Unicorn wallpaper

Fantasy atmosphere in every child's room

Unicorn photomurals make the wall in any child's room a real eye-catcher. Unicorns are magical fabulous creatures that symbolise innocence, freedom and strength. The mythical creatures are also considered precious and spiritual animals. A unicorn wallpaper is therefore perfect for your baby's or child's room! In addition to the special meaning, the wallpaper with the colourful mythical creature gives the playroom a unique and playful effect that will delight your child. The imaginative ambience invites you to dream and be creative.

Realistic or drawn? For young and old

Unicorn motifs are available in different variations. In addition to beautiful princesses or colourful clouds in a childlike style, the unicorn and rainbow wallpaper is perfect for a baby or children's room and transforms the room into a dreamy, feel-good environment. But who says unicorns are only for children? A design in a realistic style can show the animal in an imposing and majestic form. In combination with simpler colours or wood-effect, a unicorn wallpaper mural quickly becomes suitable for any age group and a symbol of inspiration, strength and willpower.

Fantasy 3 Kinder Fototapete Einhorn

Combinations for your loved one's room

Playful motifs like these leave plenty of scope for the further design of your child's or baby's room. In addition to the unicorn wallpaper mural, you can opt for a plain plain wallpaper to emphasise the magical design. Or would you prefer bold colours to bring the playroom to life even more? As well as the monochrome options, dotted and striped wallpaper are always a good choice for any child's room and look great alongside the colourful unicorn motifs.

But if you want to let your creativity run wild, you can paint the other walls in your child's favourite colour with wall-paint to really set off the photo wallpaper. Take a look at our huge selection of paint and even if there is nothing for you, you have the option of having your own wish colour mixed. This is very quick and doesn't cost any less than the other colours! In addition to walls, you can also paint furniture such as tables, chairs or even heaters with this colour.

Combinations children's room borders complete the perfect children's room design. Take a look at our magazine article on this topic for additional inspiration. Other living accessories will also add the finishing touches to your nursery or baby room, such as some of our canvas pictures, cushions or matching curtains. Simply browse through and find the perfect decoration for your loved one's room!

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Mural wallpaper: what you need to know

Wallpapering a photo wallpaper with a unicorn motif is easier than you might think. It's really easy if you follow the manufacturer's instructions. In most cases, the mythical creature wallpaper arrives in 1 metre wide strips and has an overhang at the top and bottom, on which the strips are numbered. You use this numbering to apply the panels to your wall from left to right. Ordinary wallpaper paste can be used for this. What's more, the strips can be applied without any waste as there is no pattern repetition. This saves time and material! You can find everything else in our magazine article on wallpapering photo wallpaper.



Have you noticed that you can customise most of our unicorn wall murals? Our configurator allows you to customise wall dimensions, effects and materials. The materials differ in terms of surface texture, material thickness, texture pattern or gloss effect. And what child wouldn't want a magical sheen to their unicorn wallpaper in their nursery? To find out exactly which material is right for your room, you can find more information on our advice page.

Your very own unicorn motif

And if you want to give your four walls a personal touch, send us your favourite image in high-resolution quality to service@tapetenshop.de and we will print it in the format of your choice. If you have any further questions, our service team will be happy to help you.

Everything clear? Then get the unicorn wallpaper mural for your home now. Design your child's room with the perfect look for the wall. Grab your favourite unicorn pattern wallpaper and bring a fantastic design into your four walls with this wallpaper!

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