Wallpaper Calculator

How many rolls do you need for your project?

How many rolls of wallpaper you need depends on the total wall area (or ceiling area), the size of the room and also the length and breadth of the rolls. In order to determine your needs, either use our wallpaper calculator or simply calculate the roll requirement yourself:

Wallpaper calculator

Do you not know how many rolls you need for your wall? Don’t panic, we can help!

You can find the roll requirement calculator right next to your desired wallpaper, just above the selection for the number of wallpaper rolls.

Here you simply enter your individual measurements and let us conveniently calculate how many rolls you need.

Please note that wallpapers with large repeated patterns and different ceiling heights may result in smaller or greater amounts of offcuts. The individual roll requirement may, therefore, differ.

Roll Calculator View

Determining your roll requirement: Here’s how it works!

  1. Measure the height and add on 5 cm
  2. Measure the perimeter of the room (add up the length of all the walls to be wallpapered)
  3. Calculate the height x room perimeter
  4. Divide the result by 5 and you’re DONE!*
  5. CAUTION: Plan for at least one reserve roll for subsequent renovation/repair work

* only applies for a standard roll format of 0.53 m x 10.05 m

Roll requirements for wallpaper borders

To determine the number of rolls you only need the room perimeter which you divide by the length of the border. Generally speaking, the border length is 5 metres.


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