Wood Effect Wallpaper

Warmth and cosiness

Create a natural look with wood wallpapers.

Acoustic panels as highlight wallpaper

A very special trend is really going through the roof at the moment - acoustic wood panels are so much in demand that they are almost impossible to get. We have taken up the style and simply use the great design as wallpaper. No screwing - drilling - or hammering, the wallpaper simply holds with paste. This way, your acoustic panel can be mounted on the wall in no time at all and gives your TV wall a modern touch.

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Photo wallpapers with wood optics

Wood-look wallpapers

Today, wallpapers are more and more popular and therefore find their way onto people’s walls more frequently. Bring a single-coloured wall to life and make it more interesting with our wood wallpapers.

Favourite pieces

Homely country flair

Our non-woven wood wallpapers depict realistic wooden beams, giving your home a modern and cosy look. The real-looking surface of the wallpaper gives the impression that wooden boards or beams are attached to the wall and gives your rooms a homely country house flair. Whether in the bedroom or the living room - the wood look adds warmth and cosiness to any room.

Strength. Comfort.

Your dream room in wood look


For the love of the environment

Wooden paper wallpaper

Wallpapers manufactured using recycled paper are the environmentally friendly solution for decorative wall coverings. Printed with a wood effect, they show their natural side with the motif, too, and give your wall a cosy and rustic character.

Rustic inspiration

Wood brings nature into your home

Whether wood-look wallpaper or decoration with wooden elements, one thing is clear: the natural raw material brings a rustic flair to your home.

If you are still looking for beautiful interior design ideas on the theme of wood, then why not take a look at our Pinterest pinboard on this theme.

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