Japandi Wallpaper

The Japandi interior design style

You’re sure to have heard Japandi mentioned somewhere in the past few weeks. This new interior design style is the perfect combination of the two worlds of Japan and Scandinavia. Find the perfect Japandi wallpaper to create a stylish home.

Beige wallpapers for Japandi Living

Because Japandi interiors are simple and pared back, you can easily decorate the walls with beautiful feature wallpapers. A cream wallpaper with bird patterns is certain to be an eye-catching feature in your Japandi living room.

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Make use of wooden elements and black decoration

If you choose classic beige plain coloured wallpapers, all you need is wooden furniture and black accents to achieve the Japandi look in the blink of an eye. Try it!

Light decor against dark walls

Use simple decorative items in your bedroom and living room to create the perfect backdrop for your dark wallpaper. Various shapes of vases, green plants and dried flowers perfectly complement the Japandi concept.

Green Japandi wallpaper

Plenty of wallpapers are suitable for your Japandi home

You could work with natural shades such as beige, cream or brown, for example.
But also dare to use strong colours like blue, aubergine or terracotta.

Japandi in the living room, hallway or kitchen

Can you use the Japandi look in every room?

Of course, you can integrate this new interior design style in every room of the house that you can think of. You don’t have to buy everything new. Find the ideal combination of old pieces of furniture, new Japandi highlights and wallpapers from new-walls.com.

Small changes can have a big impact.

Rust-look wallpapers in Japandi style

Decorative cushions for the Japanese home trend

Mix and match a variety of cushions and place them on your couch, on a chair or other seating to create a cosy atmosphere.

Three Japandi design cushions on beige couch

The Japandi home trend

Perhaps you’ve heard the term Japandi somewhere before. We want to get on board with this new home trend, and we’ve brought together our Japandi products in all our trend categories of the same name. But what makes our Japandi interior design style so special?

Japandi brings together the different worlds of Japan and Scandinavia. When hearing of this combination for the first time, you might think: how can that work together? But the mix of stylish furniture and cosy highlights is becoming an eye-catching feature in many homes.

Which decor is best suited to the Japandi style?

The Japandi style is pared back and kept simple, but nonetheless creates a cosy, homely feel. The best way to bring this feeling into your home is to use simple shapes when decorating. And precisely because your Japandi décor has been kept simple, you can have a lot of fun with the wall design. On our Japandi trend page, we will show you which wallpapers are perfect for your Japandi home.

To turn a normal living room into a Japandi living room, you need elegant and stylish wooden furniture. Often, these are particularly low. For example, you can buy yourself a typical Japandi bench, and ensure that the seat height is low. You can also use an elegant Japandi coffee table or a Japandi sofa to complete your new living room look.

Pay attention to filigree elements and combine crockery, simple vases and other containers with your wooden furniture, and find the right wallpaper or photo wallpaper to complement your design. You can also mix light colours from Scandinavia and dark elements or highlights from Japan with no ill effects. This is the exact combination that makes the Japandi interior design style perfect.

The right Japandi colours for Japandi living.

Because the Japandi look is known for focusing on the crucial elements, you can base your look on colours in the natural shades of beige, brown and green, but also choose strong colours for your walls: blue, terracotta or aubergine. Of course, you can’t go wrong with grey and black. We will show you which wallpapers or photo wallpapers are most suitable for the Japan-Scandi mix. Find your favourites and create a mood board beforehand. If you’re not sure which wallpaper you want, you can use our sample service and order ten sample wallpapers to your home after registering with our online shop. Pin the sample pieces to your wall and position your Japandi furniture in front of them to help you make the best possible decision for your Japandi bedroom or living room. From powerful colours through to pastel shades, you should choose the right patterned wallpapers or plain wallpapers for yourself and your Japandi home.

To add the icing on the cake in a Japandi home:

Go for black decorative elements – have no fear. Black products bring depth and a special touch created by modern interior design to your four walls. Perhaps you will find some black shelving on which you can place your Scandi decorative items, or maybe you’ll integrate old black picture frames with your new beige Japandi wallpaper.

In our shop, you can find decorative cushionscanvas pictures and curtains in addition to wallpaper and photo wallpaper, all of which go perfectly with the Scandi-Japan interior design style.

The Japandi home trend offers scope for using natural elements such as jute, wool or linen. Our linen curtains in Japandi colours will bring cosiness to your home. Decorative cushions in the right shades and materials create a feeling of security and comfort.


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