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Take a look at the current wallpaper favourites and find out which non-woven wallpapers and photo wallpapers are often used to create eye-catching features in living spaces.

Do you recall which wallpapers you chose for your last wallpapering project? How long has the old wallpaper design or that functional woodchip wallpaper actually been on the wall? If you can’t answer these questions with certainty, it must be time to change your wallpaper. You will surely, therefore, be looking for fresh ideas and new wallpapers.

You’ve now taken the first step towards creating a refreshed feeling in your home. Be inspired by the popular trend wallpapers from A.S. Création and find your personal favourites for the living roombedroom or kitchen.

Here you will discover the most frequent choices made by new-walls.com customers when buying online. For a first look at the world of wallpapers, you are in exactly the right place with the best-selling wallpapers. We have also created trend pages on our website for the most sought-after, recent designs in the absolute perennial favourite wallpapers.

To start with, you should think about which wallpaper type you want to use in addition to patterns and colours. In addition to classic wallpapers made from paper or non-woven material, we also have modern photo wallpapers. You can filter the huge selection by determining the wallpaper type and also discover additional special wallpapers such as peel and stick borders and panels.

Of course, the primary consideration is finding the right wallpaper design. For example, go for a simple decor with single-colour wallpapers which can be mixed and matched in a wide variety of ways, offering special colour effects and a pleasant atmosphere in the room with their special effects and textures. Patterned wallpapers offer more colour and variety. These include the ever-popular classics, striped wallpapers and floral wallpapers. These are anything but old hat, as the traditional patterns are constantly reinterpreted with new colour schemes. Their ongoing popularity is also related to the fact that they fit with almost any style of interior design and look timelessly beautiful. Another perennial favourite amongst patterned wallpapers is baroque wallpapers with their striking ornamental designs evoking the style of the era. It’s not only the baroque style that offers patterned wallpapers in vintage design; art deco wallpapers and 1970s-style wallpapers are also enjoying particular popularity at the moment.

Photo wallpapers turn your walls into something really special

If you want a more creative look for your walls, then our photo wallpapers are the right choice for you. Our XXL designs include a huge selection of realistic photo motifs, 3D effect images, graphic and abstract designs as well as colourful children’s motifs. It doesn’t matter which look you want to create in your room; you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for amongst our photo wallpapers. With our configurators, you can customise your designs even further and adapt them to your walls.

You can find wallpapers in a variety of ways within our huge wallpaper range at new-walls.com: Either go straight to our bestseller list, via the trend pages, the wallpaper search with its filter function or via our collections. You will also find the right wallpapers to match all of our regular articles and plenty of suitable motifs from the relevant collection.

You can also restrict your search for your dream wallpaper to a particular brand, in addition to designer wallpapers by VersaceLagerfeld, Joop, Hechter or Michalsky, we also have the outstanding branded wallpapers from A.S. Création.

The most popular wallpapers with the characteristics of modern design, high quality and an attractive price-performance ratio can be found summarised here. If you have discovered a favourite here, then order the wallpapers quickly and easily as samples for delivery to your home. This will allow you to check whether the wallpaper fits in well with your room and take a look at the colours, textures or effects such as glitter or metallic effects in the room itself. You can then order only those wallpapers which are guaranteed to fit in with your style and your room.

In addition, with our photo wallpapers, there is not only a huge selection of motifs, sizes and customisation options, you can also select the print material. Compare our digitally printed non-woven wallpapers before conveniently designing your photo wallpapers with the configurator and placing your order online.

Buy the best wallpapers online

Instead of looking through heavy books in the DIY store or specialist wallpaper shop, you can simply discover and browse the whole world of wallpaper online at new-walls.com, all from the comfort of your own home. We have wallpapers for every style and every room. You can decide on the design for your wall, and you can digitally wallpaper your room in three simple steps using the room simulator: Take a picture, upload it and select your wallpaper. Find out more on our advice page and try it out – have the confidence to try out quirky motifs too.

