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Wallpapering or painting? This is the question many people face before moving into a new flat, renovating a room or when they want to change the rooms. Why not do both? Paint and wallpaper can be combined to create a lively room atmosphere.
Our new colours complement our range perfectly, so that really everyone can find the perfect wall design for themselves!

Individual & high-quality

Every paint bucket is mixed by us personally for you! Choose the colour that suits you best from the large range of colours on offer or simply send us the Colour code of your desired colour and we will mix them for you individually.

Our colours are 100% Made in Germany and have certified quality. They are all solvent-free and low-splash, which makes the emulsion paints easy to apply. The strokes are particularly impressive due to their intensive colour strength, which transforms a plain wall into a radiant eye-catcher in no time at all.

See for yourself!

Comparing colour on screen is complicated. Small differences between the various colours are less obvious and it is difficult to compare whether the colour really matches the rest of the interior. That's why we offer samples of the colours, just like for our wallpapers, which you can order for your home and thus get a better impression of the colour effect.

get inspired

Current colour trends

Grey + Beige=

Grey and beige are two timeless colours that are currently trending in the design world. Grey adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to any room, while beige creates a warm and cosy atmosphere. These two colours can be perfectly combined to create a harmonious and balanced colour palette. Grey and beige colours harmonise well with neutral colours like white and black, but also with bolder colours like green and blue. Whether you prefer a modern or a traditional design, the combination of grey and beige is a stylish choice that will look good in any room.

Discover colours

Green wall paint is a popular choice to add vibrancy and freshness to rooms. Green is a refreshing colour that symbolises nature and growth and calms the mind. From bright grass green to subtle olive, there are many shades of green emulsion paint. Each shade of green wall paint can create a different mood and atmosphere. Combine green wall paint with natural materials such as wood and stone to create an organic and rustic look.

Green colour

Trend colour

Shades of pink

Pink emulsion paint is a popular choice to bring a touch of femininity and softness to any space. Pink symbolises love, tenderness and empathy. The delicate colour is versatile and can be found in various shades from pastel pink to vibrant magenta. It can also be combined with other colours such as grey or white to create a subtle and elegant contrast. Whether you choose a soft or a bold shade of pink, it will add a charming and feminine touch to any room.

To the colour

Soft colours

Subtle wall colours in beige, grey or pastel shades are an unpretentious way to give your rooms a calming and harmonious atmosphere. There are no limits to the colour spectrum here.

Strong colours

You can also turn a wall into an eye-catcher with paint. Strong colours have an enormous effect on your room and can change the whole feeling of the room. There are no limits to your creativity!

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