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Greige: the modern colour combo for your interior design

You’ve probably heard the term ‘Greige’ somewhere before, haven’t you? This is a popular colour combination, particularly in interior design. Discover our grey-beige plain wallpapers now.

Here you can find even more greige plain wallpapers:

grey-beige plain wallpapers

Moodboard Greige

Match your new wallpapers with the right cushions

Interior design has never been so simple: if you have found your favourite greige wallpapers, you can now add our decorative cushions in greige to your cart too.

Get the modern look – grey/beige wallpapers for your home now

Take a look at our selection of greige wallpapers! Here you are certain to find something perfect for you.
And the best thing: you can buy the wallpapers at a reasonable price and from the comfort of your own couch.

Canvas pictures complete your look

Combine wallpapers, cushions and canvas pictures in greige, and you will achieve the perfect blogger interior look for your own four walls.

Greige non-woven wallpapers – so much more than just grey or beige

Its status as a trend colour does not do justice to the shade greige. The blend of grey & beige has been a popular colour scheme for rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms for many years. The warm, natural and inviting effect of the colour blend, in combination with discreet patterns and natural motifs, will create an atmosphere of well-being for your four walls.

What is greige, and what does the colour greige look like?

The colour greige is known by many different names and terms. Whether it’s a warm grey, cold beige or taupe: Not only does greige sound like a combination of grey and beige, it is also the perfect description for our new favourite colour.
We have got used to nude colours and earthy tones in our home interior design, as simple colour combinations and accessories have become the prevalent mantra for interiors. The moderate colour combination, on the other hand, is new to the furnishing firmament and is the trend colour par excellence. Multifaceted and now virtually indispensable in interior design, this new furnishing trend has taken the Instagram world by storm and also has found a very special place in hearts – and hopefully soon on walls – offline.
With our greige wallpapers, we want to bring a little GREIGE INTERIOR to our own four walls. Where do you start when you’re planning a bit of a makeover for a room? That’s right, with the walls!
We’ve jumped on the greige bandwagon, and we’ve devoted a full trend page to our new (favourite) colour greige. Here you can discover the variety of greige for yourself and your home and find abundant inspiration.

Light greige, dark greige, everything in greige!

You think greige isn’t versatile? That’s a fallacy, as this shade which is created from grey and beige, has many more aspects than one might initially assume. The fact that greige is a blend of two colours – very different colours in the nude spectrum – is what makes this trend colour for wallpapers so versatile. Greige wallpapers have a very individual and versatile effect. Depending on the different colour proportions of the beige and grey tones, this shade can appear cooler or warmer. Light also influences the colour effect, as any slight change to the colour nuance creates completely new colour effects and a fresh feeling for the home.

How do I combine the colour greige with my interior design?

When it comes to interior design, the most important thing is always to express your own personal charm and your own visions in the best possible way. Greige wallpapers are therefore suitable for a wide variety of interior design styles, as this trendy colour is very simple to handle and use. Greige wallpapers give the room a soft, natural spatial impact, they are subtle and simple, but they are never unremarkable. That's why the interior design world is increasingly turning to the popular colour combination of grey and beige. The simplest way to achieve the best possible results with greige wallpapers is to use this trendy colour as a colour basis for the walls. The rest of your home can then feature any decoration or design you like. The walls are kept natural, beige and grey decorative items are used in the decor, and some of the furniture also keeps to the colour scheme. This creates a light, open feeling in the room. At the moment, we would, therefore, recommend combining greige with other soft and earthy tones to retain the monochrome look. If you don’t like things to be too neutral, we would recommend combining the greige with neutral decor and contrast-rich, fine furniture and details in black and anthracite.

Greige wallpapers – and now?

We have created a greige moodboard for you to give you a little bit of inspiration. Everyone is likely to have heard about the latest boho interior design trend. Thanks to the appealing, shiny items which are an integral part of a boho room, such as classic boho cushions with fringes or light curtains, living rooms and bedrooms automatically look brighter and more soothing.
Of course, you’ll know about the classic boho weddings or boho-style tunic dresses, or you’ll have created a few pinboards on Pinterest for inspiration for upcoming events, but you should also keep your eyes open for the greige interior design trend.
You will probably gradually realise that the colour greige is not as boring as you initially thought. The flair of greige wallpapers can be the deciding plus point for many interior design styles and round off the interior design with charm.
Using greige with a modern interior design style is a particularly popular choice. Here, concrete-effect details and other natural materials are particularly good, as they can create the perfect break in style. Reddish terracotta colours, as well as the typical stone grey or anthracite, can be used. There are also no limits on the choice of surface structure and its intensity, as both slight unevenness and brickwork offer a fantastic contrast.
Another tip for combining greige wallpapers is the Scandinavian style. Nordic interior design with hygge-inspired details works wonderfully with greige wallpapers. As the Scandinavian look is typically defined with soft pastel and natural colours, our trend colour greige works perfectly with the patterns of this popular Nordic interior design style. Greige can also be complemented with wood accents, which are an essential element in the Scandinavian style for furniture and decorative items. The combination of fresh pastel tones in the decoration with greige wallpapers and furniture or other wooden accents also represents an all-time high when it comes to style, allowing you to create highlights throughout your home.

Greige wallpapers for your home

As the pioneer behind the colour greige, Giorgio Armani knew how to perfectly set the scene for his favourite colour, as he also used the trendy colour as a basis for his fashion. Using greige wallpapers as a basis alongside the right decoration, as well as any furnishings, you can transform your room to create an overall concept – just like Armani in his collections.
And nothing could be simpler than that. Search for your favourite wallpapers, photo wallpapers, stretcher frame pictures and use our visualisation programme to test out which of the wallpapers you have selected look best in your room. You also have the opportunity to have 10 free samples of our regular wallpapers sent to your home at no cost. This makes it much easier to choose, bringing you a little closer to creating your dream home!
Greige has many facets and characteristics which change as much as you and your individual interior design style. So choose from our varied greige range at New-Walls.