Photographic wallpaper with clouds

Aim high is the motto! This is no problem with photomurals that have a sky or cloud motif.

You feel like you're on cloud nine, day and night. You feel cosy and safe. Your body can relax and you can let your mind wander. You lie in bed and look at the wall, but it feels like you're lying in a meadow, listening to the birds chirping and looking up at a baby-blue sky. The feeling of wanting to come home and preferably not having to leave.

Photo wallpaper sky and clouds Clouds 3 - Heavenly wall mural with cloud motif - natural linen texture Cloudy sky wallpaper

How does it look for you? Can you empathise with it, or is the feeling still foreign to you at the moment?

We can help you get to cloud nine. With our photo wallpaper with sky and clouds look, you can only feel safe and secure. The colours blue and white in combination with the cloudy sky pattern create an atmosphere that you'll love to spend time in.

Not only will you create a whole new feeling in your home, but you will also create an original wall design that you won't see again very often.

If the sky and clouds pattern has you totally hooked, but the colours blue and white aren't your favourite, don't worry! We still have the perfect wallpaper for you. The photomurals with sky and clouds patterns are available in a wide range of colours and designs. From blue and white to grey or pink. From a clear sky to space motifs, everything is included. Feel free to browse through our large range and find the perfect air motif for you and your taste.

Photo wallpaper sky with sunshine and clouds

Where is the best place to wallpaper the photo wallpaper?

If you're now asking yourself the question of where such a photo wallpaper would look best, then we can tell you where you spend the most time relaxing. Three possible rooms come to mind. Firstly, the bathroom, then the living room and last but not least the bedroom. Now you're spoilt for choice, will the wallpaper go on the wall or on the ceiling? You're probably thinking to yourself: Who is going to wallpaper the ceiling? Yes, it's not so publicised at the moment, but it looks mega. A motif like this fits perfectly on the ceiling. You lie in your bed, look up and see the sky, clouds or the universe. It literally screams relaxation and well-being.

Apart from that, you can also be daring and wallpapering the ceiling is currently becoming more and more modern. So why not try it out for yourself and let yourself be carried away by the unique and new living experience.

How to wallpaper properly

Pasting wallpaper on the wall is child's play and we'll now explain the best way to do it. Mix the right paste and get yourself a paste roller. Use the roll of paste to paste the wall and apply the wallpaper to the wall strip by strip. With photo wallpaper, you have the advantage that the panels are already pre-cut and numbered. So there's hardly any effort involved. The only thing you need to make sure of is that the pattern fits together perfectly.

For more detailed instructions, you can click directly on our wallpapering instructions for photo wallpaper. There you will also find the right tools for your project.

Have fun trying it out.

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