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The world of wallpaper starts here! Discover the various types of wallpaper, themes and home worlds and find the ideal wallpaper for your wallpapering project.

Wallpaper is not all the same: Perhaps you have already discovered the different wallpaper types on our advice page or you are already a wallpapering professional and you know what you’re doing? Then simply filter based on the correct wallpaper type and you will find exactly what you’re looking for. Even beginners will quickly get a feeling for the right wallpaper type.

At new-walls, wallpapers and photo wallpapers are, of course, the centre of attention, as they help to design the entire room and create feature walls. Borders and panels create accents which can be combined with ordinary wallpaper. Some of them are self-adhesive so you don’t need paste.

If you are not yet sure exactly what you’re looking for, then take a look at the inspiration section or click on our wallpaper trends.

If you already know exactly which properties the wallpaper should have then you will quickly find the right choice by filtering based on colour, pattern or material.

You will find an explanation of the different material characteristics of wallpaper on the wallpaper advice page, where you will get an insight into the different wallpaper types so that you can work out which one is right for your project. Put briefly:

The main difference is between the base material and the surface properties. As a rule, a distinction is made between paper and non-woven material as the base material. With regard to the surface properties, we can differentiate between textured embossing or textured foam.

To the base materials: Paper wallpapers are particularly environmentally friendly, as the materials used are taken out of the recycling loop and can also be completely recycled again during subsequent renovation works. (When hanging the wallpaper, it must be noted that the paste must be applied to the wallpaper first and then soaking time must also be allowed, as specified in the description. If the wallpaper then needs to be removed at a later date it may be that the product cannot be removed in one single piece – you will need to scrape it off with a spatula.) You can find out more about paper wallpapers here.

Non-woven wallpapers are an innovative product. The special composition of the raw material means that it is not necessary to apply paste to the wallpaper first, instead you can use the paste-the-wall technique. The non-woven fibres are also dimensionally stable, which means they do not stretch or contract when drying. The best thing: Non-woven wallpapers can also be removed dry from the wall leaving no residues when you want to redecorate.

Personalise your walls with the pattern selector; you can choose one or several patterns and be surprised by the selection of suitable wallpapers. In conjunction with the colour filter we will suggest wallpapers to you that fit in with your ideas and which will spur you on in your wallpapering plans again.

So many wallpapers!

To help you carry out a more targeted search of our large range, you can filter all of our products by the home world they belong to. This will only show you the wallpaper that you can use without hesitation, whether it is utility rooms such as hallway and office, or rooms which need to be particularly hard-wearing such as kitchen and bathroom.

For a stylish selection of wallpapers, photo wallpapers, borders and more, you can also search by theme world in addition to the pattern and colour filter. Simply select one or several key words and combine the other filters. A suitable selection will be displayed to you in a flash, and you will be able to find your ideal wallpaper.

If the filters don’t get you where you want to be, then try our search; it will suggest suitable key words to you automatically and it will show you even more wallpapers. (Just a tip, think of synonyms as search terms!) Perhaps you are looking for a specific wallpaper which you can find quickly using the right item number.

No matter how you end up choosing your dream wallpaper, you should also look at matching wallpapers such as single-colour wallpapers or other colour variants for a harmonious design. This is simple using the recommendation on the product page or by finding the collection the wallpaper belongs to.

Also remember that you will need wallpaper paste to hang your wallpaper and perhaps some tools as well, to make your work easier. The right products will be suggested to you on the lower section of the item page. Order them at the same time to avoid the need to place additional individual orders.
As a general rule: The more filters you use, the more quickly you can limit your selection. Try out several combinations and look at the descriptions for potential wallpaper favourites, and then you can use their properties as an additional filter.

Do you want to see the full range of wallpapers and you’ve got time to click through them all? Then don’t put on too many filters – let us surprise and inspire you.

Wallpapers as far as the eye can see!

You will find page after page featuring our full selection of wallpapers, photo wallpapers and other wall decors. Non-woven wallpapers, paper wallpapers, borders, panels and digital prints are all waiting for you to discover them!

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