Art Masterpiece Photo Wallpaper

Art photo wallpapers

The sight of works of art on a wide variety of museum walls is nothing new for most people.
The fact that you can now discover the most popular works as art photo wallpaper for the first time is definitely a new thing.
You can discover designs to fill your walls with works from a wide variety of eras of art history through to the modern digital age, on a high-quality non-woven backing material.

Have fun getting inspired! ♥

Photo wallpapers from artists

The most popular, best-known and most significant works and artists have been transformed into art photo wallpapers in the XXL unique masterpieces collection.

The digital print collection ARTist, on the other hand, presents highly modern design as an endless source of inspiration, which is omnipresent and has a significant influence on day-to-day life.

In addition, the third ‘walls by patel’ collection by the well-known designer duo of the same name offers over 300 new designs with countless design possibilities full of emotion and sensuality.

Artistic photo wallpapers by Monet ♥

Hardly any artist has had such a dominating influence on a certain style of art as Claude Monet had on Impressionism.Even today, his paintings have a far-reaching influence on almost all artistic fields.

That is why we have compiled the artist's works in a collection of their own. Monet's impressionist masterpieces as wall-filling photo wallpapers for art and nature lovers.

Turn your walls into a work of art‼

Da Vinci's art as wallpaper to admire ♥

Most people immediately associate him with art and the Renaissance: Leonardo Da Vinci.

Thanks to our wallpaper mural collection "XXL. unique masterpieces", you can now admire the greatest and most important masterpieces of all time as Da Vinci wallpaper on your wall.

From "Mona Lisa" to "The Last Supper", you'll discover everything you need to let your walls shine with the works of art of high culture.

This way to the Da Vinci wallpapers!

Klimt wallpapers for your home ♥

Gustav Klimt is world famous for his unique works in Art Nouveau style.

Among the most famous motifs are female figures with strong gold accents and natural motifs. He often drew rural areas in particular, such as fields of flowers and country houses with a natural colour scheme.

Now you too can experience Klimt's works as Klimt wallpaper in your home.
Get the most important masterpieces of Art Nouveau up close and personal on your walls with our Klimt wallpapers!

Gustav Klimt wallpapers!

XXL unique. Masterpieces

Our ‘XXL unique. Masterpieces’ collection stands out from the rest. Why? Here you will find selected Bridgeman motifs and famous masterpieces by the best-known and greatest artists of all time. But not as an oil painting or a picture for your wall – rather as an unbelievable and meaningful photo wallpaper for your living room, bedroom or office wall. Have we made you curious? Then Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt and Leonardo da Vinci will now present you with their works of art in our masterpieces category. Have fun browsing, discovering and marvelling! ♥

Click here for the complete collection:

unique masterpieces


Are you looking for special digital print motifs with plenty of character and charm? Then you should take a closer look at the ‘ARTist’ photo wallpaper collection.
ARTist is a collection of works by the widest variety of artists, whose designs bear their very own personal signature and whose motifs, therefore, turn them into something very special.

Can you not get enough? Then click on the button to discover all designs:


walls by patel 3

walls by patel 3 leaves nothing to be desired and offers a broad selection of colours and motifs for the perfect wall design with your new favourite art photo wallpapers. If you fancy a change and want to try something new, with this digital print selection, you can give your yearning for a fresh way to adorn your walls free reign.

Are you curious? Here you will find the complete collection:

walls by patel 3

Art for photo wallpapers

Bring the most well-known, beautiful and influential works of art from all artistic eras to your home in the form of art photo wallpapers, along with the latest photo wallpaper designs from young, inspiring artists!

Photo wallpapers featuring classic art make a statement on your walls

Is it only possible to admire the most famous works in international museums? Not quite, as we have a fascinating alternative for you and all other art lovers, brand new here at new walls. From now on, you can choose your favourite motif from a wide selection of photo wallpapers featuring classic art in all styles and apply it to your individual wall size in your rooms.

Whether Da Vinci, Monet, Klimt or Picasso – the greatest and most famous artists from many centuries of art history are now available as impressive photo wallpapers in one collection. The XXL unique.masterpieces leave nothing to be desired and make it very simple to make an inspiring statement on your walls. Let yourself be enchanted by the different signatures and art styles and discover your perfect classic art photo wallpaper to amaze your guests.

One thing is clear: Thanks to the photo wallpaper with art motifs, it has never been so simple to integrate significant works of art into your interior design.

Art and culture for your home with art photo wallpapers from new walls

Art has always been one of the most powerful modes of expression and has always served to visualise and consolidate beautiful places, historical moments and inspiring icons. Over the decades, art has allowed important places and events to be recorded for posterity and represented in art form. Only because of this can we still admire the Mona Lisa, a painting which is now over 500 years old, the abstract representations of Picasso or Michaelangelo’s paintings in the Sistine Chapel.

It is, therefore, is not surprising that the famous artists and their motifs still influence fashion and, not least, interior design today. After all, classical art is timeless and will continue to be a diverse model for today's trends. Not only do art photo wallpapers offer an excellent source of inspiration for interior design ideas, they can also be integrated perfectly into a very wide variety of interior styles as a highlight for the walls.

Historic art and contemporary art: our art photo wallpapers can do both things

But even in this day and age, there are inspiring artists and designers who create unique designs with their personal signature and make the hearts of design lovers beat faster: Here too, there is a wide selection of various art photo wallpapers featuring modern motifs, which can be discovered in our online shop.

The best examples of modern art photo wallpapers are the collections ‘ARTist’ and ‘walls by patel 3’.

Art photo wallpapers with modern, varied designs

The art photo wallpapers in the digital print collections ‘ARTist’ come in a wide variety of motifs in many different design styles, with very personal highlights. ‘ARTist’ is the outcome of a special designer collective, which is made up of several independent artists. Each of them has its own individually-created selection of art photo wallpapers, giving rise to a uniquely diverse range of motifs. In the ‘ARTist’ collection, you will find art photo wallpapers ranging from the retro look to realistic animal motifs to minimalist and abstract graphics.

The art wallpapers in the three ‘walls by patel’ collections were created by designer duo Kathrin and Mark Patel. Here there is something for every taste, as in addition to graphic flower and bird motifs, refined 3D concrete designs and photorealistic nature photographs can be discovered across a broad spectrum of colours. The motifs created by the Patels represent detailed, harmonious and highly modern design art that offers the right decor for every interior design style and guarantees never to be boring.

Timeless designs for your walls with the art photo wallpapers from new walls

If we have piqued your curiosity and you can barely wait to browse through all of the designs and to find your perfect match, you will find our collections ARTist, walls by patel 3 and XXL unique.masterpieces here.

If you’re finding it hard to make a decision, here you will find all of the collections of art photo wallpapers in a concise collection on one page.

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