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Photo wallpapers

Photo wallpapers make a statement on your walls, they turn a simple wall into a really eye-catching feature. The detailed digital prints will add extra spark to your wall, whichever motif you choose.
The selection is huge and you get to decide how striking and individual your wall should be!


Our photo wallpapers are printed on quality non-woven material and feature brilliant colours, are rich in detail and capture the viewer's gaze. All backing materials have special qualities and will show off the motif of your choice in a special way. You will find the selection of quality materials on the wallpaper advice page Digital Print Material.

Our digital prints are also all ‘Made in Germany’. Most of our motifs do not come from the warehouse, rather they are printed for you personally. If you order your photo wallpaper online, we will print your dream wallpaper exactly as you configured it, and we will send you the digital print in handy strips of 1 metre in width.

So that you achieve the perfect results for your wallpapering project, our advice pages will give you plenty of information about using our products and you can also watch a video about wallpapering which is specific to photo wallpapers.

When placing your order online, don’t forget to buy the special paste for non-woven backing material and the appropriate tools so that you can get started with wallpapering straight away.

# Motifs and patterns

The name might make you think that they are simply XXL pictures, but that’s not what photo motifs actually are. Modern photo wallpapers are available in various graphic designs, artistic styles and looks. The full range of modern photo wallpapers is available to buy in our online shop! Find out how the new photo wallpapers can transform boring walls into a design highlight and order a personalised photo wallpaper for your home.

Of course, our range includes classic photo wallpapers, featuring wonderful landscapes, which will turn your wall into a view and put you in holiday mode. In addition, there are also the modern, abstract designs with geometric shapes, unusual perspectives or 3D wallpapers with effects. Photo wallpapers which are specially designed for children’s rooms are becoming more and more popular. Here you will find colourful variety, motifs with symbolic character and imaginative designs. Animal motifs are not only popular with little ones, which is why we celebrate animal photo wallpapers by giving them a section of their own that is as varied as the animal world itself.

Amongst our photo wallpapers, you will often find plenty of the trends which you will already know from standard wallpapers, such as the material look in concrete, minimalist and floral design. Photo wallpapers for walls which are found outside the home, for example in cafés & restaurants, offices, hotels or for retail stores are especially charming.

# Individual

In addition to the huge selection of motifs, our photo wallpapers feature very individual designs. Most of the photo wallpapers can be configured very easily using the configurator which will adapt and edit the wallpapers according to the dimensions you want. Mirror the motif of the photo wallpaper, try black and white and the sepia function and choose the image section that best fits your room. That’s how to create your own photo wallpaper.

Photo wallpapers to suit every taste and every wall, customisable and uniquely beautiful. It’s never been so easy to buy photo wallpapers online. Order your photo wallpaper and we will send the motif you want to be printed on the non-woven material of your choice. After a few days, your individual photo wallpaper will be with you, adding beauty to your wall.

You will be able to see immediately whether or not you can modify a certain photo wallpaper on the product page. If the photo wallpaper is a customisable product, you can enter your own dimensions and apply other effects below the product preview. If you want it to be even more personal, with your favourite quotation, company logo or your own photo motif, then write to us – we will print your photo wallpaper.

Photo wallpapers from new-walls

In our online shop you will find a huge selection of photo wallpapers to transform your walls into an eye-catching feature. Here you can buy high-quality photo wallpapers which are ‘Made in Germany’ with individual dimensions, image sections and colours. You can order individual photo wallpapers in just a few steps online, amend and order them according to your wishes. We will deliver the wallpaper of your dreams to your home quickly and securely packaged and we can also offer you a comprehensive wallpapering guide as well as the right tools.

new-walls has the right wallpapers and photo wallpapers for every taste, budget and wall.
With us, you are not simply buying a photo wallpaper: we will inform you of all of the options for your ideal photo wallpaper in advance, from the selection of the non-woven backing material through to determining the measurements and colour scheme. Upon request, we will send you material samples for comparison or we will advise you on choosing the right non-woven backing material.

When personalising the wallpapers you will be able to see exactly what your personal wallpaper will look like, and the detailed view will show you the exact resolution and every single detail of the motif. You can order the appropriate special paste for non-woven wallpapers as well as all of the tools you need for wallpapering here in our shop, so that you have everything you need to hang your photo wallpaper.

And we are also by your side for the process of hanging the wallpaper. Our comprehensive guide and the wallpapering video explain to you step-by-step how the wallpapers can be professionally and quickly hung on the wall and how you can achieve the optimal wallpapering result.
Get started with your search for the right photo wallpaper for your wall! Find appealing designs, countryside motifs with 3D effects and discover how versatile and flexible modern photo wallpapers are.
At new-walls, you’re spoilt for choice – all you have left to do is choose your photo wallpaper!
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