Wallpapers for the living room, bedroom and hall

Modern living without wallpaper is a missed opportunity in our view, as wallpaper can do so much more than paint or plaster. The special thing about wallpaper is the feel-good factor that it gives your room. Even a simple, plain wallpaper with a textured surface will give your room a homely feel which naked walls with flat paint simply cannot achieve. Strip by strip, bare, cool walls turn into a pleasant living space for you that you are free to design as you wish when it comes to your style. If you want your home to be really beautiful, wallpaper is a multi-purpose weapon that is not to be underestimated. With modern wallpapers, you can define living spaces and give them special brilliance. Living rooms become inviting, bedrooms become cosy, kids’ rooms gain colour and individuality, the kitchen is given a new look, and in the bathroom too, the wallpaper becomes a striking feature with matching designs.

Best-selling wallpapers are the elite of their category, meaning that you can’t go wrong with them as they are the top favourites out of hundreds of wallpaper designs.

But not everybody likes the same design as everyone else, and true individualists will want to keep searching for something unusual – and you will indeed find something unusual online here. And anyone who has a specific idea of what they want but doesn’t want to search through thousands of options themselves or needs a wallpaper that matches the rest of the decor can ask our service team for advice. Simply send us an email describing what you are looking for, and the team will be happy to make suggestions and send you a selection of suitable wallpapers.

Our service is always available to you

Do you have a question about wallpapering? Or do you need a recommendation for wallpaper selection? We are also there for you for questions of this kind; simply contact us via WhatsApp Chat or call our service number. We do our best not only to make sure that it isn’t complicated to select or order our wallpapers but also so that wallpapering itself is child’s play.

You will also find helpful tips on our blog and on the advice pages. Here you will find everything from design ideas through to an extensive guide to everything related to wallpaper and wallpapering.

If you are considering wallpaper as an option for renovations or interior design, then you probably already have some experience of the benefits of wallpapers for decorating. Or you might just be sick of the same old woodchip wallpapers in offices, rental apartments and utility rooms. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first time you’ve decorated a space or if it’s an update; you can create a modern feeling in your home and a new decor using wallpaper. You also want to express your own style, and you will probably also consider the question of the price and the effort. And rightly so, as there are plenty of differences between wallpaper which have an impact on exactly these factors. By taking a look at the best-selling wallpapers, you will find out which wallpapers other customers have picked out as a good deal, and they can give you tips on what to think about when selecting wallpaper so that you can order the wallpaper that you like, that fits within your budget and that is easy to use.

High-quality wallpapers at new-walls.com

At new-walls.com, you will exclusively find wallpapers that score points for quality, sustainability and price. The wallpapers from the manufacturer A.S. Création are all produced in Germany, they are certified according to EU standards and the raw materials and production methods are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Thanks to the high product quality, they are long-lasting and hard-wearing, so your design will last longer.

If you are wallpapering yourself and not using a professional decorator, then ensure that you think about how easy it is to handle the material and choose quality wallpapers. Where you are using the wallpaper also plays a key role in your choice, so before buying the product, you should look at the wallpaper symbols to find out how durable your chosen wallpaper is and what you need to think about when wallpapering.

If you have thought about all of that, then you will quickly find the best value, most beautiful wallpaper for your project in our online shop. The more precisely you know and have defined the requirements of the wallpapers, the more quickly you will find the best wallpaper. When searching, use our bestseller list as inspiration or for pre-selection purposes and search the desired characteristics of your wallpapers of choice with the filter function. In this way, you will obtain your individual wallpaper selection to get you closer to your goals.

There is the right wallpaper for everybody in the shop

Anyone who wants to shop for wallpaper in a price-conscious way will find genuine bargains and a selection of reduced wallpapers in our salearea. Here you will find various wallpapers in various styles and with a variety of designs at a reasonable price.

Wallpapers have been the material of choice for designing living spaces for decades now. The first wall decorations, such as wall frescoes and tapestries, did not have much in common with modern wallpaper, but the desire for a beautiful, decorated living space has remained the same. Wallpapers fulfil this desire in a special way. Once a wall has been wallpapered, the room immediately looks inviting and homely. Wallpaper also helps to optically extend a room, increase its size, make it lighter or darker and convey its own style to visitors and residents alike.

Wallpapers are an integral part of living space design, including for your home. Find exactly the right paper, non-woven wallpaper or photo wallpapers to make your life more beautiful. Take a look at our extensive online range and let us win you over with the diversity of the wallpaper. Discover the new design that fits with your style and creates a living space that you want to live in. Say goodbye to dated decor and work towards well-being, with wallpapers that suit you.

Be inspired by the top designs from new-walls.com and order your wallpapers quickly and easily online at new-walls online.


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