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Print your own wall mural

We have a large selection of photo wallpapers in our range, so there should be something for everyone. If that's not enough and you want to personalise your home even more, you can have us print the motif of your choice.

Here you will find instructions on how to print your personalised photo wallpaper.

Quick guide

Create print data

Create print data in desired format

Select material

Choose the substrate for your photo wallpaper

Send image file

Send the print file to our e-mail address

Check of your data

Our graphic designers will check your file and send you a proof

Confirm order

You confirm the print and your wallpaper is sent to you

Do it like Jellina

Influencer Jellina Detmar from the Netherlands has immortalised her favourite holiday destination on her walls. The gorgeous sunsets on Santorini are not only a beautiful memory, but accompany her on the wall every day.

Just like Jellina, you can also have your own photos printed as a large photo wallpaper. There are no limits to your creativity. Customise your home to your own style and send us your dream motif!

Create print data

Simply send us the largest possible image and we will check it for printability.
The quality of our prints depends largely on the quality of the data provided to us. Therefore, your motif should meet various standards so that we can produce a high-quality wall mural for you.

Please do not artificially enlarge images!

File formats

Please prepare the print file in one of the following formats:

  • .jpg-format
  • .tif-format
  • .ai-format
  • .pdf-format
  • .psd-format

If your image is in a different format, you can send it to us and we will check whether we can still print it.

Safety margin

We recommend that you add a safety margin of 5-10 cm in width and height to your design.

Example: Your wall is 3.50m x 2.70m ➔ Your print file should be 3.55m x 2.75m.

Choose material

Our photo wallpapers are printed on high-quality non-woven substrates. We offer you a choice of four different materials, which differ in surface texture and weight. However, all materials are very easy to apply using the wall adhesive technique.

NOTE: All materials have the same price per square metre.

Smooth & matt non-woven

Premium non-woven material in cloth-matt, smooth surface quality

Smooth & slightly glossy non-woven

Premium nonwoven material in smooth, subtly shiny surface quality

Smooth & pearly shimmering non-woven

Premium nonwoven material in smooth, pearlescent surface quality

Textured non-woven

Premium nonwoven material in structured, plaster-like surface quality

Send image file

Please send us your print file by e-mail to Please note that your mail programme does not compress the print file.
You are also welcome to use third-party services such as:

  • Dropbox
  • WeTransfer
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive

If you do not have access to a third party service but would like to use one, please contact us by email. We will then send you a link where you can save your image.

Your mail should contain:

  • Motif or link to the print file
  • Print size in cm or mm
  • Selected material
  • Delivery address
  • Desired payment method
  • Desired date
  • Special features in the cut

Have your picture professionally finished

Describe in your email any changes you would like to make to the motif.
For example:

  • Retouch
  • Remove objects
  • Change colour to black and white or sepia
  • Highlight colours

IMPORTANT: By sending us your print data, you are not placing an order. You are merely requesting an offer for your desired motif, which will be checked by our graphic designers.

Checking your data

After you have sent us your desired motif, we check your print file. Here, our graphic designers check the implementation of your photo wallpaper. This ensures a high-resolution print quality.

Confirm print

When we have finished checking your data, we will send you a proof and a 1:1 detail view by e-mail. These show the possible print quality.

In addition, a binding offer is enclosed in this e-mail, which you confirm with the payment via your chosen payment method.

Price calculation

Your price is calculated on the square metres of your desired motif.
The price per square metre is 38,95€ incl. VAT.
Under this link you will find information about the shipping costs to your country and when the shipping becomes free.

Legal requirements

We do not produce any motifs that do not comply with our moral and ethical principles or contain illegal content.

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