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Wood stains from The Color Kitchen

Glazes are more versatile than you think

Wood stains are used to seal wooden surfaces and are a must for smaller and larger projects for both experienced DIY enthusiasts and anyone who is trying their hand at a brush or paint roller for the first time.
With our wood stains, furniture, floors, façades and all kinds of DIY ideas can be embellished with a coat of stain.

With our wood stains, furniture, floors, façades and all kinds of do-it-yourself ideas can be embellished with a coat of stain.

A wood stain can have a major impact on the original colour effect of the wood and thus achieve an enhanced look. In contrast to opaque paints and varnishes, glazes are transparent, which particularly emphasises the existing wood grain and preserves the original surface texture of the object.

On this page, you can find out what types of wood stains are available, which ones you can order online in our shop and what you need to consider when processing, caring for and after-treatment. We also provide you with application ideas for wood stains for interior and exterior use.

Wood Stains on New Walls

Application areas

Our wood stain from The Color Kitchen is available in seven colours and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The wood stains are suitable for all types of wood, e.g. wood panelling, wooden ceilings and doors.

The colours reflect the most popular wood stains at the moment: the oak colour is at the forefront of the trend in 2023. We also have a rosewood colour, which is associated with precious woods due to its reddish-brown colouring, just like the teak colour. Or the weather-resistant anthracite grey, a pine colour that is particularly popular in Alpine regions, a light brown walnut shade or simply the colourless wood stain, which seals the natural colour of the wood surface in particular.

Whether you want to use the wood stain indoors or outdoors, please follow the application instructions, which we describe below.

Wood stain for indoor use

Our glaze can be used indoors without hesitation. It doesn't matter whether you want to seal your wooden banisters, refine furniture such as dining tables or chairs with a glaze or give antique chests of drawers a new shine.

In the interior, it is particularly important that you create a clean working environment in advance and cover the surfaces generously with covering film, renovation fleece or old newspapers. If, for example, permanently installed wardrobes, doors or windows are to be painted, the areas around the surface to be painted must be properly masked with masking tape.

Wood stain for outdoor areas

In outdoor areas, glazes also provide protection against the weather thanks to their UV protective coating. If you want to counteract the natural colour change of the wood due to wind and weather, a wood stain should be an immediate part of the wood project.

Smaller projects such as painting garden furniture or raised beds or larger projects such as painting the carport, a cosy pergola, privacy fences, garden sheds, tool sheds or entire house facades can be completed with our wood stains.

When using glazes on softwoods outdoors, it is necessary to apply a so-called blue stain protection primer as a pre-treatment before applying the wood stain in order to prevent mould growth and rotting on the soft types of wood.


Wood stains develop their full colouring power if the appropriate preparations have been made and a few small steps are observed during application.
In general, when applying paints and stains, the substrate must be free of grease, dust and dirt in order to adhere optimally to the substrate. In addition, the wood to be treated should be slightly roughened with fine sandpaper so that the stain can penetrate the wood grain better. If there are any old varnish residues on the wood, these must be sanded off thoroughly.

Processing can be carried out with a paint roller to process larger areas more quickly. However, it should be borne in mind that a certain surface texture is created with a paint roller, which is generally not desirable with a glaze. It is therefore advisable to brush over the colour again with a brush immediately after applying the paint with a paint roller to emphasise the natural look of the wood. It is also important that the brush strokes run along the grain.

For optimum protection of the wood stain, the surface should be varnished two to three times. A drying time of around 6 to 8 hours should be observed between the individual coats, whereby we recommend one coat per day. The paint is dust-dry after around two to three hours. When working outdoors, ensure that the area is protected from the wind and that the temperature is above 8°C.

Colour effect

Depending on the selection of our glazes available at short notice, a subtle or intensive colour effect can be achieved


Our colourless stain is the best way to preserve the natural colour effect of the original wood. On the other hand, our anthracite grey wood stain, for example, can be used directly after installation to create a used look that remains consistent.


Grey mouse? Not at all... The anthracite colour is currently back in fashion and reflects a timeless elegance. In addition, dirt and the weathering process are not so noticeable on the darkening colour tone.


This colour radiates warmth on the one hand, but is also associated with durability and robustness.


Pine-coloured wood stains have a slightly yellowish hue and are immediately reminiscent of cosy chalets in alpine regions.


The strong brown colour emphasises the lively grain of the wood particularly well.


The palisander-coloured wood stain has a reddish/purple-brown colour. It is easy to imagine the appearance of elegant violins or other high-quality musical instruments. In interiors, antique furniture in this colour can be highlighted in particular.


The rich brown teak colour is particularly popular for garden furniture and impresses with its weather-resistant colour.

Frequently asked questions

Are our wood stains environmentally friendly?

Our wood stains are solvent-free and have been awarded the "Blue Angel" seal of approval, as the low-pollutant components are environmentally friendly.

What protection does a wood stain offer?

Wood stains from The Color Kitchen offer long-term protection for wooden surfaces, they are light and weather resistant and also moisture regulating.

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