Double width wallpapers

Double-width wallpapers

Wide wallpapers for beautiful walls: plain coloured or patterned, made from non-woven material or vinyl.
106cm wide wallpaper or 100cm wide non-woven wallpapers will prove to be an eye-catching feature for your walls.


Wallpaper, as we know it, comes in rolls. But the wallpaper market now features different formats, with various running lengths and widths. There are more and more 100cm wide non-woven wallpapers on the market. Wallpaper specialists also refer to them as ‘double-width wallpapers’. Double-width wallpapers are, in fact, 106cm wide; however, manufacturers also offer 100cm wide non-woven wallpaper and often advertise the smooth dimensions.
Both variations can be found on the European market. In Europe, the ‘euro roll’ dominates the market, with its handy 53cm width, but it is increasingly facing competition. In Eastern Europe and Russia, 100cm width non-woven wallpapers have been the more popular choice for a long time. Occasionally you will also find other formats for wallpapers, for example, photo wallpapers or digital print wallpapers.


Barely distinguishable

Despite the double size, a roll of wallpaper like this can’t be distinguished from a standard sized width.
You can only see the difference in width, but neither the pattern nor the colour suffer any ill effects due to the size.

Wide wallpaper – beautiful design!

Discover the most beautiful patterns and motifs in double width wallpapers online in our shop. Browse the popular designs in the classic or modern style. Discover small patterns with metallic effects and embossed designs, or fall in love with larger motifs in the baroque style. There is a large selection, and the possibilities for making your home into the most beautiful place to experience a sense of well-being are almost endless.

What makes wide wallpapers so special?

Painters particularly appreciate double-with wallpapers because processing times are quick, large areas can be wallpapered more quickly because fewer cuts are required. Another plus point that wallpapering novices will appreciate is that there are fewer joints between strips of wallpaper to take into account. There are fewer seams that could negatively affect the look of the wallpaper and which need to be taken into account for the pattern.
Whether your wallpaper features large patterns or small designs, these wide wallpapers will give you quick results that look good.

100cm wide non-woven wallpaper is also catching on in the rest of Europe, with end customers too. This is because there is less cutting to do, and you can quickly redecorate an entire wall, seams are less noticeable or not noticeable at all; if two people are doing the wallpapering, it is twice as quick.

Find inspiration:

Beautify bedrooms and living rooms with 100cm width wallpapers

Why are there different sizes?

The narrower euro roll dimensions of 0.53cm width originated as a result of how paper wallpapers are processed. These can expand when soaked in paste, making them difficult to work with, so a handy size should counteract this. With modern non-woven wallpaper, however, this risk no longer exists, which is why we increasingly find wider units of measurement for wallpaper, also because of new production and printing processes.
Non-woven wallpapers with a width of 100cm and/or 106cm, also called double-width wallpapers, are increasingly available on the market. But other in-between dimensions are also gaining in popularity. Modern wallpapers made from non-woven material and vinyl are quick and easy to hang, without expanding or splitting as they dry, so there is no longer any need to stick to the euro roll dimensions.

Hanging wide wallpaper panels – here’s how:

The processing technique is the same as for the smaller standard roll. Non-woven wallpapers are hung using the simple paste-the-wall technique. That’s why we’ve not only provided a simple instruction video, we have also provided a comprehensive explanation with plenty of tips and tricks for hanging wallpaper quickly.
If you are hanging wallpaper with a width of 100cm or more, then it’s quicker and easier for two people to do it. Whilst one person is pasting the wall, the second person can cut the strips of wallpaper, then one person can stick the wallpaper to the edge of the ceiling and guide it downwards, whilst the helper can then take over the lower part of the strip while pressing it to the wall. This avoids constantly going up and down the ladder, and you can wallpaper a wall or the whole room in a flash.

Furthermore, modern photo wallpapers consist of a 100cm wide non-woven wallpaper in several strips. Anyone who has tried wallpapering with double-width wallpaper will find it easy to hang photo wallpaper. Of course, this applies the other way round as well.

Calculating your roll requirement correctly:

If you choose a non-woven wallpaper with a width of 100cm or 106cm, you must pay attention when calculating how much you use. Our roll requirement calculator determines how many normal standard rolls you need. This means that you can halve the number given as a rule of thumb.
If an odd number of rolls is calculated, e.g. 5,7 or 9 rolls, then we recommend that you halve the value and round it up to the next number. If the wallpaper has an offset pattern, you might need to trim it further. It’s worth playing it safe in this case in order to avoid having to order more rolls.

Alternatively, you can calculate your roll requirement yourself, we show you how to do this on our advice page using the example of the narrower euro roll. For non-woven wallpapers with a width of 100cm or 106cm, simply swap the value.

Shipping of double width rolls of wallpaper at

We also deliver non-woven wallpapers with a width of over 100cm in roll format; we ship the goods throughout Europe using various haulage services in a secure box.

Please make sure that delivery is only made to a regular address or to a suitable P.O. Box address. We cannot deliver to parcel stations as the standard compartments are too small, so you must specify an alternative delivery address when ordering. charges flat rate shipping costs up to the minimum order value for the wallpapers, a detailed list can be found on our service page Delivery & Shipping. The same flat rate is used for 100cm wide non-woven wallpapers, 106cm double-width non-woven wallpapers and our digital prints with 70-100cm wide strips.

If you also order paste, wallpaper accessories or additional items, the order will also be split into different shipments where appropriate, so that everything arrives safely with you. There is no additional charge for this.

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