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The colour red stands for passion and love, energy and strength, but also for courage and determination. It is therefore a powerful and dynamic colour that gives your home a unique and passionate feel. Red walls immediately attract attention, but still remain subtle and elegant. Red also evokes emotions! The mixture of passion, energy and strength promises a lively and inspiring environment that encourages creativity. Red also has a cosy effect. In a large room, red wall colour can make the room appear more compact and cosy. Especially in the living room, where comfort and cosiness are top priorities, painting red can work wonders.

The nuances of red wall paint

The colour red can be divided into many different shades. From cherry red to bordeaux red and chestnut red, the possibilities are more than diverse. And each individual shade has its own unique feel. While an intense wine red creates a passionate and cosy ambience, a strong fire red can create a lively and playful environment within your four walls. From understated to eye-catching and intense, the colour red offers a spectrum in which there is something suitable for everyone's home. That's why red offers you plenty of scope for combinations with decorations, furniture and the further customisation of your room.

High opacity and easy application

The opacity of the colour plays a decisive role in your paint job. All our colours are subject to the best and highest opacity class 1. This saves you time when painting and gives you an optimum and uniform result in the shortest possible time. Our wall paint is also impressive when it comes to application, as it is very easy to use, very low-splash, has good filling power, intense colour intensity and is absolutely abrasion-resistant in accordance with DIN EN 13300, class 2. If you have any further questions about our wall paint, please contact our service team at service@tapetenshop.de.

Boring furniture? No problem!

With our wall paint, you don't have to limit yourself to walls or ceilings. Give your furniture a fresh, new look with the red wall paint! Whether it's your old wardrobe or the dining room chairs. With a new coat of red paint, dull pieces of furniture are transformed into modern and stunning interiors. Let your creativity run wild and make your dream interior even more individual and unique. Or have you already finalised your dream design, but that one radiator on the wall is still a thorn in your side? Then paint it with red wall paint straight from your home. Our colours offer you limitless possibilities to fulfil your ideas of a perfect home!

Red wall paint, suitable for every room

Whether living room, kitchen or bedroom. Red wall paint is suitable for every room in your home. Red walls can give a bedroom a cosy and romantic atmosphere, while a living room in red can create a relaxed, yet exuberant mood among your guests. Or how about a single red accent wall in your kitchen to create an exciting focal point and give it a dynamic effect. Our red wall colour can also be used to full effect in the office, hallway or even the bathroom and leave a lasting impression. So grab a bucket and turn your home into your very own oasis of well-being. For more impressions and ideas, take a look at our inspirations by room!

Room image wall paint Room picture wall paint Raumbild Wandfarbe

Combinations that inspire you

Red leaves plenty of scope for combinations. If you opt for an accent wall, you can use plain plain wallpaper or subtle grey paint to put the full focus on your red wall. Alternatively, opt for matching and bold shades, such as orange wall paint or yellow, to create a playful and vibrant environment.

Or do you want to create a unique impression? Then look for an exciting motif on photo wallpaper that perfectly matches your red wall colour. If you prefer a smaller motif, then take a look at our pattern wallpaper and find designs that will inspire you.

And to round off your wall design wonderfully, why not browse through our home accessories. Find canvas pictures, cushions, borders and curtains the decorative items of your choice and add the finishing touch to your red walls.

What are you waiting for? Choose your favourite shade and start painting your walls red! Combine the red wall colour with exciting wallpaper or photo wallpaper, find the matching decorative items and your red wall design is ready!

Room image wall paint
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