Walls by Patel

Walls by Patel

Walls by Patel 3

Put the world on your wall!

Are you ready for a very special journey of discovery?

Give free rein to your wanderlust with the new and third collection of "walls by patel".

300 new and high-quality designs open up countless design possibilities. Whether in private rooms or in the object area: "walls by patel" offers you emotionality, sensuality and creates imaginative places of longing in your home.

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Walls by Patel 2

Give your walls a voice!

The individual expression, sometimes visually powerful, sometimes subtle. It is always a statement that should be heard.

The walls in your home may have many facets and thus show who YOU are.

Your wall design creates a unique ambience, which you and your guests will feel. 

Walls by Patel

Show me your wall...

Whether extravagant, urban, playful or meditative - the wallpaper collection "walls by patel" presents individual wall motifs, which inspire among other things with concrete or clinker prints.
A decisive step towards redefining your wall design with "walls by patel" is the optical integration of a background into the design.
Convince yourself of this and find the perfect wallpaper from "walls by patel" for your home.

Many more themes to discover


The sight never gets boring

abstract art

Perfect for a highlight wall


For cozy living


Walls by Patel 

As you have surely noticed, the collection Walls by Patel offers you not only a lot of beautiful photo wallpapers, but also gives your home a very special feeling of living. If the diversity of wallpapers has inspired you, then feel free to browse through the three collections and embark on a journey to a new home.

To show you again exactly what awaits you in which collection, we list the most important topics here...

Walls by Patel:

The first collection presents individual wall motifs, which inspire especially with concrete or clinker prints. You will also find a variety of floral motifs with and without animals. So if you're into extravagant designs, you won't be disappointed with the "walls by patel". Also, when it comes to the color scheme of the photo wallpapers, you will definitely find the right one for you, because there are both plain and eye-catching colors that can soon be part of your home.

Walls by Patel 2:

If you are looking for a classy wallpaper, the "walls by patel 2" offers you a range of different wallpaper motifs. Give your walls a voice with the help of dominant and playful motifs that will generate an atmosphere in your home. Reflect your personality in the wallpaper and let your walls become a stage. Whether with car motifs, motifs with people or with a 3D look...find yourself in your wall design.

Walls by Patel 3:

Are you ready for a journey of discovery? Give free rein to your wanderlust and create emotionality and sensuality in your home with the help of photo wallpapers. The "walls by patel 3" will help you to do so. Abstract and realistic designs reminiscent of vacations are part of the third edition. So let yourself be convinced by jungle motifs, 3D optics wallpaper and abstract art. Have fun with the wallpaper choice and let yourself in on the journey!