Paintable wallpapers

Painting wallpaper: the best products!

Wallpaper that can be painted, offers you more than just free choice of color. Through structural designs and 3D patterns there are no design limits, so you have walls and rooms to design in a unique way.
And best of all, if you no longer like the original color, you can simply paint over the wallpaper.


The most important thing about paintable wallpaper:



Paper & woodchip:
Recycled material | natural raw materials | traditional design

Fleece & Vinyl:
dimensionally stable | scratch-resistant | decorative | durable | can be painted over several times | easy to wallpaper

Fiber optics:
robust & resilient | crack-bridging | stable fabric | hygienic

The advantages of paintable wallpaper:

There is not only a wide range of textures and patterns, but also different types of wallpaper, which are recommended for very specific rooms and walls. Depending on the wallpapering project, you can choose between non-woven wallpaper, paper wallpaper or fiberglass wallpaper.

The popular Meistervlies wallpapers, as the name suggests made of non-woven and vinyl, are the choice for quick and clean wallpapering. They are wallpapered with the wall gluing technique, do without soaking times, are crack-bridging, dimensionally stable and can also be painted over several times. Wallpaper once and always bring fresh color to the wall, so the long life of paintable wallpaper pays off.

And if you ever want to change the wallpaper, the wallpaper can be completely removed from the wall.

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