Trend colour sand - anything but dull!

For a long time, sand was considered a boring, standard wall colour. But fortunately, those days are over - because the wall colour sand is extremely popular and is anything but dull! The colour sand is defined as a creamy, warm beige tone that radiates harmony, warmth and an absolute feel-good atmosphere. The colour sand occurs incredibly often in nature, not least because "sand" as a colour stands for minimalism and deceleration and thus conveys a feeling of "having arrived". Whether for your wall, your furniture or your accessories, you can use our wall colours for numerous projects in your home thanks to their high quality and make them your own individual project! With our sand-coloured wall paints, you are sure to always be on-trend yet timeless.

Inspired by the beach, dunes and sea...

As the name suggests, the colour sand is reminiscent of a beautiful walk on the beach, between fading dunes, beige-brown grasses and the gentle sound of the sea. Our carefully selected sand colours are inspired by just that. Sand as a wall colour is a natural colour, timeless, grounding and classic - in combination with, for example, wood, the colour underlines its closeness to nature. Create a calming, maritime look with a few light blue and white accents and create your natural retreat for relaxation. After all, who doesn't enjoy being on holiday or listening to the waves - the colour sand invites you to dream and linger - timeless, enduring, surprisingly exciting and yet calming. So redesign your four walls in no time at all and let your inspiration run free.

Premium wall paint calming sand

Set the perfect scene with the colour sand!

What's the best way to combine the colour sand? The answer is pretty simple ... with everything! Thanks to its versatility, the colour sand is a true all-rounder when it comes to great, timeless wall design - a sand-coloured wall can unfold a unique power by combining it with other textures, structures and contrasts and make your room shine with little effort. Whether you combine a sand-coloured wall with a pastel blush shade or create a dark highlight with a trendy olive shade - you're sure to create a harmonious eye-catcher! Upcycle an old cupboard and paint it in a highlight colour such as pink or mustard and combine it with your sand-coloured wall. You can also emphasise your closeness to nature by combining simple wooden furniture with your sand-coloured wall. Or go all out with one colour: paint your furniture in sand and combine it with your sand-coloured wall - this will create a fusion effect that looks absolutely harmonious and yet very special! The icing on the cake for this effect is a highlight canvas picture - just take a look at our canvas pictures section for inspiration! You can also take a look at our accessories for your interior design - here you will also find other matching cushions, curtains, loop scarves and rugs.

Quick and easy to create a cosy oasis!

Our paints are all subject to the best opacity class 1 with the highest colour intensity - this saves you a lot of time when painting and you get a perfect, uniform result in the absolute best time. Our paint also scores top marks when it comes to application: Our paints are very easy to apply, absolutely low-splash, full-bodied and have intense colour intensity. They are also abrasion-resistant in accordance with DIN EN 13300, class 2, so what are you waiting for? Grab a brush or a paint roller and get started! Take a look at our painting accessories - because we have everything you need for your painting work.

Premium wall colour cheerful sand Wall Paint in soft beige
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