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The colour white - nothing describes simplicity and purity better than this colour. White stands for harmony and tranquillity, has a calming effect and is often associated with clarity, cleanliness and order. The colour white gives you a feeling of relaxation and security in your home. And this is precisely why white is one of the most popular colours for wall design. At the same time, white is also incredibly versatile - no matter what colour you want to combine with white, there is no colour that doesn't go with white. Whether you want to create a strong contrast between white and black, or a soft, restrained contrast between white and pastel shades or earth tones - the colour white is absolutely adaptable and more than just modern. White is the all-rounder among colours and can work perfectly on its own in a room, as well as highlighting other colours in a room through its contrast.

It's all white?

Not all white is the same - because the colour white is divided into numerous nuances. From grey white to crème white and neutral white - whether matt or radiant - shades of white are as versatile as their possible combinations. With warm white tones, you can create a sophisticated, cosy environment, while cool white tones can create a striking, bright mood. But no matter which shade of white you choose: Thanks to their neutrality, white tones offer you infinite scope for the further design of your room - because with white you don't commit yourself, but remain open to your individual decoration, furniture and many other home textile combinations.

And the opacity of the colour also plays a decisive role in your paint job. Our colours are all subject to the best and highest opacity class 1 - this saves you time when painting and gives you a perfect, uniform result in the shortest possible time. Our paint also scores top marks when it comes to application: Our paints are really very easy to work with, very low-splash, full-bodied, have intense colour strength and are scrub-resistant in accordance with DIN EN 13300, class 2.


White means: take a break!

And precisely because the colour white doesn't distract us from anything and allows us to return to the essentials, the colour lets us take a break. A break from a sometimes hectic everyday life, a break from the complexity of all the colours that otherwise surround us in everyday life and a break from all the other stimuli we are exposed to every day. The colour white brings us down, because a white room allows no distractions. In a white living room, for example, we can relax after a hard day's work - in a white bedroom, we can sleep peacefully and quietly to recharge our batteries for the next day. And white kitchens are also fashionable and timeless at the same time - because in a white, clean and tidy kitchen, cosy, communal cooking also becomes a relaxing moment.

It's a match!

The combination possibilities with white are endless. Only the colour white allows different furnishing elements to appear in isolation from one another. This creates new accents in your four walls and emphasises the character of the object. In this way, different shades of white can be combined with each other in a uniquely harmonious way. And the colour white doesn't have to hide from colour accents either - it harmonises wonderfully with gold tones, earth tones, copper, brass or wood, for example. Bright colours or accentuated pastel shades are also set off harmoniously by the colour white. Combine your white wall with an exciting photo wallpaper, an elegant pattern wallpaper or simply refresh your ceilings with a new, timeless and elegant white colour. Our white wall paints are versatile and will make your next home project shine in new splendour.

Paint for your 5th wall!

Our paints are not only the number one eye-catcher for your walls, but are also ideal for painting ceilings overhead thanks to their low-splatter finish. A white ceiling with white ceiling paint also brightens up your room and creates a greater spatial effect.

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