Wallpaper symbols

Are you wondering what the hieroglyphs on your wallpaper inserts mean? Don’t panic, these are only wallpaper and quality symbols which serve to describe the characteristics of your wallpaper. We’ve put together a translation for you.

Light resistance

Our wallpapers are generally light-resistant. This means that the colours will not fade over time as a result of rays of sunlight.

Nevertheless, due to production processes, there are different characteristics of light resistance, which we also show on our products and explain here.

adequate light resistance

The light resistance of the wallpaper is adequate

satisfying light resistance

The light resistance of the wallpaper is satisfyingly good

good light resistance

The light resistance of the wallpaper is good

very good light resistance

The light resistance of the wallpaper is very good.

excellent light resistance

Colours do not fade even when subjected to intense rays of sunlight.

You can find more and detailed information in our detailed blog post.

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Washable wallpaper AS 375531

Water resistance and washability

Did you know that it is possible to clean most wallpapers? Our high-quality wallpapers have different levels of resistance against water and dirt, depending on the material.

Find out here whether your carpet can be cleaned with water and using which method and how you can rid it of soiling.

water resistant

Humidity or splashes of water have no effect on the dimensional stability or the colour of the wallpaper.


Light soiling can be cleaned with a wet sponge.

very washable

With the exception of oil and grease, soiling can be cleaned with soapy water and a sponge.


Soiling can be removed with a mild soapy solution and a soft brush.

highly abrasion-resistant

Soiling can be removed with a mild soapy solution and a brush.

You can find more detailed information in our full blog post.

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Non-woven wallpaper samples to choose from

Pattern edge

When wallpapering, you should pay attention to the pattern edge so that you get an optimal, harmonious wallpapering result. The pattern repetition, also called the repeat, makes a crucial difference when attaching the next wallpaper strip.

You can see whether your wallpaper has a pattern that you need to take into account very simply using the symbols explained below.

no edges to match up when wallpapering

Patterns do not need to be taken into account when pasting.

straight edge

The same patterns are arranged next to one another at the same height.

offset edge

The pattern of the next strip is shifted by the offset each time.

Selecting and processing wallpaper paste


Some wallpapers need to be hung in a very specific way; you will find information concerning this on the product details and on the wallpaper insert.

Specific handling instructions usually don’t mean any additional effort; but the technique for hanging the wallpaper changes.

upside-down pasting

Every second strip is turned upside down.

horizontal edge

Wallpaper is applied to the wall horizontally.


The back of the wallpaper is pre-pasted, which is activated by sprinkling on water briefly.

Paste-the-wall technique

The paste is spread on the walls and the wallpaper is pressed on.

Pasting the wall covering

The paste is first applied to the wallpaper and then the wallpaper is applied to the wall.

Double cut

The wallpaper strips are applied overlapping and a clean joint is created with a cut through both wallpaper strips.



When hanging new wallpaper, there is often the problem of removing the old wallpaper from the walls to deal with. With our wallpapers, you can see at a glance how they can be removed from the wall when you plan to change the wallpaper again.

removable when dry with no residues

Wallpaper is loosened at a corner and can then be removed strip after strip.


The upper layer of the wallpaper can be peeled off dry. The paper underlayer can remain on the wall as lining paper.

remove when wet

The wallpaper can be removed when it has been soaked with water.

Teaser Wallpapering Guide2


Special wallpapers will impress you with their design and effects, but also with their durability or particular functionality. To allow you to retain an overview, our wallpaper symbols will tell you everything that your desired wallpaper can do.

dimensionally stable double embossing

The embossing is high-quality and is retained when the wallpaper is hung.


The embossing and texture of the wallpaper will withstand shocks and strains.

matching fabric

There is a fabric with the same pattern and motif to go with this wallpaper.

Teaser Wallpapering Guide2

Quality marks, environmental labels and test marks

With these symbols you can be sure that the product has been tested and regularly checked.

You may already know these symbols; they describe the quality of the wallpapers, their environmental safety and they offer information concerning the guideline for wallpaper as a construction product.

RAL-GZ 479

The Quality Association for Wallpaper (Gütegemeinschaft Tapete e.V.) has drawn up quality and testing regulations for wallpapers which, in addition to technical quality requirements, define health and ecological safety. Compliance with the quality regulations is monitored by a neutral inspection body.

FSC paper from responsible sources


Since January 1, 2010, A.S. Création has only used FSC® certified papers and nonwovens, which means that all wallpaper rolls produced by A.S. Création since that date bear the FSC® seal. The FSC® seal enables consumers to recognise that wood from responsible and sustainable forest management has been used for the production of the product in question.

CE product standard quality mark


Products bearing the CE mark, such as "Decorative Wallcovering" by A.S. Création Tapeten AG, are subject to continuous production control during manufacturing. The quality mark certifies that all regulations regarding the proof of conformity and product performance as described in Annex ZA of the product standard EN 15102: 2007 are applied and that the product complies with all prescribed requirements.
For products subject to fire safety testing, the fire safety class according to EN 13501-1 is attached to the CE mark.
CE Marking

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Special symbols

Special symbols show what makes your wallpaper special. They give information about the composition and quality of the wallpaper or provide information about the pasting technique.

123 Non-wowen

Non-woven wallpapers exclusively from A.S. Création with particularly good processing properties. The paste can be applied directly to the wall and the dry wallpaper strip is placed directly into the paste bed. Soaking times are not necessary. You can also wallpaper as usual by pasting the strips.

seamless coloured

Non-woven wallpapers exclusively from A.S. Création with particularly good processing properties. In addition, the back of the wallpaper is "dyed through" and allows wallpapering with a perfect seam pattern without "flash".


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