing the sense of peace.

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