And here’s how to hang the photo wallpapers on your walls:

When applying our photo wallpaper should be ensured that the surface is dry, smooth and clean. For wallpapering you can use a paste for non-woven wallpaper or universal glue.

Digital Print Materials

All of the photo wallpapers in our shop are printed onto high-quality non-woven backing materials, meaning that they are very quick and easy to hang. The various materials differ in weight and surface characteristics. This means that there are smooth, matt and brilliant materials with various different textures and colour effects.

Here, we provide you with an explanation of the different properties of the materials!

If you would prefer to touch and feel the material before buying it, we will be happy to send you a free material sample. These are printed with a colour scale to show the different colour effects of the materials.

‘Smooth & matt non-woven’

A matt printed image on high-quality material.

The smooth matt, non-woven wallpaper creates smooth surfaces that imbue your walls with a hint of refinement. The surface resembles the properties of handmade paper and imitation leather paper. With a grammage of 130g/sqm, the ink is absorbed well, and a sharp printed image is produced.

‘Smooth & slightly glossy non-woven’

Intensive colour reproduction on high-quality material.

The premium flat non-woven wallpaper allows for easy, quick processing. Thanks to the high grammage of 200g/sqm and the high-quality surface, the colour is absorbed particularly well, creating an even print with intensive colour reproduction.

‘Textured non-woven’

Fine textures with a light plaster look.

The textured non-woven material has particular qualities, outstanding processing characteristics and a soft surface. The surface structure ensures that large motifs have a unique effect.

‘Smooth & pearly shimmering non-woven’

Glimmer effects produce a fresh and brilliant look.

The 200g/sqm non-woven wallpaper has a high-quality, mother of pearl look thanks to a special refinement process. The glimmer effect it creates will give your walls a new, brilliant look.

Other materials

Alongside our four classic digital print materials, we offer additional materials with special qualities:

‘Professional smooth non-woven wallpaper’

Razor-sharp print image on lightweight material.

The high-quality non-woven backing material used for the ‘professional smooth non-woven wallpaper’ has also been coated with a special formulation that allows the printing inks to shine with particular brilliance. Clear contours and a razor-sharp print image make this printed medium into a real premium non-woven wallpaper which is enhanced by particularly colour-intensive motifs.

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