Home trends of 2022
With the ‘Pantone Colour of the Year’: Very Peri

Show your brave and creative side. Especially in these times, we need space for change, and we now seem to have got there, with the new colour creation from Pantone 17-3938, also known as Very Peri:

„the warmest and most cheerful shade of blue ever has been created“ says the Managing Director of the Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman.

SOURCE: Pantone Trendcolour 2022

What does the colour look like?

The colour Very Peri was created between many variations of shades of blue and also from a reddish-purple nuance.
It looks very lively, cheerful and also diverse. Leatrice Eiseman describes the colour as very dynamic and courageous and exactly what we need in these times.
We need variety, something new, exciting and lively. All it takes are small accents in our home, for example, such as cushions or new wallpaper, which call for fresh ideas and a lot of creativity.

The colour lilac in general

Generally speaking, lilac represents strength, power and passion, but also decisiveness.
And these are basic building blocks for our own character, and where better to express our character than in our own homes?
If you want to recreate this colour concept in your own home, you don’t always have to turn your whole home upside down. You can do this simply by finding a cushion or a canvas picture and curtains in the colour lilac (Very Peri). But if you want to try out a new style, you could start with your wall: Get wallpapering!
Here are a few examples of how you can design your house in line with the new trend colour Very Peri:

Photo wallpaper DD122720/Collection: Walls by Patel 3

This photo wallpaper is perfect for making a wall stand out in your house. It adds fullness to your room, thanks to the 3D look. Thanks to the wood-panelled look and the dark-coloured yet light undertone, the room appears very lively and relaxing.

Lilac photo wallpapers

Photo wallpaper DD119090/Collection: Impressive Walls

This photo wallpaper featuring a field of lavender and the dark colours of violet, green and brown will render your room calming. The wallpaper will inspire you and make you feel deeply relaxed.

Lavender field photo wallpaper

Wallpaper AS375616/Collection: VILLA

This simple purple-grey wallpaper with a tone-on-tone graphic style pattern, looks very neutral in your interior and is perfect for highlighting an object in your home.

Plain colour lilac wallpaper

Wallpaper AS379878 /Collection: Michalsky - Change is good

The single colour lilac wallpaper 379878 by Michalsky has a textile effect look that is able to breathe life into your walls.

Michalsky wallpapers in lilac

Canvas picture DD123237/Collection: Impressive Walls

This canvas picture with a panoramic perspective of a bridge over water will really light up your room. It’s perfect as a highlight for your room – see for yourself and continue browsing our new-walls.

Buying canvas pictures

Tab-top curtains IW540174/ Collection: Homing

This decorative synthetic fibre curtain in the colour lilac is an eye-catching feature for your home. It’s a simple detail, making your home look more cheerful. Fabrics also always make things cosier!

Buy curtains here

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