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Art by Klimt as wallpaper for the walls

Gustav Klimt lived until the beginning of the 20th century and shaped Art Nouveau like no other.
Many works by Klimt, especially those from his early days, are on permanent display in his native Vienna: At the Secession, the Burgtheater, the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the MAK - Museum of Applied Arts. His late works in particular and their intense colours made him famous and his paintings some of the most expensive in the world.

Klimt wallpaper are an absolute highlight for your home. What's more, Klimt wallpaper are perfect for adding an accent to a special wall - regardless of whether you prefer your interior to be classic, vintage or modern. Let us now explain who the artist Gustav Klimt was and why his paintings ultimately became so important.

Who was Klimt and how valuable is his art?

Gustav Klimt was one of the most important artists of Art Nouveau. His late works in particular and their intense colours made him famous and his paintings among the most expensive in the world. The most expensive painting by the Austrian painter was auctioned in 2006 for more than 135 million euros, which was the highest price ever paid for a painting. This was the gold-flecked portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, entitled "Golden Adele I".

This was acquired by the cosmetics heir Ronald S. Lauder for the "Neue Galerie für deutsche und österreichische Kunst in Manhattan". But "Adele Bloch-Bauer II" was also sold to a Chinese collector for a record-breaking sum of 150 million dollars by the American presenter Oprah Winfrey. Both paintings of Adele Bloch-Bauer, an Austrian entrepreneur's wife, were created during Klimt's "golden phase". During this period, he always expressed a certain mystical mood in his paintings alongside expressive colours.

A Russian billionaire sold the artwork "Water Snakes II" to Asia at the end of 2015 for the equivalent of 170 million dollars. Another of Klimt's equally famous paintings is the "Peasant Garden". This work was auctioned at Sotheby's in London at the beginning of March 2017 for the equivalent of 57 million euros. This sale value makes it the third most expensive work of art ever sold at a European auction, making it another record-breaking work of art by the Austrian painter.

It is therefore obvious that Works by Klimt are among the most sought-after works on the art market. As part of our new photo wallpaper collection "XXL.unique masterpieces", you can now bring the most famous artists and their works of art into your home as photo wallpaper. Of course, this also includes the impressive Klimt wallpaper with the best works of Art Nouveau.

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The origin of Klimt

Klimt was born into a large family in the Viennese suburb of Baumgarten in 1862. He was one of the most important artists of Art Nouveau, also known as Art Nouveau. This art epoch pursued the goal of bringing art to the people. Due to industrialisation, people's lives became increasingly grey and cold, which is why there was a lack of inspiring freshness and originality from the "youth".

The basic idea of the art epoch was therefore to incorporate playful decorations and lively figures into the paintings. These were often depicted in the form of magical mythical creatures or deities.

Art Nouveau created a new form of aesthetics for everyone, characterised by key features such as flowing lines, floral ornaments and decorative, geometric shapes.

Klimt was also inspired by nature and characterised his works with a combination of floral motifs and other characteristics typical of Art Nouveau. His special style of line management created the illusion of liveliness in his works, which were mostly expressed through dreams and symbolic images. Klimt's preference for symbolism ultimately enabled him to combine old traditions with the new art movement.

In his engagement with Art Nouveau, he found his own personal expression and subsequently founded its artistic stronghold, the famous Vienna Secession.

Gustav Klimt dealt intensively with the existential questions of life in his art. His works focus on life and death, the joy of living and fear, as well as health. His main focus was particularly on the myth of female figures, Greek deities and landscape paintings.

Klimt wallpaper as artistic wall design

Klimt's paintings are world-famous due to the abstract details and colourful motifs in his works. So that you don't miss a single detail, his artworks can now adorn your walls too. Our Klimt wallpaper, along with other works of art, are part of the photo wallpaper collection "XXl. unique masterpieces".

This collection gives you the opportunity to bring the world of art to your walls. This is also the case with the abstract designs of the Klimt photomurals. You can now discover the Klimt photo wallpaper as part of the photo wallpaper collection "XXL. unique masterpieces" in our wallpaper shop.

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